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Default Re: Formula 1: The 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix

Originally Posted by ashwin.terminat View Post
While Alonso's rants on radio used to be entertaining, I'm beginning to view them as unprofessional. Especially his recent rant during qualifying in Hungary.

His engineer is asking him if they should stay on inters or go on to the wets. Instead of answering a person who is doing is best to help him, he goes on a full rant about how slow the car is.
He wasn't talking about the car. He was talking about the fact that sector 3 was flooded with water and there was no way to go any faster - absolutely impossible due to the heavy rain . Inters or wets doesn't matter - it simply wasn't possible to improve the time due to conditions. I'm not an fan of Alonso but this time round he was absolutely correct and found his comment quite funny.
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Default Re: Formula 1: The 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix

Originally Posted by amitoj View Post
Also, interesting that Vettel (maybe we should call him Road Rage Hero if we are going to refer to Hamilton as Steward's Pet) failed to cleanly overtake a car that was not from the middle or lower level. Yeah Bottas botched up his braking point too but you would expect a 4 times world champion to look in his mirrors a bit more often!
Vettel (Road Rage hero) for one incident last year if you say so. But saying that he didn't clearly overtake Bottas is far fetched. He was ahead of Bottas and took the line for the corner. Bottas tried to brake late didn't realize that his tyres didn't have the grip needed. Hence he banged into Vettel. There was nothing Vettel could do about it as many mirrors he ws watching in.
This was quite similar to French GP and British GP of this year. The only difference being that Vettel was lucky enough to come out unscathed.
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Default Re: Formula 1: The 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix

2018 Hungarian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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Default Re: Formula 1: The 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix

Ferrari Strategy Team botched up yet another race for Vettel. It was another blunder from Ferrari. Before Vettel's pitstop, he had a 14 seconds gap to Hamilton & a further 12 seconds gap to bottas. He had a cumulative 26 seconds gap. The time taken for a pitstop is around 21 seconds. Ferrari should have called him into the pits there & then. But they let him stay on the track and he got caught in traffic. As a result his lead over bottas shrunk down to 20 seconds (12 seconds over Hamilton). Add the pitstop shenanigans & Vettel emerged behind Bottas.

I still can't understand the point of lapping cars when Vettel was about to come into the pits in a few laps. After making the pitstop these cars would be able to unlap themselves and Vettel would have to lap them again. Comparatively Hamilton would lap them only once & hence Vettel would lose time. Ferrari should have taken a call instead of being frigid. This costed them valuable track position when Vettel came behind Bottas from the pits.
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