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Default Nascar, anyone?

I have been a long-term follower of NASCAR, though it has been difficult these last couple of years to follow Nascar in India because no Indian sports channels show the races. D-Sport had the contract for the last couple of years but even last year they barely showed any of the races live, or even re-telecast, or abridged version (which they had done two years back). Anyway, this year, with the season about to start this weekend with the Daytona 500, doesn't look like D-Sports is going to cover it. No ads on the channel or even on their twitter TL, and their Nascar webpage is still carrying last years season details. Looks like they have completely abandoned Nascar. They were anyway doing a poor job even last year, as I said, but still.

I still find Nascar the most exciting of car races, especially the ones on super-speedways, the long ovals, with cars doing 200 miles an hour inches from each other for about 2-3 hours. IMHO, no other type of automobile racing comes close to the excitement of Daytona or Talladega or Pocono superspeedway races.

So, wondering if there are any Nascar fans here. I see no discussions on these pages, and last reference seems to have been years ago. If there are Nascar followers, anybody know any way to follow or watch the races? Or any way to get one of the Indian sports channels to telecast it? Asking for a friend . . .
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Default Re: Nascar, anyone?

We lived in Kansas City, USA for 3 years. I went there to head up a newly established company Ericsson Services Inc.

We looked after the day to day operations, planning and maintenance amongst other of the Sprint Networks. Sprint at the time was one of the main sponsors of Nascar. We had a team that supported the Nascar events. About 15-20 guys, 5-7 massive trucks and a lot of equipment.

For every Nascar race a radio planning would be made and we would add so called COW (Cells on Wheels) around the circuit. The team would arrive about a week in advance of the race. It would take them 5-7 days working setting up the networks, tuning and testing. As soon as the race was over they would tear everything down and move on to the next circuit/event.

They spend a lot of time on the road. In those day the Nascar was about 40-42 week a year or there abouts.

So when they found out I was a petrol head they invited me over to join them. They arranged special passes for me, so I could go everywhere including the driver briefing. Nascar is like a travelling circus for those working with it. Small community, everybody knows everybody, easy going and very relaxed. The race itself is hugely competitive of course. But the whole environments is much more open and inclusive for fans and the public at large.

Everybody can get access to the pits, (for most that means buying a ticket) but you can just wonder around and you will just bump into your favourite driver. These guys (and the odd girl) just wander around, chatting to fans, very different from F1.

It is difficult to even begin to imagine the atmosphere during a typical Nascar race. For many years it has been the largest spectator sport in the USA. Which is saying a lot!. A race will draw literally tens of thousand of fan to the stadium. Many will show up for the full weekend in campers. The Americans are extremely good in organizing these sort of event. Nascar has its root in the deep south, easy going relax folks. They have always maintained that feeling. So you got hundred thousand people descending on a stadium. Nobody gets exited, there are no long queues, everything works, constant entertaining before and after the race.

National anthem, Airforce flyby, local beauty queen doing a round on the circuit, drum bands, the works!

To be very honest, I thought the actual race itself was the least. I just loved all the other stuff around it

I'll see if I can send you the link to my travel blog about my Nascar experience.

Enjoy Jeroen

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