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Default Re: The 2016 F1 Season Thread

Originally Posted by Fullrevs View Post
There's a lot of talk about Ricciardo heading to Ferrari next year. Although Kimi is really looking refreshed and supremely quick this year.

Max really reminds me of a young Kimi during his sauber days. Ice cold personality, cut and dry in his statements.
You Read my mind. Although he reminds me of Kimi at McLaren. He's (Max) a world champion in the making. Daniel better watch out. If Daniel does move to Ferrari next season, it'll be sad to see Kimi go. Vettel and Daniel. Hmm. its gonna be interesting.
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Default Re: The 2016 F1 Season Thread

Seems like the teams are trying to gather data on the higher down force configurations for 2017.

cars are being fitted with additional winglets to gather data during the Barcelona test.
Attached Images
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Default Re: The 2016 F1 Season Thread

Pirelli has unveiled the 2017 tyre.

Name:  14371605d978ddef2a747284bda2c3e3.jpg
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Size:  173.5 KB

Name:  f8adf2702c3325478f34277b7968a1aa.jpg
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Size:  166.3 KB

Looks a lot retro, quite odd on this car(GP2?), which is not designed around these tyres, anyway.

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Default Re: The 2016 F1 Season Thread

First Honda claimed their ICE is 'almost at par' with the leaders, now the latest claim is that the ERS will be at Mercedes level in a few races.

So the 2 second a lap gap on circuits with long straights is down to....???
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Default Re: The 2016 F1 Season Thread

Originally Posted by Hatari View Post
First Honda claimed their ICE is 'almost at par' with the leaders, now the latest claim is that the ERS will be at Mercedes level in a few races.

So the 2 second a lap gap on circuits with long straights is down to....???
Honda has been chasing a moving target since they re-entered F1.
And Honda's journey in F1 this time around (like in the turbo era) also coincides with a major shift in the Engine technology. They had to basically jump in head first into the deep end of the pool for learning swimming.

In 2015 beginning they must have been bench-marking their ICE against a GDI engine and in 2016 they are bench-marking against a TJI engine. Hence the difference in the perception on the relative competence of their ICE.

The issues that Honda are faced with are different in 2015 and 2016 seasons.

Their Achilles's heel in 2015 was the ERS (MGU-H/K and the T/C), with the ambitious "size zero" T/C fully contained in the V of the engine, which failed spectacularly to everyone's amusement and they managed to improve it for 2016.
However at the height of their struggle with the ERS, they realized that the real battle lays ahead with the TJI (Turbulent Jet Ignition) technology being introduced in F1 by their competitors.
Now in 2016 after getting to grips with the ERS issues, they are focusing on the ICE combustion technology. Possibly, the TJI technology was not ready or the tokens were not enough to change both the ERS and ICE at the same time at the end of 2015 season.

The jet ignition system is a new combustion technology, patented as US20120103302 on 1 Nov 2011 that replaces the standard spark plug in SI engines with a jet ignition chamber assembly. It facilitates the implementation of ultra lean-burn operation in gasoline engines, improving their efficiency and reducing the formation of pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and particulates.

One of the main benefits of the system is that, depending on the specific design of the cylinder heads, the jet igniter can be a drop in replacement for the traditional spark plug.

To make a long story short,
  • A common group of engineers worked on the TJI principle (possibly at Cosworth), some of them went to Mercedes HPP, and some to Mahle.
  • Mercedes used this technology in F1 with its PU since 2014.
  • Ferrari introduced the Mahle Jet Ignition equipped engine at the 2015 Canadian Grand Prix.
  • Renault debuted this technology with its upgraded engine in the 2016 Canadian Grand Prix .
  • Honda is still grappling with it at Sakura R&D. Hopefully will introduce their fully functional version in 2017 and Kicks Merc's backside.

The 2016 F1 Season Thread-mahletji.jpg

More details on TJI in F1:

Personally, I like Hesegawa for his frank opinions and assessment and I wish for them to succeed.
Here's the latest interview from him, published by AMuS.

Please excuse the Google translate errors.
Michael Schmidt : If Honda in the plan?
Hasegawa: We are not satisfied, but the results are reasonable, considering where we came from. Yes, we are still on schedule. And we are optimistic out down a podium or a victory within the next 2 years.

