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Default Feast for your eyes...

Guys, Check this mean Custom Built Widebody Toyota Supra Turbo burning 850-HP to its wheels....

Let me know what you think.....
Supra Front View

Supra Front Wheels

Supra Side View

Supra Rear Wheels

Supra Rear View

Supra Hatch View

Supra Engine Bay

Supra Engine Bay WideAngle View

Supra Cockpit
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Dude thats the hottest Supra I have seen ...Amazing stuff. Any info on the tech specs of this machine?

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Looks awsome man! One helluva ride!!!
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Looks simply stunning... good find dude...!!
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looks damn god and clean. though the colour should have been red that would have been way too eye catching
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Old 23rd March 2005, 15:07   #6
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Ouch, my knees have gone weak.. It really hurts... Please dont torture with such amazing pics.. ouch.. hehhee....

One awsome car..
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good color and looks better without any vinyls!

The best Supra I've seen till now.
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Old 23rd March 2005, 17:09   #8
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Default the best

have you realised what you ve done
feast for the eyes
i dont think i will sleep for a few days
id agree with the others
its really the best supra i seen
i particularly like the color
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Thats one sweeet looking Supra!
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I come to work and start checking out TBHP and first thing I get to watch is this stunning supra!!!!Boy I can imagine how my days gonna be today...Its one amazingly doneup Supra, easily the best Ive ever seen...The side view is such a treat to watch... The car looks so modest actually considering what you really can do with a supra but its an absolute killer...
Thanx for sharin the pics dude...Mindblowing stuff...
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Old 23rd March 2005, 20:36   #11
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Originally Posted by Dippy

Dude thats the hottest Supra I have seen ...Amazing stuff. Any info on the tech specs of this machine?


Guess i have it on my mail...will post it very soon
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As Promised heres a detailed info on the monster read on ....

This is by far the best example of a SUPRA i have seen till
date,Please take some time off to go through the modifications in

estimated 0-100 time - 3.2 secs
1/4 mile time with wet 100 shots(2) - 8.26 secs (with 0.4 reaction time)
top speed - 306 KMH

