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The Internet really is a great resource.

And it becomes even greater when all you think is cars. Well, a bit of surfing around always gets you the results. And it has done once again for the nth time.

Check out this car. Produces just 607 hp, but kills the Enzo and the stuttgart boys in acceleration. 0-60mph in 3.21. And its just a Porsche 911 Turbo, 993.

And the rest of the story is here

Autothority-Porsche 911-993 Turbo


P.S. An ideal sleeper car? You bet!
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but isnt this car heavily I would have to say, not such a fair competition..

but imagine, giving the enzo/CGT/SLR to performance tuners and what might be the outcome??

I am sure, something that is faster than this ...enzo might be a difficult one to tune since they are soo limited..but slr and CGT might get tuned in a year or so...I guess we will have to wait and see...and wasnt a tuned F50 doing something on the lines of 2.9-3.1s??

but yeah I can imagine this one would be soo much easier to tune..cuz one it will be cheaper than any of the other cars and 2 the engine has a good amount of pushing left..

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I'm sure Revv only meant to highlight what Porsches are capable of, given the right stick. As far as tuned exotics go, the race has already begun. Sportec has on its cards already the plans for tuning a Carrera Gt, so watch out for that, will keep the board posted.

Coming back to the car: 'chicken soup for the soul of a madman" i couldn't have put it better. I am continuously amazed by how much tuning the Flat-6s can actually take, and as 9ff frontman Fatthauer reckons, the flat-6 is capable of taking around 900 bhp easy! Best part is it looks the works, the day i get one of these, time to go looking for the Supras and the Skylines.
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