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sidindica 9th October 2008 21:52

What happens when all of us love the G3 Honda city and something like this comes.....
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oops, there is nothing to worry about and this type of city will never be produced either.
It's a one-off concept car created specially from Honda for the Australian motor show, which starts from today to showcase the new city since it's for the first time the brand will be launched in Australia in April 2009.
Of course, the actual car will look like our model only.

anyway, do we want Honda to create a few units for the Indian market, at least as a limited edition?

pics courtesy: 2009 Honda City Concept Revealed at 2008 Australian International Motor Show

karanraheja 9th October 2008 21:58

Sid as usual Brilliant find! Can i dream of those alloys in the 15th year special edition City:D

AbhiJ 9th October 2008 22:00

That looks spectacular...

I hope all body kit manufacturers are taking notes..

quicksilver 9th October 2008 22:02

Interesting ideas (though it looks a bit too lound IMO) for the body-kit shops here. apart from the alloys and the bodykit/lights, it looks much like the G3C?

Karan, you beat me to this... you are turning into an ardent Honda fan!

toiingg 9th October 2008 22:03

I like them wheels. And the foggies. Headlight is looking weird though.

mjothi 9th October 2008 22:07

Good find mate. Thanks for sharing.

The front grill & back does looks like the NNHC. Except for the lights.

deadguy25 9th October 2008 22:12

If we buy something like the one in pic, would they send the models also? Maybe an inaugural offer or something? It would be an add-on for the car.:D.

swift8847 9th October 2008 22:21

Car looks mean. :) Amazing alloys. Great find buddy. Am sure the body kit manufacturers wont take too long to make a similar kit.

kcstheg 9th October 2008 22:25

Gimme a few days. Let me drool over the pics. Let me comeback from insanity. Let me get out of true love again. And i will be able to guess when this car should come to our shores.


1100D 9th October 2008 23:57

Atleast the paint shade can be offerred in India.

Cyrus43 10th October 2008 00:06


Originally Posted by 1100D (Post 1009401)
Atleast the paint shade can be offerred in India.

HAAH!! Its honda, The last time they gave us a good paint shade was around umm....9 years ago! Remember the Gen 1 OHC Sport in Red??

white_vdi 10th October 2008 00:22

everything about this car is soooo nice!!!!!
from the tail lamps to fog lamps to alloys to the color. really very kewl!!

danlalan 10th October 2008 00:56

Nice. iam sure once this city come on road mumbai someone would have already told RIO getting a kit installed on it.

Crazy_Eddy 10th October 2008 02:19

From the article:

Featuring custom headlights, tail lights, and large 17-inch alloy rims filling out the guards, the Honda City concept revealed today gives buyers some idea of the styling opportunities (largely the wheels and ride height, of course) that can turn the already attractive City into a real headturner.
In other words, this is what the ricer boys will want lol:
Its quite obvious some of the add-ons are impractical for daily use.

Karandeep81 10th October 2008 05:00

wicked and wild
those indicators look awesome.
how much is this beauty for (if at all) lol:

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