Is a podium finish this year still possible?
Hasegawa: No. Only with luck. Our realistic goal is to regularly finish in the points.

Are you satisfied with the progress of the engine?
Hasegawa: Of course, you always want more, but we are glad that we can see progress.

What problems Honda struggled 2015?
Hasegawa: Actually everywhere. The largest were our reliability problems, and also because in all areas.

Has Honda underestimated the hybrid technology?
Hasegawa: I would say yes. No one has so expect a bad season like last year. We were not ready to race. Neither in regard to the performance, nor to the reliability.

How did you split the work over the winter?
Hasegawa: In the end, it depends on the performance. But before you can take care of it, you need a solid foundation. Therefore we took care in winter mainly to the stability.

Did you achieve your goal?
Hasegawa: We are better but still not good enough. On Friday in Montreal we had a turbo damage. We are not yet versed. And since it does not matter if an oil leak has caused. Also we have to exclude.

The McLaren are in the top-speed table mostly behind. Is there only the engine fault, or the car has too much air resistance?
Hasegawa: Both. The car has more downforce this year. And our motor has too little power. Even if McLaren would take the same wing setting like the other teams, we would be in top speed and not forward.

Let's talk about the performance. Where are the major shortcomings: On the electrical or mechanical side?
Hasegawa: On the electrical side, we have virtually reached the level of other manufacturers. We now need to focus on the internal combustion engine. As you will also see the next development steps. When they come, is not yet known. We develop full steam ahead and bring the new parts, once they have reached the required reliability.

The new turbocharger was a further step in this direction?
Hasegawa: Yes, exactly. The turbocharger is now there to generate more electric power and feed it into the drive. We are now retrieve as much electric power capable as permitting regulations.

If you redeem all 11 tokens that you have left?
Hasegawa: That's the plan. It would make little sense not to do it.

Honda has fought to abolish the token system. Why? Other manufacturers claim that it is possible with 32 tokens build a new engine.
Hasegawa: we are in the middle of the development of next year's engine and put it the key points from. We still do not know where we are headed and how many tokens we would need it, there would be the token usually still next year. Possible that 32 tokens would be sufficient. But without restrictions we are simply much more freely in the design, because we do not constantly have to think about it, if we exceed the limit.

If the 2017er engine an evolution or a revolution be?
Hasegawa: I will not say that we are building a completely new engine now. It's not all bad. In some areas we need to make adjustments. In others, we need a new concept.

Renault believes that they lie on the motor based half a second behind Mercedes. How far Honda's gone?
Hasegawa: On the racetrack, we are about 1.5 seconds behind Mercedes. This gap we can not close only to the engine safely. I join Renault's opinion and would say that pure half a second from a performance point. But if this half a second coming, McLaren may also react with the vehicle concept, and the tires are lighter in their work area. The one helps then the other.

Is the insulation in Japan an advantage or a disadvantage?
Hasegawa: I believe that it is not a disadvantage. The world has become very small. With modern means of communication you can record around the world with each contact today. The location does not matter. Rather the setting. Even when we fully develop the engine in Japan, we can draw on European technology. One must also want.

Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault advertise among themselves engineers from to come so quickly to success. Honda power with in this game?
Hasegawa: In theory, it would be easy. We have a base in England with benches, so European engineers could poach. But we do not.

In all Formula 1 eras Honda has always needed something start until one is successful. Are you hopeful that this time it is the same?
Hasegawa: Definitely. We believe that one day we will have the most powerful engine in the field.

At Mercedes 400 people working on the engine. Ferrari and Renault are now similar in size. Where is Honda?
Hasegawa: We give the number of people do not know, but I can tell you that we are not far away.

How many engineers from the old days are still in the process?
Hasegawa: Most of our engineers have experience. But it is not all there. Do not forget that we had taken a break of 5 years. In the meantime, many engineers have gone into production development.

Is Honda willing to supply a second team?
Hasegawa: If we had enough resources, there is nothing that speaks against a second team. You generate more data and experience and learn so more quickly. But in our current situation, there are not many teams who want our engine. Currently, each team has a motor. But we are planning to expand our organization so that we could supply a second team, when interest would.

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Default Re: The 2016 F1 Season Thread

About de-rate, which is obvious but still.

