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sidindica 2nd July 2009 10:02

Coming soon: 2010 toyota land cruiser prado
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first pics leaked on many forums, based on Toyota Arabia.

*VT* 2nd July 2009 10:21

Hey this is another great Scoop Sid!
Did you spotted it?

The new Prado is looking really nice.
Front is better than current one but the rear lamps are good of current only.
So, Any idea when will it make to India? :)


theMAG 2nd July 2009 13:03


Originally Posted by *VT* (Post 1367482)
..the rear lamps are good of current only.

What does that mean?

BEEM3R 2nd July 2009 13:45

That the current generation tail lamps are better?

*VT* 2nd July 2009 14:22

Yes, I like the taillamps of current prado, But thats a Personal opinion only. :)


Musavi 27 2nd July 2009 16:32

The front looks very agressive.

Kind of like it.

Dry Ice 2nd July 2009 17:57

Thats an ugly behemoth!!

sidindica 8th July 2009 21:41

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some pics from a chinese site

hillram 8th July 2009 22:20

Doesnt appeal me at all..looks like a monster

ecksreturns 8th July 2009 22:26

The front end looks like a wide eyed hulk of a man and the rear looks dull.

Yeldo 8th July 2009 22:30

The centre console looks somewhat similar to Land Rover/ Range Rover. Headlights have a dash of the new LX570. The front now seems to have a Toyota family look, save for the grille. Overall, looks good, especially from the rear. Now let us hope TKML imports a Diesel variant. If priced >50L, a sure shot success in the category.

ariendj 8th July 2009 22:49

the prado as always will make its road presence felt.the front looks clean but the rear is a little boring.
the interiors sure make a statement but feels like it has cues from different SUVs.

magikrider 8th July 2009 23:42

that is one ugly monster! what is toyota smoking. after making hottie like camry and corolla how can they make this drop dead ugly truckish vehicle. heck even the landcruiser looks great infront of this!

Cyrus43 9th July 2009 01:04

The Landcruiser look great anyways....This on the other hand look like spasticated....

nishant_kingpin 9th July 2009 02:00

Wow another great scoop Sid. I feel the grill was an overdo and could have been kept a little less meaner than the current to suit all tastes. Looks bold and aggressive otherwise. Couple of observations though:

- Seems like some of the pics from the Chinese sight have some modifications being done.
- Am hoping this was not a Chinese makeover rather than leaked actual pics.

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