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Old 11th April 2008, 22:49   #106
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Nice pictures of the M5 070. AS far as the Tubi goes, Tubi doesnt make an exhaust for the E60 M5. You get one for the E39. But there are other options in the market.
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Old 11th April 2008, 23:13   #107
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just search for "M5 exhausts" on youtube. you will some have nice demos and can select based on what you like.
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The M5 looks good with the new rims...I think tubi makes exhaust for cars till the E39s.
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Old 11th April 2008, 23:26   #109
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Those rims look really wicked on the M5. Love that first picture of the M5 with the new rims. As if it is ready to challenge anyone. Niiiiiiice.
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Default Please Come & Kill Me !!!

070 - I can't live in this world when u have 75% of my dream cars , and i don't have even a single of them , please come to India and SHOOT me , i'll meet you at the New Delhi Airport , i would be an honour to die by the hands that drive the superlegga , SLR and LP .

by the way , i too have same passion as yours , i have 7 cars with 33 on license plate , please dont compare with yourself , its like a comparison of an ant and an elephant .

you're living life king size

keep it up
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Old 12th April 2008, 00:36   #111
Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Now, all I have to say is you're! in all the right aspects.My question is..what royal family do you belong to,
tell me, if this is the car count..whats the chick count eh?
just kidding..keep em rolling bro and PLEASE post a vid of the Gt3 Rs please.

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This thread has become see all supercars together thread,and its one hell of a collection,keep the pics coming and also new models to your garage too..
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Old 12th April 2008, 05:06   #113
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Originally Posted by tjallu View Post
... Btw is there anyone who can give me details about exhaust
systems. Im looking into installing a Tubi exhaust system in the M5.
Check out post number 448 :

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Dont have to visit any other threads to find out or view the photos of all the luxury cars in this world ...This has become one of my favorite thread.

I guess , if we ever want to get the snaps and details a new super car , just post a request to tjallu here and wait !!

Keep them coming .
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Originally Posted by tjallu View Post
This is one of the cars i couldn't wait to get my hands. It took me a full 2 months to my hands on it. The car is really intense to drive. In a car like this you are always on edge,
even if you only going 80km/h. Thats the main problem with it, i have never really had full confidence when driving this car, i was always worried it was going to kill me.
But that doesn't mean i don't use her to the limit, it just means that im nervous when doing it. Some of the shots are in Dubai, where i had to pick her up.
That's an awesome Murci and the paintjob is even more awesome!
Can see a few potholes out there as well. lol
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Old 12th April 2008, 16:01   #116
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5 stars to this thread.
Awesome collection. and the M5 looks wicked!!
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Old 12th April 2008, 23:00   #117
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Default SLR New Rims

After much consideration and several opinions from friends I decided to change the rims that are on the SLR. The stock rims were sold to Mercedes and with that
money plus a little extra from my side the new ones were bought. The rims are simple with 5-spokes and the color is black. You can find pictures of my tires before the
new rims and rubbers were bought. Thats the problem with driving with traction control off. . Anyway in a tradition of mine i took the SLR out right after changing the
rims but keeping the old rubber for a little drifting to see the old rubbers off properly. The video will be posted soon. I would love to hear your opinion about the new look!
Attached Images
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Old 12th April 2008, 23:07   #118
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Oh Wow The wheels Look wicked . You have good taste my friend.
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Old 12th April 2008, 23:50   #119
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Me like!! Nice wheels, really go well with the car!

P.S. What size are thos rims?? 20" or 22"?

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The SLR shot from the other car. Pure aerodynamic poetry in motion!! And those are nice rims, although somehow I always am of the opinion that SLRs look good with rims that have lots of spokes (I dont know if a standard figure exists, like 9-spoke/12-spoke etc.) But above all, my friend, its really nice to see that you are always tinkering with your cars, you're always upto something!! :-)
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