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v12 9th June 2004 01:00

Ford have chosen Beijing as the venue to unveil their new Focus. The four door "teaser" version of the car will be the most sophisticated Focus to date. Engineered in Germany and with 'European' styling, Ford are keen to push the Focus in China - the world's biggest growth market for cars. The Mondeo is already proving a success in the country.

The car is very much an evolution of the current model in looks. In Ford speak:

That evolution is primarily in the surface language of Focus. The Concept aims to convey solidity and substance while boasting generous curves and a distinct shoulder. It is athletic too, thanks to a lower sweeping roofline and a fast rear screen angle that serves to visually elongate the overall shape. The compelling logic in the exterior design of this 4-door car can be found in greater interior and trunk space - achieved without adding significantly to overall length or sacrificing the crisp appeal that Focus has come to stand for.

One of the most distinguishing features of the car is its new lamps. Ford have made extensive use of LED technology developed with Osram Opto Semiconductors. The front lamps produce a continuious ring of light when switched on giving a cool white appearance.

Source : Piston Heads

S350L-E240 9th June 2004 01:45

Do i see a lot or is the front atchually like A mini Mondeo? including the wheel flares? BTW v12 lol when u gonna catch the spy pic for this one?

I think ford needs something to save itself in India,
In gujarat no one really looks at Ford as an option to anything else,
Even the showroom is like an old busstand,

GTO 9th June 2004 10:35

Its great looking! And I expect the focus to become only more amazing to drive. I have driven the focus on occasion and was quite fond of its "Ikon"ish nature.

Yeah S350, the front end looks straight off a Mondeos. But then dosent the rear look like a replica of the Skoda Octavia?


Pferdestärke 9th June 2004 12:19

Okay front and rear are booked, how about the sides.. I find it too much similar to Volvo S40.. but with a touch of the Focus styling cues, definitly more attractive then the current.

S350L-E240 9th June 2004 12:53


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (GTO @ June 09 2004,09:05)]Yeah S350, the front end looks straight off a Mondeos. But then dosent the rear look like a replica of the Skoda Octavia?


Problem here,
Just read GTO's post abt the rear and the pics aint loading,
Anyone else having the same problem??

shravan316 9th June 2004 16:52

S350...i don't see no pics at all!!

Pferdestärke 9th June 2004 16:55

I think V12 took the link properties straight from, and they keep changing their pages every day or so.. so they're prolly moved at this point.
Click Here for Pics (sorry the article is in some foreign language..)

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