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amit 25th August 2005 03:17

2006 VW Golf SuperTurbo
VolksWagen has combined the Supercharger and Turbo to create the SuperTurbo engine. At low speeds, the supercharger boosts torque while at mid and high rpm's turbo gives more power so VW basically has combined the best of both worlds! They claim that a 1.4 L 4 cylinder unit will have 140hp and 184 lb-ft of torque while a higher performance variant will have upto 170bhp! A golf superturbo is probably going to be shown at the Frankfurt auto show next month. So, when do we see the Octavia SuperTurbo in India? :)
Read about the SuperTurbo here.

Rtech 26th October 2005 15:05

2006 VW Golf GT TSI Superturbo - A new concept to save fuel!
Forget your asthmatic hybrids or smokey diesels. There are other ways to improve the fuel efficiency of a small petrol engine while retaining the fun-to-drive aspect.

Introducing the 2006 VW Golf GTi with a direct injection 1.4 litre engine with, get this, a supercharger AND a turbocharger. Essentially, the SC takes care of the low rpm duties while the turbo is spooling up. Once the turbo is spinning fast enough to have an effect, a clutch in the supercharger decouples it, and the car now runns of the TC only.

Power for the GTi is expected to be around 168bhp. That's about 120 bhp/litre. Same as the older Honda S2000 if you are into comparing specs!

VW is looking to adopt the Superturbo system in most of it's small cars as the increased FE and added power make for a great engine.

Here's a preveiw drive in the TSI

turbo_lover 26th October 2005 15:13

i heard there was going to be another golf with around 240 hoorses i remember mentioning it in on of those turbo Vs Superchargers thread...
looking forward to it !

Deeps 26th October 2005 15:33

GTi with a 1.4l engine? That gave me a big shock until i read the rest of it. As long as its still as powerful/fun-to-drive/and good looking as the current model, then i am fine.

turbo_lover 26th October 2005 15:47


The Mk5 Golf is a vastly superior platform from which to launch a performance version, as proved by the brilliant turbocharged GTI model. In technical terms the latest Golf is in a different universe to the saggy Mk4. Instead of a torsion beam at the rear the car features a fully independent four-link set-up specifically designed for both front- and four-wheel-drive. Iím also a big fan of that carís blown 2.0-liter FSI engine; its lag-free delivery, heady 200bhp output and zest for revs mark it out as one of the great compact car engines. But to be frank, it feels like a bit of a nail compared to the R32ís narrow-angle V6.

This is the same 3.2-liter unit fitted to the previous version, but with an extra 10bhp courtesy of a reworked inlet manifold. Maximum power is now 247bhp at 6,300rpm; torque is unchanged at 236lb ft but comes in 300rpm lower down the rev range.

Itís a rapid thing, the R32. Direct Shift Gearbox-equipped (DSG) models will dispatch the benchmark 0-62mph sprint in 6.2 seconds, six-speed manual versions three tenths slower (6.5sec). Thatís over half a second quicker than the GTI. However, this gap becomes a chasm once the speedo approaches triple figures.
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1Day 26th October 2005 19:46

everything is good, but whats the fuel economy...???

islero 26th October 2005 20:52


Originally Posted by Rtech

Power for the GTi is expected to be around 168bhp. That's about 120 bhp/litre. Same as the older Honda S2000 if you are into comparing specs!

I dont think its any use comparing the bhp/litre with a normally aspirated car. For its capacity and lack of artificial aspiration, the Honda had an amazing bhp/litre count. It is not as great a feat acheiving it with not one but 2 modes of artificiasl aspiration!! :)

amit 26th October 2005 21:27

Don't want to sound pompous but I had put in a thread on the VW Golf SuperTurbo in August. :).

Rtech 26th October 2005 23:23

Looks like that one slippd through the cracks. No worries Amit, threads merged.

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