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I dont know whether this car makes sense or not, but if somebody makes something SO AWESOME and it actually works - Hallelujah to those that made it happen, and a prayer for those that actually drive it !
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I think its a wonderful swansong , a last hurrah for the supercar before legislation and emission and eco people kill the breed off. Long live Thomas Bscher!! Long live Ferdinand Piech!!!
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Originally Posted by merve_extreme

The veryon has 2 for aerodynamics and other for speed.

in aerodynamic mode it does not cross 340kmph.if one really wants to go fast they have to stop,put another key to unlock the topspeed mode(which reduces all aerodynamics)and then they can reach 405kmph.such a crap,non sense way of achiving the topspeed.

actually, the modes are given thus: one for maximum traction via downforce, thus reducing aerodynamic efficiency ("handling" mode). the other mode is the "speed" mode, which reduces downforce, and hence increases aerodynamic efficiency and decreases Cd. also, even in handling mode, the mighty bugatti can blow all competition to netherland with a top whack of 370 kmph; and that's deliberate restriction-the acceleration does not suffer in any way....

as it is, no one has the guts to take the car to it's top whack; but for those who want to compete with F60's (enzo) and koenigseggs, they can activate the speed key from the start itself, so no problems there: and the important part is that the bugatti will out-accelerate any of it's competitors by a quarter mile, without breaking into a sweat. also, the bugatti driver would be the most pampered of the lot, as it's the most comfortable supercar to be seated in, as yet (according to auto mags, of course).

RESPECT: deep respect for 2 people; one, the buyer, who has enough guts to push it to it's limits (i know i'd be pissin' in my pants if i'd be cornering at 390 kmph), and two: the engineers at VW...salute....
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