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Pferdestärke 30th May 2004 06:18

Former world rally champion, Colin McRae, has now signed up for the Le Mans 24 Hours, opting for a Prodrive-built Ferrari 550 Maranello in one of the world's oldest races.
In an interview with TopGear Magazine he said - "I've done the Dakar and I guess Le Mans is another of the classic motorsport events I must do." Further he added, "I can't say I'm missing the WRC right now, especially with the new rules. Too much waiting and not enough rallying."

McRae will drive for the DAMS Care Racing team, an amalgamation of Driot Arnoux Motor Sport, which last ran cars at Le Mans in 2002, and Care Racing, headed by former rally driver Frederic Dor.

Their car is one of the favourites for the GTS class.

McRae has often expressed an interest in tackling the world’s greatest endurance race and in the past has raced cars in the British Touring Car Championship and at the Days of Thunder events.

Driving a potential GTS class winner was the sensible choice for a first attempt at Le Mans, he said, adding that driving a sports prototype at the head of the field would be difficult without a lot of track experience.

The Scot’s co-drivers will be chosen by DAMS boss Jean-Paul Driot in consultation with McRae.

Dominique Falque, Care Racing’s business development director, said they were also looking at the possibility of McRae tackling other races in the championship.

For more info and his comments on return to WRC, Click Here.

S350L-E240 30th May 2004 13:19

And before u pop up lol i voted for who cayers..
Dun watch WRC at all man

Tom 30th May 2004 23:28

He shuld make a return. Infact I fail to understand why Subaru didnt let him replace Richard Burns. That would have doubled their chances to win the manufactureres title.

I know he's got a reputation as c ar destroyer...but not sure why all the teams dumped him this year...must be something more than that!

Aditya 31st May 2004 00:18

If he wants a change, fine. But, most importantly, he isn't driving a Lister Storm. So I couldn't care less.

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