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Default 2005 Alpina B5 and B7

2005 Alpina B7

The BMW 760i is one of the finest and most comfortable V12 saloons in the luxury segment. There is a small circle of enthusiasts who yearn for the sportiness provided in a smaller car, but don't want to miss out on an automobile in the 760 class. To achieve optimum agility and handling, Alpina made a point of basing the B7 on the BMW 7 Series with V8 engine.

The heart of the B7 is a 4.4 litre V8 engine that is charged through the use of a radial (Nautilus-type) compressor.

The precise steering of the lowered B7, and its neutral handling, allow the driver to forget the size of this automobile. A large, dynamic saloon, it offers driving pleasure on twisty secondary roads due to its light-footed nature, as well as superior power.

Full story: 2005 Alpina B7

2005 Alpina B5

An automobile with 500 horsepower, maximum torque of 700 Newton metres and a top speed of 314km/h - the fastest production saloon in the world.

The B5 uses the same powerplant found in the familiar Alpina B7, with its 4.4 liter V8. The engine's forced induction differs from conventional solutions: it is neither turbo, nor of the type of super-chargers that drain a great deal of power from an engine. Instead, a radial or 'Nautilus-type' compressor delivers the boost pressure: one might see it as a combination of super-charger and turbo-charger.

All very much in the tradition in the house of Alpina, extensive standard equipment comes with every car, with only a few additional options usually reserved for the intrior. Thus, an Alpina high-quality wood and hand-stitched leather interiors can be ordered with the B5.

Full story: 2005 Alpina B5

From the two of them, I'd take the B5 really. I just love it and IMO the V8 suits the B5 well.
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Hi gordon,

You know there are a couple of things really interesting with this car.

1. very few cars (non F1!) in the world can boast of reliability at high speeds especially on twisty roads inspite of having differently profiled tyres for the front (245-40s) and back wheel (275-35s) planes. This one manages a top speed of 300km/hr plus and according to what i have read, there is a really complex traction control processor (which by the way can be switched off) at work. Even with the traction control switched off, it seems that there is marginal side slip.

2. Even though the weight is the same as the older alpina series from which it is derived, the tremendous power boost (difference of more 100 bhp) is obtained by using a radial compressor motivated by a mechanical compressor. The mechanical compressor is of course connected to the crank shaft. This combined with the variable timing v8 charge control is an alpina unique feature

3. it does not have a common throttle body to control the charging of the variable timing v8. Instead it uses a upstream throttle plate in the intake system to fire it up when required. savings in terms of weight and complexity here.

4. they have a unique brake drying feature wherein the brake pads are softly brushed against the rotors removing extra moisture. All this without the driver registering the movement of the brake pads

ofcourse there is always the endless customization that bmw does for its customers with interiors and leather work.

All in all, one heck of a machine. I would love to drive it once (who wouldnt!)
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