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ported_head 2nd November 2004 00:11

Well what else, a Porsche of course. And this time around, it will make your heart skip a beat, i know it did for mine, a couple of times.

In what was an invitation by Auto Bild to Porsche factory driver, 4 times GT world champ and third placed driver of the 2004 NS 24h endurance race, Lucas Luhr (25) to a shoot out between standard GT3, Manthey GT3 M410 and the Manthey race GT3 from the 24h race at NS.

The result was astonishing. While the stock GT3 clocked an impressive 7:49, the M410 clocked an even more impressive
7:41, while the Manthey race GT3....hold your breath...once last really guys it's worth it..... in....clocked the 7:01!!!!!

A little info, the M410, is an uprated GT3, which puts out 413 bhp at the wheels, and the GT3 race car which clocked the 7:01(!!!!!!) was rated at 493 bhp on the dyno. The car was specially setup for the NS run, and on one section called the Wippermann alone, the car was almost 8 secs faster than the others.

The figures are hard to find, but for starters the M410 does 3.9 sec 0-100 and tops out at 319 km/h.
What is equally astonishing, are the dyno figures for the standard GT3. On paper the 3.6 litre flat-six claims an output of 381 bhp. On the dyno, it recorded..... 392.3 bhp!!!!

These guys at Porsche give you a new reason to smile everyday.

P.S.: Currently on the look out for pics of the above mentioned cars.

Revvmaster 2nd November 2004 01:48

Yippee to Porsche

As its ad said "there will always be boys who will stick posters of Porsche on their walls. As impractical, irrational and unnecessary it may be. The 911 turbo from Porsche. Here's to the dreamers."

Yup they are irrational alright. But can seriously whip some italian ### around a track for sure.


ported_head 3rd November 2004 01:07

Yeah,but, irrational to the point where they have started to under rate their specifications as well. Would give the 360 Modena guys something to think about when they see a GT3 keeping up with them, with 2 less cylinders and supposed 20 less hp. Gotta love them. The craziest of the Germans!

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