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prasadee 28th October 2005 05:39

Gas Optional Prius
These guys totally rock. They have comeup with the smartest converstion kits for Prius. With this conversion a Prius can run for more than 100+ miles on a gallon. More so if a person can control his urge to speed and stay within 30mph, and 50 mi trip before charging, he can driver for ever without filling gas. This is amazing.

If such ideas gain momentum, the free money that the arab sheikhs get may be at risk. What say?

raajks 28th October 2005 07:37

I took a look at this site. This is very good. I am not surprised that Toyota is involved in this.
Sent this info to one of my collegues in California and he is very excited to hear about this.

Great info Prasad

ArmourOfGod 29th October 2005 15:02 looks like the petrol prices will finally go down and so will the pollution along with decrease in number of accidents, and then we will not have to worry any more about the petrol crisis.......

prasadee 30th October 2005 10:38

One of my friends is seriously considering this kit for his Prius. The battery is supposed to be like a briefcase that is portable.

You may now see people charging such briefcases at work, now thats free power for a lot of people ;)

Seriously, we may see charging stations and such if these ideas gain momentum. Its all upto NHSTA to authourize such mods as legal. There was a lot of protests by emergency workers about Hybrid/electric cards causing electric shock hazards, while cutting through these vehicles during rescue operations after accidents.


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