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CaliAtenza 13th April 2005 12:29

America Vs. Japan- Pick your weapons!

xstream_nos 13th April 2005 12:34

well i like the americans for the pure muscle in their cars..... n the japanese for their technology n their compactness.... americans like their cars to be big...n mean....

Shan2nu 13th April 2005 12:54

Japanese please. I like cars that handle and the Japs do it much better than the Americans.


CaliAtenza 13th April 2005 12:55

i started this thread...but its a tossup for me, each car excells in its own aspect..its hard to pick just one for me.

RX135 13th April 2005 13:19

Not fair, not fair. Where are European cars? At least Germans?

Deeps 13th April 2005 14:05

Japanese anyday. Even europeans over Americans.

iceman91 13th April 2005 14:11

a good daily use car would be doubts about it.
my second car would be an all out american beast

Vulken Auto 13th April 2005 14:14

This why I am born in this world I saw it I will die now

Get used to a american car and talk later...........

SCARLET 13th April 2005 14:18

i would anyday pick an american car
purely for its raw power superiority


Rtech 13th April 2005 14:46

The only American car I really want is a C5 Corvette. I simply love it!

Vulken Auto 13th April 2005 14:48


Originally Posted by Rtech
The only American car I really want is a C5 Corvette. I simply love it!

did u ever drive a firebird or an SS?

Surprise 13th April 2005 14:50

Based on the performance of the HONDA CITY, I would prefer JAPANESE as my option here

Rtech 13th April 2005 15:00


did u ever drive a firebird or an SS?
Driven a '96 Z28 (same as the Firebird) and '95 Mustang GT. Was really excited before the drive, but came away disillusioned. My fault for actually driving them in the hills maybe, but everything said about their handling and responsiveness is correct. Wooden steering, no feel whatsoever, notchy gearbox (especially the GT) and interior quality that resembled a Baleno!

I guess their positives are the V8 with mega HP for the bucks and low 1/4 mile times, but seriously, I got no thrills from driving them. Maybe fine for posing in the city (nice V8 rumble) and stoplight drags, but they fail as drivers cars.

Haven't driven a C5 though, but I just love it's looks! And, from what I've read, it's a far better drivers car than any of the pony cars.

Scuderia 13th April 2005 15:00

If its a daily use car a jap is good

But when it comes to pure muscle... the shelby, viper n co redefine NIRVANA !!!!

lamborghini 13th April 2005 15:07

As an everyday runabout a nice jap would suit me just perfectly but if i lived where the roads were developed then an out an out america muscle car like a Mustang or even a used GT (new ones are sold out).

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