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Remember 1998?

Well that was the year when Rover launched the 75, the first all new BMW-Rover car since its takeover in 1994 (untill 2000...), Jaguar launched its fabled S-type, the Vision SLR was Mercedes' vision of the future supercar and BMW once again launched the hot hot hot M5!

Tucked in corner of all these hyped up launches was one engine that slowly and surely changed the way Europeans bought cars from there on. It was that 3.0 diesel engine with turbos that changed the way Europeans bought cars.... they started buying diesels in the truckloads.

The engine found its way in the 5 series and was aptly named the 530d. The result? 0-100 in about 7 seconds, then the fastest diesel car in the world. Since then, every manufacturer wanted to make high performing diesel cars. So came the Common Rail Direct Engine technology and then the 2nd version and now the 3rd gen of common rail direct injection engines.

Well BMW is back with a bang with a real fast diesel. Wanna know how fast? Well plonk it in the 5-series, call it the 535d by just adding two different sized turbos, one for low revs, the other for mid and highs, pump up the BHP from 210 to nearly 272 and then just sitback and watch the competition get nervous. Oh, and add 0-60mph of 6.5 seconds and give some SL500s company.

For the rest of the car, read it here...

Top Gear-BMW 535D

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272 bhp!! Even better is the torque - 413 lb/ft of pure diesel muscle at 2000 rpm. Thats enough to tow a Vovlo FH12 from Bombay to goa!

Petrol engine technology has just not kept pace with that of diesel, with CRDi et all showing some really disruptive improvements over the past decade. Or maybe, there was too much potential in regular injection diesels.

Either ways diesels have so much more character. I find them as pleasurable to drive as free flowing petrol engines.

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i love diesels too! my nissan patrol has a 6 cylinder inline 4200cc diesel. amazing power performance and economy.................. and driving pleasure..... would love to own a G400 CDI Mercedes!
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