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Well at the end of the day top-gear and the bbc crew just showed the world that the so called GREEN car is not all that green after all.
Oh by the way its also known as a half egg in the us automotive market

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How often would you drive a M5 like it was driven in city conditions ? Prius is not a resource intensive car. Its still way cheaper than any BMW.
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Lol... I just watched that Video, what a lame comparision. How you drive it matter and not what you drive? I want to use a colorful word here that starts with b and ends with as but it will be snipped anyway. For the millionth time, the Prius is a Gas-Electric hybrid which use gas motor when there is a demand for power. So a Prius driven by a maniac on a race track uses its gas engine entirely, hence gives the lowest mileage while the BMW driven sedately gives its highest mileage.

Now you see why I don't like JC? Just look at post#16! I mean, do people even know what a Hybrid car is before making statements like

world that the so called GREEN car is not all that green after all.
I am sorry to say this, and I may get flak from mods for this, but this is just dumb. People should do a bit more research before buying into scientific facts on Top Gear episode. It is fun to watch and offers a different perspective but in the end it is just that... fun show that is not to be taken seriously. The study that he quoted is the CNW marketing study Dust to Dust I guess. That is the first publication where they claimed Prius is more harmful environmentally than other cars. That has be thoroughly debunked many times over.

For those who say it is how you drive the car that matters and not what you drive, please bring your monster M3's and 500 hp cars and I will bring a Prius and we will each drive the car in New York or Mumbai for 100 miles and see which brings more fuel efficieny. The M3 can be idles thorughout the 100 mile city drive.

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