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Default Re: Formula 1: The 2018 German Grand Prix

Originally Posted by myavu View Post
Dear "---snip---
It doesn't matter. Hamilton is just the more social person, so more of his behavior will be in the spotlight. Next up someone may even bring up Nicole to show him in a bad light.
At the end of the day, both the drivers are champs four times over, and that may be why the 5th is more important,especially when the cars are on an even keel. Let's just talk about the races and let those who lose carry on.
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Default Re: Formula 1: The 2018 German Grand Prix

Originally Posted by myavu View Post
That's why Vettel barged into Hamilton at 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix or Vettel's radio outburst against Charlie Whiting at 2016 Mexico There was no arrogance at all.

When you say one person is way better than other please support it with some evidence too. For me both are hard racers with different personalities.
Originally Posted by myavu View Post
Dear "ferrarirules,

Hope you had read my post correctly. Nowhere I had mentioned that Lewis is way better than Vettel. Or nowhere I had mentioned Lewis is not arrogant.
This is my last post on this futile one sided conversation. I am quoting your previous post for your reference. You highlighted "not as arrogant" part of my post and then provided Vettel's incidents in relation. So i think my understanding is correct that you quoted them as examples of arrogance. You also asked that i should provided examples if I am comparing which I did. And you easily ignored evidences in my last post.

Lets see how this season goes and then discuss how big a sports man each one of them are.
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Default Re: Formula 1: The 2018 German Grand Prix

Really like the direction Formula One is taking under the new ownership.

They have addressed the contradictory calls over crossing the pitlane markers with Charlie Whiting.

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Sometimes I do not understand why you need to criticise a driver just because you are a fan of another. I see this trend big time, especially in the case of Lewis vs Seb.

I think it's an open fact that the best car always wins. But then there are two drivers in the best car, which is what differentiates people like Lewis, Seb and Alonso.

In the current decade, The three best drivers are Seb, Lewis and Alonso. All of them have won championships in the cars that were the best or at least one amongst the top 2 cars. But they did it consistently and beat their team mates who had the same machinery. We can not compare what Seb did in the Redbull to what Lewis did in the Merc since the cars and the rules were different. Although the Mercedes domination was more thorough in the last 4 years than how the RBR did it, at least Alonso took it to the end of season in 2 of those seasons of Alonso vs Vettel.

I have been a hardcore Ferrari fan for the last 15 years. For me the team comes first and then the driver. So when Alonso was in Ferrari I did root for him and now I root for Seb. If Lewis moves to Ferrari I will root for him as well. And so would thousands of the Tifosis.

And all these three guys are not necessarily nice guys. They race to win and some times there is an outburst or things like that. So thats normal from the top guys.

However I do feel that Seb is a little bit more mature and honest, very upfront in his nature. Lewis is an enigma, mostly the hero and at times comes across as an individual rather than a team player. Very similar to Alonso as well.
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Default Re: Formula 1: The 2018 German Grand Prix

It looks like Hockenheim ring will be back for 2019, as there is agreement all but signed between two parties. This one year deal will give time structure longer deal for German go.

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