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Old 30th July 2009, 08:09   #91
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Here we go. The king is back and am really looking forward the rest of the season now. This sport needs someone like him. Absolute determination and always going for the kill. Go Schumi go.
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Old 30th July 2009, 08:34   #92
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Wow! looking forward to seeing the legend back in action again!
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Old 30th July 2009, 08:50   #93
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Wow, I'm really surprised he agreed to do it. I still can't believe I'm awake and this is going to happen.
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Originally Posted by McLaren Rulez View Post
Wow, I'm really surprised he agreed to do it. I still can't believe I'm awake and this is going to happen.
Reason to start this thread is now fulfilled.

Welcome back Schumi.

F1 now will be more fun and exciting to watch, you really cant speculate how things will turn up for him after 4 long years break, but Schumi sure is competitive in the scheme of things.
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What next Ferrari? EDIT: Schumi is BACK!! And with Mercedes Benz !!-michaelschumacher.jpg  

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Old 30th July 2009, 09:25   #95
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There go my weekend plans!!! Wife is going to complain but who cares
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Old 30th July 2009, 09:31   #96
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Originally Posted by Mpower View Post
How about we rejoice that Massa survived what could have been a fatal accident?
wishing MASSA a speedy recovery and faster return to action .
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Old 30th July 2009, 09:50   #97
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I also look forward to the grandmaster coming back. Hope he teaches the new kids on the block a thing or two.

Yesterday I saw somewhere that Massa is recovering fast and his left eye in not damaged. He had some bruising in his Gall Bladder hence the extra caution.

I look forward to seeing him trackside cheering his mentor on.
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hadnt seen even a single F1 race this year, except the one where Adrian was at 7th position in the middle of the race pretty soon to fall at the last.

Now all sunday race evenings are booked. Damn, even Saturday qualifyings are not to be missed. Hectic weeks are coming soon, but I am not complaining.
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Old 30th July 2009, 10:04   #99
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Default Schumi is back!! Forza Ferrari!!

This is like a bolt from the blue. I have read a few of you guys saying that there is a high chance of him returning, but never believed it.

This season is going see a few cracking races!! Forza Ferrari!!!
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Old 30th July 2009, 10:04   #100
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Excellent news !! i am interested in seeing how schumi uses kers :-)
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Old 30th July 2009, 10:05   #101
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From Formula1(.)com:
Schumacher has not driven Ferrari’s current F60 in anger and last tested for the Italian team, with whom he won five world titles, back in April 2008.
Any information on why he got angry?
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Old 30th July 2009, 10:14   #102
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I will be watching F1 again after a long time now!
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Old 30th July 2009, 10:30   #103
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Yippe the big daddy's back!! Now we need to give him some slack, he needs to develop the ailing Ferarri car.. We cant expect him to start winning races immediately.. But surely the good times for Ferrari have come!!

Speedy recovery for Massa!!

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Old 30th July 2009, 10:33   #104
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this is brilliant news. Seeing shchumi back on track will do F1 loads of good.
For all the negative publicity gained over the last few month, schumi returning to F1 (although for a short period) might see the spectator interest back.

Though i still wonder how he will cope with a car that wasn't designed for him. It will be interesting to see him take on the boys with KERS at his disposal. Kimi has already shown in the last race that KERS can take you all the way to the top of the pack. KERS will indeed prove a big boost to his already aggressive driving style.

Bring them on.....
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Old 30th July 2009, 10:41   #105
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Great news indeed!

Can't wait to see the legend in action!
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