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Default Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!

Source: 2012 Chevrolet Sonic unveiled

Chevrolet has officially unveiled the 2012 Sonic, ahead of its debut at the North American International Auto Show.
Essentially a renamed Aveo, the Sonic will be available as a four-door sedan or five-door hatchback. Regardless of what body style is selected, both feature an aggressive front fascia, bulging fender flares, and an upward sweeping character line.
Inside, the cabin boasts a Cruze/Beat-inspired cockpit with a two-tone design and class-leading spacious rear seat. While the company hasn't released full details, the car will be available with options such as USB/Bluetooth connectivity, remote start, heated front seats and a sunroof.
Under the hood, two engines will be offered. The entry-level 1.8-liter produces 135 hp (101 kW) and 125 lb-ft (168 Nm), while the turbocharged 1.4-liter churns out 138 hp (103 kW) and 148 lb-ft (200 Nm) of torque. The 1.8-liter can be mated to a five-speed manual or a six-speed automatic, while the turbocharged 1.4-liter is connected exclusively to a six-speed manual.
To ensure the car has a sporty ride, Chevrolet installed a MacPherson strut front suspension (with stabilizer bar) and a semi-independent torsion beam rear. While these are definitely nice, it's a bit disappointing to see rear drum brakes and an electronic power steering system.
Attached Thumbnails
Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-32755964643831439.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-776889541286706559.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-1539265144942294203.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-12105695781145490138.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-18688492351671950898.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-307601686741973974.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-122900211248411328.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-963522588746088541.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-2135051960371751636.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-8423509682125371265.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-11851902371042020107.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-54755290686087625.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-661377834801314790.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-1101386433577815667.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-1458242131829993306.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-10013605221606849557.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-8507198252140779399.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-5059026001545064375.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-6664666022943856.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-3884048901568011633.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-959113992255931744.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-1072289550342976679.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-8138844431103261889.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-9319802861957719181.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-9589921331871187243.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-9601110192104371139.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-11244090361570221662.jpg  

Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!-12613534451744548549.jpg  

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Default Re: Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!

Now this is quite a looker. It will fill a void in the 7-8L sedan and 5-6L hatchback segment for VW. I am not sure whether they will offer the 135 or 138HP engines, as in that segment people look primarily for FE.
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Default Re: Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!

SWEET!! Imagine how awesome it would look with projector lamps.

The Aveo and UVA we have in India look very boring, and the one's featured here would be a welcome change, IF they are launched in India too...
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Default Re: Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!

Amazing styling inside-out!! The sedan also looks well proportioned and not just a hatch-with-a-boot. And look at those naked headlamps!! Sexy.
I don't think any of those engine options will make it for India. I guess Chevy will plonk the Beat's 1.2 engine in this. But I am all game for that 1.4L turbocharged mill
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Default Re: Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!

Nice rival for the city and the i20. Hope we will get this instead of that dowdy looking Chinese Chevy sail.
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Default Re: Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!

If they do not change the features, I feel even with an FE of 10 to 12, this package will get decent acceptance
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Default Re: Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!

Chevy, please bring it on. I really love the macho design (see the wheel arches and body pleats), this mid size sedan must command eye balls when launched. It also seems to have design cues (front hugging stance) from its elder brother, Cruze.

Any idea, if the hatch will be less than 4 mts?
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Default Re: Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!


IMHO, with butch looks these two cars from General Motors can set the hatch and C segments on fire. Well done. I just wish they bring these beauties to our shores quickly.

6 Speed Gear Box is welcome. I just hope they are "slick" and not rubbery like the present great boxes.

On the down side i could see quite a bit of "Beat" in these cars.
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Default Re: Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!

I like!! The hatch looks Jazzy, you know what I am saying ? The Sedan is simply beautiful. Although the front looks like some cues were taken from Mitsu. If launched with the correct price and 2 year warranty I'm game for this.

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Default Re: Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!

Thats one beautiful angry car! Just the right amount of aggression, and not too overdone (As in the beat!). Interiors look amazing as well, and judging by Beat standards, they might offer the same interiors here as well.

What about diesel powertrain? Can GM use national engine here? The 3 cylinder diesel being built for Beat will be too underpowered for this car!
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Default Re: Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!

Car looks good and would sell also if brought to India. The only sore point is the chrome encircled tail lamp cluster, which is giving it a bit of a Beat look with the over designed look is not digestive. (My view)

Bike look Speedo Instrument cluster is again a Beat carry over and is contra-indicative.

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Default The Chevy Sonic Z-Spec Concept

There is something about these rims called 'BBS' that transforms the whole vehicle and takes the design element to a whole new level. This looks Super hot to say the least!
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Default Re: Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!

Gorgeous cars!! I hope the interior details are close to what the pictures! The pricing will be the olny crucial feature! If it is priced around what the competetion is at this car will do well for GM in India.

Any updates on the launch dates?
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Default Re: Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!

The Sedan looks amazing. The Sonic is actually the replacement for the UVA, as they did not want to go with the same name again, owing to the poor image it had.

It was indicated that it would also have the motorbike inspired speedo, but i see that, though in design it is same, but it is now integrated into the dash.

That is one mean hatch to have and I think once launched, will proabbly be the meanest looking hatch on indian roads. Reminds me of the mean looks of the VW Scirocco
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Default Re: Chevy Sonic (Aveo) Hatchback/Sedan Unveiled!

With the Fiesta and the Verna launch around the corner, I wonder what GM's thinking about getting the Sonic here. Personally, I find the Sonic an extremely attractive car and with its global Delta 2 underpinnings, I expect it be very well engineered too. Would love to see it slug it out with the Fiesta, Verna, Vento and ANHC to give us Indian consumers one helluva C segment.

If folks have any genuine news about the Sonic's launch, it'd be nice to hear them. TG is convinced that the Sonic should come to India, but thats not on basis of a scoop sighting or a discussion with GM officials, its a rational guess. Which would be fine, were it not for the gloomy prospect of Chevy bringing its Chinese Sail here instead.
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