Custom built 850-HP 1994 Widebody Toyota Supra Turbo. Regarded as one
of the most well-recognized and highly decorated Supras in the U.S
The Supra wears custom fabricated and hand-crafted sheet
metal Widebody fenders with a 2.5" flare in front and 3.5" flare in
the rear.
The Veilside side and rear skirts have been custom molded to
the body along with the rear bumper. Custom "Floating" Toyota emblems
hover in the Veilside side-skirt openings.
The front bumper is an OEM bumper that has a molded lower
BOMEX lip spoiler and has been widened to accommodate the fenders.
The paint is a custom Gunmetal Gray with both Blue and Green
Pearle which is protected by STONGARD Transparent Auto Protection
which allows the daily use of the vehicle with minimal paint-damage
To accentuate the Widebody a true C-West GT-Series Carbon
Fiber Wing accents the rear along with a custom
Amber-to-red taillight conversion sets it apart from any other Supra
in the United States
. Rounding off the exteriors aggressive appearance is a set
of JGTC Style Carbon Fiber side mirrors, a SPARCO racing fuel door,
and a set of ARP Custom Canards.
Tens of Thousands of dollars have been invested into the
exterior appearance of this infamous and illustrious one-of-a-kind
SupercarMaking 800+ Horsepower to the wheels is attained through a
number of infamous Supra modifications:
A GReddy T-78 Single Turbo Upgrade, GReddy 4-Row Front Mount
Intercooler and a VEILSIDE Polished Intake Manifold with 100mm
Throttle Body take care of all the sucking, pushing, cooling, forcing,
and blowing the 2JZ-GTE engine needs;
and if that isn't enough, add an NX Nitrous Express
100-Wetshot kit coupled by a NX Nitrous Express Intercooler Spray Bar
kit holding everything together
and apart all at the same time is a GReddy 2.0mm Head Gasket
and ARP Head Studs and Bolts.
In addition the Supra sports a GReddy PROFEC-B Boost
Controller, GReddy 60mm Boost, Air/Fuel, Fuel Pressure, and EGT
Internally the Cylinder Head has been ported and polished
with a 3-Angle Valve job and is wound by A.E.M Adjustable Cam
Sprockets just waiting for a set of CRANE 272-Degree Camshafts to push
another 100-Horsepower through the motor.
A BLITZ SSQ-BOV, Fluidyne Aluminum Radiator, and Flex-a-Lite
Twin Electric Fans, and the NX spray keep things nice and cool while
the VEILSIDE Aluminum Fuel Rail,
BLITZ 700cc Injectors, HKS Fuel Pump, AEROMOTIVE Fuel
Pressure Regulator and EARL's Stainless Braided Lines and Fittings
control all Fuel Distribution
. Passing Gas out the back-end is made possible by the use of
an HKS Mid-Pipe Exhaust and a Tanabe Racing Cat-Back Exhaust System.
Hose Techniques Silicone Hoses, and $1000's of dollars worth of
polishing and custom fabricated pieces round out the appearance of the
Topping it all off the 2JZ-GTE is controlled and managed by
the A.E.M EMS Engine Management System allowing for seamless and
effective control of all of the vehicle electronic and motor
Wheels, Tires, Brakes, Suspension and Safety: The Supra keeps
everyone safe by wearing the most high-performance "Rubbers" available
TOYO Proxes T1-S Z-Rated Tires envelop the custom built
3-Piece fully polished H.R.E 540-Series wheels measuring 19.0" x 9.5"
in the FRONT and 20.0" x 11.0" in the REAR sporting a massive 4.0"
rear lip.
All wheels are in flawless condition and the rubbers could
almost be considered unused. STOPTECH ST-40 4-Piston Calipers clamp
down on the massive 14.1" FRONT and REAR brakes:
STOPTECH Brakes have won numerous braking titles including
1st place with their Supra kit in the Ultimate Street Car Challenge
put on by SPORT COMPACT CAR Magazine.
Keeping this vehicle from swaying in the wind are a set of
HKS Hiper-Damper Coilovers with Upper Pillowball Mounts allowing for
both height and Dampening adjustments.
Keeping you safe while you drive is an Art Morrison custom
Fabricated 4-Point Bolt-In roll-cage with custom rear cross braces
housing TWIN NX Bottles.
Interior: The interior of this Supra rivals the plush
interior of any living room on MTV Cribs. Superior Auto Trim of
Washington refinished the SPARCO Roadster driving seats in
Black AVUS fabric and plush Gray Suede.
The removable TARGA Top has been finished in Gray Suede along
with the Shift boot, rear seat, and Door Panels.
All interior trim paneling has been finished in Black AVUS
cloth a.k.a Black SPARCO Fabric to match the custom stitching
throughout the vehicle. A SPARCO Flash-5 Steering wheel has been
mounted to an HKB JDM Steering Hub which allows for the full OEM
retention of all cruise control functions.
The Dash displays NR AUTO white faced gauges and is custom
color-matched to the vehicles exterior.
A B&M short shift kit and shift knob round off the Supra's
"Cockpit" look.
Audio and Video: A concert on wheels; the Supra is fully
equipped with everything that ECLIPSE Car Audio has to offer;
AVN2454 DVD/Navigation System, CD, MP3 Player, 2-Eclipse
Amplifiers, (4) 10.0" Eclipse Subwoofers,
Eclipse 6.5" Separate Speakers up front and 6.5" Rear Coaxials.
A 175-Amp alternator and OPTIMA battery keep all the
necessary stored power to the vehicle.
All stereo trim panels and enclosures have been finished in
Black AVUS and Gray Suede.

A few more pics on this monster soon!
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Heres another pic of the Cockpit

Check out the Gigantic exhaust

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Holy mother of God, WHAT A SUPRA!!!! That is by far THE best Supra I have ever seen. That looks like one MEEEAAAAAN Praying Mantis Supra...

One observation though - doesn't the front bumper give it the apprearance (slightly) of a Ferrari...? Thats the fisrt thing that I though - the front was a slight take-off from a 575 Maranello... if you take a slightly close look, you'll realise that the two cars share an almost identical front section...
But that aside - WOW.

The one thing I don't like about ALL Supra's, however, is their Rear Lamp Cluster, and the Spoiler. It has always been the worst part of the car in my opinion, and Toyota have never changed it. What a pity... But hey, if someone wants to lemme test drive that thing to change my mind, I wouldn't lave a problem!!
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Check this one out too!!! Damn i thought the one above was the best looking until i came across this one!

2001 Toyota Abflug Supra S900
Year 2001
Make Toyota
Model Supra S900
Tuner Abflug
Engine Location Front
Drive Type Rear Wheel
Body Material Steel unibody

1/4 Mile 10.3 @ 142 MPH seconds.
Top Speed 355 km/h | 220.6 mph

Engine Configuration Inline
Cylinder 6
Aspiration/Induction Twin-turbocharged
Displacement 2996.00 cc | 182.8 cu in. | 3 L.
Valves 24 Valves
4 valves per cylinder.
Valvetrain DOHC
Power 800.00 BHP @ 4200.00 RPM
Torque 850.00 NM @ 6000.00 RPM
HP to Weight Ratio 4.0
HP / Liter 266.7

Transmission Information
Gears 6
Transmission Manual

Weight 1450 kg | 3197.3 lbs
Wheelbase 2550.00 mm | 100.4 in.
Seating Capacity 2

Rack and Pinion

Front Brakes Disc


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