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mohananuj 6th February 2006 11:42

Hi Team-BHP
I have been browsing through the site for the last 6 months now and finally decided to register today. Based in new delhi I am in the business of construction and real estate. I live in a joint family and hence have access to 5 cars of different models and segments. Also the family needs to replace a car every 7-8 months so that all cars are within 3-4 yrs old max. Most of the family looks towards me for info on new models and I turn towards dealers, friends and websites with no commercial bias. I hope I will be able to contribute some meaningful info to the site members.


lamborghini 6th February 2006 12:57

Hey bro,
welcome aboard and enjoy your stay here

Beeman 6th February 2006 14:19

welcome dude . you are at the right place....

Sid Schumacher 6th February 2006 17:52

Hey man, welcome to TBHP. Have a great stay! So, what are the cars that you own?

revtech 7th February 2006 00:51

hey ddue
welcome to t sure youll enjoy your stay.


n_aditya 7th February 2006 00:59

welcome and enjoy yourself... have a blast....

karthik247 7th February 2006 12:48

Hey welcome aboard pal!

Enjoy ur stay and have fun

adit1329 7th February 2006 23:33

all aboard and get ready for a ride of your life

mohananuj 9th February 2006 11:21

Hi Sid
The cars in my driveway are:
1. OHC 1.5
2. Optra 1.6
3. NHC
4. Swift VXI

So another honda fan to a large extent.

sridhar24 9th February 2006 11:33

Hi mohan welcome to the forum, have a great stay.

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