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Default Re: The 2016 F1 Season Thread

It was noted that the higher the starting pressures of tyres and the outdoor temperature, the greater the superiority of Mercs are.
But when it was wet in Monte Carlo and cold in Montreal it was not so easy for them. It took forever to get the tires came into the working range.

The sophisticated heating arrangements that teams use on the brakes & hubs before the start of the race is being looked at as a method to "manage" lower tyre pressures during race and like everything else in F1 now a days, Mercs are supposedly better at that too.

Here is how a typical race preparation looks like now a days.

Name:  1 MercedesStartvorbereitungFormel12016fotoshowBig9b8dc3f5959614.jpg
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Size:  17.2 KB
Before the cars leave the garage to the starting grid, the wheel, axles and brakes will be preheated to the maximum in the garage and the mechanics are ready with the heaters at the grid.
Name:  10 RenaultReifendruckManipulationFormel12016fotoshowBigbcfacc22959638.jpg
Views: 648
Size:  14.9 KB

Name:  11 RenaultReifendruckManipulationFormel12016fotoshowBig4c5b57f5959639.jpg
Views: 665
Size:  11.1 KB

Once the car is on the grid, the tires they rode on come off, and the brakes and axles are covered with a specially constructed insulating cover to keep the heat in.
Name:  3 MercedesReifendruckManipulationFormel12016fotoshowBig847b7e32959615.jpg
Views: 649
Size:  23.3 KB
Name:  6 MercedesReifendruckManipulationFormel12016fotoshowBig930433b6959625.jpg
Views: 646
Size:  16.3 KB
Now they supply hot air through the brake ducts using airtight connections from the heater unit.
Name:  5 MercedesReifendruckManipulationFormel12016fotoshowBig17bb3cd7959624.jpg
Views: 643
Size:  13.4 KB
Name:  2 MercedesReifendruckManipulationFormel12016fotoshowBige6279466959612.jpg
Views: 651
Size:  14.3 KB
Name:  7 MercedesReifendruckManipulationFormel12016fotoshowBig454da9d959627.jpg
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Size:  13.1 KB
At a temperature of 200 degrees.

Ferrari and RedBull are not so sophisticated as the Mercedes on this front.
Name:  9 FerrariReifendruckManipulationFormel12016fotoshowBige4c9bf35959631.jpg
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Size:  14.6 KB
Ferrari using a portable blower manually
Name:  8 RedBullReifendruckManipulationFormel12016fotoshowBig28793317959640.jpg
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Size:  15.3 KB
RedBull having no axle warmer.

When the race tires come at the five minute signal to the car they are already pre-heated to the max permissible temp.
Name:  4 WilliamsStartvorbereitungFormel12016fotoshowBig3b7a440a959619.jpg
Views: 651
Size:  19.4 KB

The tyres, brakes and wheel hub must be as hot as possible to keep the air pressure and the temperature as long as possible in the tire. If the tires fitted to a non-preheated wheel hub, it would immediately lose pressure. Despite the tyre blankets the pressure would fall by 0.1 PSI every minute until stabilizing at the pressure which is corresponding to what the electric blankets can sustain. This is obviously what they are trying to avoid. It is said that the pressure could rise by 1 psi after the tyres are fitted on a pre-heated hub and if the pressure is found to be higher than the min. starting pressure, it can be lowered at the time of measuring.

All FIA has to do now to remove this advantage out of the equation is to no longer measure the pressures before the start but before mounting the tire on to the pre-heated hub. Let's see if they are going to act on it. Maybe some teams might seek clarification on this matter.

Link to article by AMuS :

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Default Re: The 2016 F1 Season Thread

Ferrari fitted the Halo 2.0 onto their car in Austria.

Name:  halo 2 on.jpg
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The visibility for the driver does not look bad.

The 2016 F1 Season Thread-extraction-drill.jpg

An extraction drill has been done under the watchful eyes of FIA medical team.
Apparently they need more practice.
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Default Re: The 2016 F1 Season Thread

This is how a F1 driver sees the track.

Watch this fascinating video where SkySports put a pair of Tobii eye-tracking glasses on Hulkenberg to explore his reaction speeds and reference points whilst in an F1 car.

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Default Re: The 2016 F1 Season Thread

Kimi to drive Ferrari in 2017.


