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Old 22nd April 2008, 01:20   #16
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This car is tailormade for France.
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GLK:C-Class::Indigo marina:Indigo
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Old 22nd April 2008, 02:10   #18
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I've seen a few of these SUV's around. They sell quite well in urban USA. I've seen a lot in Chicago city. Whether its any good i dont know and dont really care.
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Old 22nd April 2008, 03:05   #19
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I LOVE IT!!! heheheh
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Old 22nd April 2008, 09:07   #20
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i was reading the CAR review, they claim it is quite good to drive. Although the looks are squarish, as with most modern mercs, i would like to see it in the metal before passing judgement
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Old 22nd April 2008, 17:42   #21
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Does this also classify as the M-class as well ??
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Old 22nd April 2008, 17:49   #22
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Bringing out the GL was bad enough, then MB had to up the ante and bring out this... it is insane... they will do better off it they just let the ML do the work. The GLK is crazy... IMO the only worthwhile 4x4/SUV from MB is the G-Class/Gelšndewagen... that is class, power and luxury at its best.
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Old 24th April 2008, 04:50   #23
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Originally Posted by ajmat View Post
It will appeal to its biggest market - The US
I dont think it'll enter the US market, hope it doesn't (Praying now)

Edit: It'll be here in US in 2010, just went through

Last edited by ajmat : 24th April 2008 at 09:40.
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YUCK...feel like vomiting.

i would buy a safari rather than going for this.
Benz totally lost the game here with audi.
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Old 24th April 2008, 10:46   #25
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Seems so inspired by land rover but the inspiration has transformed itself in a weird way!!
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Old 24th April 2008, 10:49   #26
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Maybe too much thought and to get something best from the garage had driven into yucky designing...Indian SUV's look better than this model which will anyway drill down your pocket.
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Old 24th April 2008, 11:27   #27
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YUCK! Looks very Ssangyong-ish. Give me the good old G Wagon any day.
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Old 3rd May 2008, 00:22   #28
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Thats one very ugly looking car, reminds me if a grasshopper.
The sumo grande definitely looks better than this.
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