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bruce 11th September 2006 12:34

Renault's Team Chief says the Race was fixed!!
Could that be possible??
Championship has been fixed for Schumacher?
Read this for more info...

deepakhon 11th September 2006 12:53

He has backtracked from his comments saying that he was quoted out of context. Here is the url :

Steeroid 11th September 2006 13:57

People like Briatore should never be taken seriously. To limit damage, it would be better to get a gag order on such jokers - Briatore, Eddie Irvine, Jacques Villeneuve and the works.

He says it was a 'jokey (!?!?!?!) remark that was taken out of context' - a person in his position should not be making 'jokey' (whatever that means) remarks about serious matters. He is a team owner/principal and not the comic act.

Briatore should know that Michael Schumacher does not need races to be fixed for him. Let Briatore shut up or drive an F1 race himself.

Kinetik 11th September 2006 13:59

lol what a looser.. he rather fix his blown up renault

yogi1771 11th September 2006 14:20

crap comments from a sore looser

Gordon 11th September 2006 15:09

Briatore and Alonso are cry-babies.

deepakhon 11th September 2006 15:20

I would have appreciated if he had stood by his comments and proved whatever he said. But backtracking from his earlier comments seems to me that he made those comments just for the heck of it. This is not a good sign from the head of a professional racing team. Similarly, there is no point in Alonso crying foul either. He had his chances when he was summoned by the officials and he could have made his point then.

merve_extreme 11th September 2006 17:50

who is that man,oh Mr Bravitore the biggest liar in F1,if he doset like F1 he can just get lost and take the fonso with him,who says F1 isnt a sport anymore,then why are you here go drive taxis.

karthik247 11th September 2006 18:17

This is not the first time Briatore has said something like this... Whenever something goes wrong with his team, all he can do is blame others.

ranjan united 11th September 2006 20:17

Briatore has always had the habit of ranting about stuff, either in frustration or just plain stupidly. The current case is just another attack of foot-in-mouth disease, of which Flavio has a long history now.

Mpower 11th September 2006 22:47

Here is Alsoso's opinion.

tifosikrishna 11th September 2006 22:49


Originally Posted by Mpower

i dont think so, even if it is, its nothing new.

do you remember the grand prix of hungary this year, alonso was punished and subseqently schumi was also given the same penalty for slowing down alonso. that time whole ferrari camp were making noise about the decision, now its renault's turn. in a way, it has levelled out.

naveendhyani 11th September 2006 23:21

i truly believe alonso should rather leave this "fixed sport". there is no grace to f1. i guess at ny given point of time MS will be remembered more than alonso.

amitverma 11th September 2006 23:35


Originally Posted by Gordon
Briatore and Alonso are cry-babies.

i dont quite agree with that. i think even ferrari, mclaren and williams have been cry-babies in Formula1 before many a times.
We can never undermine the sheer talent in Alonso, neither in Briatore. Fernando Alonso has time and again proven to the world that he is not a fluke. even so in monza. well its badluck time for FA i guess.
Also, Briatore has given F1 some of the best drivers ever. MS was a Briatore finding. At the beginning of Renault's F1 venture, Briatore announced that he has got a second Michael Schumacher in FA.

Now everyone must be thinking that I am a die-hard Renault and FA fan. I hate 'em. Hate FA's constant goodluck.
I am a die-hard Schumi fan and am sad that he's leaving. But as I see it, after Schmuck, FA will rule. That is if McLaren would let him. Kimi has a definite bright future at REDCAMP.

karthik247 11th September 2006 23:40

Kimi and Massa are the guys who would rule...They are pretty fast guys. We all know what Kimi did with the McLaren tho' it wasn't a 100%, lets see if Fonsi can do the same (thats IF McLaren don't sort out their probs)

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