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Default Re: The 2016 F1 Season Thread

Does this mean goodbye Monza?
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Default Re: The 2016 F1 Season Thread

Sauber announces change in ownership

Sauber has announced a change of its ownership, with Swiss-based investment firm Longbow Finance fully acquiring the group, in a move that will see founder Peter Sauber retire from all functions.

Sauber has struggled financially in recent Formula 1 seasons and was late with staff payments earlier this year, with the team yet to score a point in 2016 amid its issues.

After suggestions of a takeover being close to completion in recent weeks, Sauber has now outlined its agreement with Longbow Finance, signed on Tuesday.

Longbow Finance, headed by Pascal Picci, has stated that its main aim is "to stabilise the group and create the basis for a competitive and successful future."

Sauber is to retire, with Picci replacing him as Chairman, while Monisha Kaltenborn will continue on the board and in her roles of CEO and Team Principal.

"Monisha Kaltenborn and I yesterday signed an agreement which secures the future of the Formula 1 Team and the Sauber Group," Sauber commented.

"I am very happy that my courageous investment to buy the team back, which I made six years ago, with the intention to secure the base in Hinwil and the place in Formula 1 has proved to be correct."

Kaltenborn added: "We are very pleased that by reaching an agreement with Longbow Finance S.A., we can secure the future of Sauber at the pinnacle of motorsport.

"We are convinced that Longbow Finance S.A. is the perfect partner to again make the team competitive and successful in Formula 1.

"At the same time the new structure will allow us to finally further expand our third party business in which we commercialise our know-how.

"This [new ownership] solution is in the best interest of our employees, partners, loyal suppliers, the base in Hinwil and for the Swiss motorsport.

"We are very grateful that Longbow Finance S.A.believes in the competences, efficiency and capabilities of Sauber Group, and we look forward to a new exciting future."

Sauber's company and team names will not change.

Hopefully the team will rejuvenate and come back stronger next season. Peter Sauber had a windfall when BMW bought over the team but it all came ricocheting back on him when he had to buy it back. I have always loved this team and it is great to see them being saved at the final hour. Good luck to them! Hopefully now they can invest in some good drivers also. The current duo are just not that electrifying. The events in Monaco was downright humiliating.
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Default Re: The 2016 F1 Season Thread

You were trailing 43 points points before Spanish GP. You are now leading 19 points post German GP.

What else, it's party time.

The 2016 F1 Season Thread-20160731hockenheim.jpg


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Default Re: The 2016 F1 Season Thread

Not sure if this has been posted earlier, but if true, this is quite simply a revolution in ICE design which majority of the world is unaware of.

Essentially, the PU in the 1.6L Turbo-charged Formula (now all the manufacturers - Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda as well have been reported to have adopted this) is running pretty much like a diesel engine under very specific engine loads in order to improve efficiency; i.e ignition of the air-fuel mixture is happening without a spark from the plug.
The above explanation is an over-simplification for sure, but hey it helps to quickly summarise the next best thing to sliced bread for us petrol heads eh?

Here's an article that discuss this:

Cheers !

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Default Re: The 2016 F1 Season Thread

The 2016 F1 Season Thread-ocon.jpg

18-year-old Esteban Ocon will race for Manor in the second half of 2016 season. The team confirmed earlier today that Haryanto would be made reserve driver after explaining that Haryanto had been ‘unable to meet contractual obligations’.

Max Verstappen was beaten to the 2014 European Formula 3 title by Ocon. His own promotion to Lotus F1 Team is surely not far away.

The contrast between their paths to the top couldn’t be greater. While Verstappen had the advantage of a well-connected dad planning his every move, Ocon came to the sport of karting by chance.

“My father had a small garage where he sold cars and repaired them,” he says. “But there was no plan for me to race. All the top drivers were in teams but we had a small truck, the same one my father worked with. At one point my father sold our house and we were living in a caravan. After the races I was sleeping in front of the school in the caravan, to go to school in the morning.”

Career in brief
Born: 17/9/1996, Évreux, France
2007 French Minime kart champion
2008 French Cadet champion
2009-10 KF3 karting
2011 French KF3 champion
2012 Euro Formula Renault, Korainen GP
2013 Euro Formula Renault, ART. Macau GP, Prema
2014 Euro F3 Champion, Prema; FRenault 3.5, Comtec; F1 tests, Lotus
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