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aaggoswami 19th August 2009 23:22

Hyundai-Kia passes Ford as world's 4th largest automaker
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Found this that Hyundai-Kai is 4th largest automotive manufacturer in the world.
Suzuki is ahead of Renault and behind nissan and Fiat is nowhere in top 10.

Source :
Hyundai-Kia passes Ford as world's 4th largest automaker - Worldcarfans

Article :

A decade ago no one, certainly not anyone outside of Hyundai, would have dreamt that the South Korean car manufacturer would one day sell more vehicles than Ford. Well it has happened. Hyundai-Kia is now the fourth largest automaker in the world in sales after Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagen respectively.

This is a one-step-up-shift from the company's fifth position in 2008. The numbers come from the Automotive News Data Centre which states that during the first half of 2009 Hyundai-Kia sold 2,153,000 vehicles compared to Ford's 2,145,000. It is a rise of about 30% over the US brand. Hyundai-Kia's biggest single market is the US. The top ten companies have all lost sales so far this year, most by two-digit percentages. Volkswagen was the only one to lose by single digits as it shed 5.1% sales over H1 2008. The biggest losers were Ford and Toyota both of which saw sales decline 30.6% and 26% respectively.

Interestingly the Nissan and Renault alliance reported its numbers separately but had it combined them in the same way as Hyundai and Kia a total of over 2.6 million would appear. Such a figure would be enough to place Nissan-Renault in fourth position.

The top ten for the first half of 2009 looks like this:

srishiva 19th August 2009 23:29

Congrats to Hyundai! They have been executing their plans very well by developing vehicles which are better in quality and reliability. With the bad initial impression to rise to this level requires some real hard work which they seem to have executed really well.
They have some really good vehicles in Kia and hope they can bring it to India.

Who is in 10th?

aaggoswami 19th August 2009 23:37


Originally Posted by srishiva (Post 1440599)
Who is in 10th?

Renault is on 10th. They have not considered the combined sales of Nissan-Renault.

karanraheja 19th August 2009 23:46

Whoa! Now thats an achievement. Kudos to Hyundai . Guess the i series and the Genesis have helped them to reach the next level in terms of quality .

devarshi84 20th August 2009 01:38

totally biased news.

1. Hyundai hasnt given its own total figures which is surprising as the news come from the company press release itself.

2. Since when did Nissan renault start filing their number differently?

3. Ford's figures are distorted. They are wholesale and not retails sales.

Have we not seen such cheap tactics by Hyundai before? Just search on team-bhp.

sushanthr77 20th August 2009 03:24


Originally Posted by aaggoswami (Post 1440590)
Found this that Hyundai-Kai is 4th largest automotive manufacturer in the world.

I am not sure this number game is the right way to judge the position of an automobile organization. Sure, Toyota is the world's largest car company but they also have the revenues to back that up.

The term "largest" may be misunderstood for the financial might of the organization. Maybe "largest selling" is more appropriate.


Originally Posted by aaggoswami (Post 1440590)
Suzuki is ahead of Renault and behind nissan.

As far as revenues are concerned, Suzuki is a fair distance behind, Renault and Nissan individually.


Originally Posted by aaggoswami (Post 1440590)
Fiat is nowhere in top 10.

I think FIAT is ahead of Hyundai both in terms of revenues and profits. The fact to note here is that, FIAT does it without any presence in North America! If the deal with Crysler yields fruits, then FIAT will give Honda a run for their money!

Sawyer 20th August 2009 06:56

In recent years, one automaker that gives Toyota sleepless nights is Hyundai. They see Hyundai as the one closest to doing to them what they did to GM/Ford.
When Japan started out in the early sixties, they were thought to make rubbish mickey mouse products. Korean products too had the same reputation when they started out in the eighties, and just as the Japanese reinvented themselves, so are the Koreans doing just that. I suspect that Samsung runs Nokia very close in cell phones, with a combination of promotion, technology, design and reliability, as do Korean electronic companies, in general. Expect Hyundai to do just the same in the automobile industry in the next 5-10 years. The i 10 and 20 certainly point in that direction.

Crank 22nd October 2009 14:38

Hyundai becomes world's 4th largest automaker by sales
Hyundai humbles Japanese rivals with record Q3 profitclap:

Hyundai humbles Japanese rivals with record Q3 profit- International Business-News-The Economic Times

Article from Economic Times.

Never expected this from Hyundai. I was mostly underestimating this Korean car maker. I always felt that this guy is somewhere at the bottom of the list.

Waiting for the time, when an Indian car maker can move to this level.

aaggoswami 22nd October 2009 18:48

I am not sure about the profits, but Hyundai being No.4 in terms of sales was in the thread started by me.

Here is the link to the thread:

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