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View Poll Results: Pick the Survivors beyond 2010.
Diamler Chryshler(inclusive of all its subsidries) 15 65.22%
Toyota(inclusive of Lexus) 21 91.30%
Honda 20 86.96%
BMW(inclusive of all its subsidries) 19 82.61%
Ford(inclusive of all its subsidries) 11 47.83%
GM(inclusive of all its subsidries) 7 30.43%
VolsWagen(inclusive of all its subsidries) 15 65.22%
Tata 15 65.22%
Porsche 15 65.22%
Fiat(inclusive of all its subsidries,ex ferrari) 2 8.70%
Ferrari 15 65.22%
Nissan 15 65.22%
Mitsubishi 5 21.74%
Sabaru(as GM is exiting from it) 6 26.09%
Suzuki 16 69.57%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 23. You may not vote on this poll

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Default The Survivors! Companies that will Last.

Now that many big companies are going into Bankruptcy and making huge losses like there is no tomorrow.which companies will survive the era and walk into the future.Pick the companies that you think will last or be in good health beyond 2010.

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Auto-sector companies or just companies....?
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HONDA and TOYOTA make all the right moves so they are pretty much out of harms way.
BMW and DC are going to be there as long as they are brand whores existing the world.

personally my money is always with HONDA.
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My 2 cents:

You cannot predict the future of an auto company by looking into their balance sheet or showrooms. Unless it is an assembler or seller or ancilliary-maker. So, you can safely predict that both Hindustan motors and TVS WILL make it to 2010.

As far as the companies listed here are concerned, you look at their drawing boards (read CAD workstations). Can you see digitally-injected diesel cars and hybrid cars with class-leading technologies? Flexibile and modular designs? shareable part-bins?

Look no further, then.
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I am not sure about Mitsubishi, but other Japs will survive I guess. Ford is perennially on the brink of bankruptcy, but I wish they wouldnt drag down their good subsidiaries, Ford Europe (yes, I do think they make better cars than rest of the Ford), Mazda, Range Rover.
GM, inspite of the market working against them, continue to make the wrong moves (still on pushrod engines!!) and even their 2007 line up doesnt look that good. Cadillac is taking all the steps in the right direction, but are still quite some distance from "Standard of the world".
Mercedes is sinking I think. And I hate to see that happen. But why would anyone buy a car they know wont last beyond next tuesday? (Figuratively,ofcourse,but its close). My dream of buying the modern equivalent of a 560 SEL may go unrealised I guess. :-(
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No Hyundai, no Proton, no Volvo and none of the French manufacturers (Peuguot, Citroen, Renault) in this poll?

What about all those chinese manufacturers? And Mahindra & Mahindra (I see more and more Scorpios on the roads here - they're almost becoming common!) ?

Actually its quite difficult to predict who will last - we see more and more stories about GM's travails in the paper after they laid off 12,000. People are looking at hard facts NOW, and we're hearing things that MAY have qualified our opinion about GM earlier. Like for instance the fact that they are still committed to bringing out their NEW SuperSize SUV in 2006 when the SUV market has all but crashed. Like the fact that their bonds have been close to junk for quite some time now.

So one never knows - it takes ONE misstep to bring all the skeletons out of the cupboard, and then again you cant say whether the company will last a year or make it back into black. Remember Enron and how the largest energy service provider in the world just caved in like a pack of chinese cards?
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