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hothatch 15th February 2006 22:08

hello bhpians
hello Team-bhp'ians
This is Ashwin here from chennai. i have been going thru this forum long before i registered my self on the 6th of nov 2005 and should say that this site rocks!!!!... jus amazed at the kind of information circulating in here..
Abt my rides, we own a m800 '96 model and jus got a fiesta 1.4 this months. Must say that the fiesta is a really good car (any thing is after a rides well and great value for money .
Abt my self, i work as a production engineer at a piston ring manufacturing company in chennai,close to the FORD plant..and yes we happen to supply the rings for the Fiesta.And as my nick says i love hatch backs ...they are great fun to drive or RIP :Cheering:

So anyways keep the good stuff rolling.. and catch up with u guys later.

revtech 15th February 2006 22:34

hey dude
welcome to sure youll have a great stay.


gr8guzzler 15th February 2006 22:52

Hey Ashwin.....welcome to TBHP....

Good to see Fiesta owners (there are really a very few here) post pics and a review...


lancer_mania 15th February 2006 22:57

welcome to the forum.enjoy....!!!

varun_patra 15th February 2006 23:50

Hey Ashwin ! Welcome to Team-Bhp ! Have a gr8 stay .....

Sid Schumacher 16th February 2006 13:29

Great to see you here Ashwin, enjoy your stay!!
Finally a Fiesta Owner.......

GTO 16th February 2006 17:16

Hi Ashwin, and welcome to the Team-BHP. Smart choice with the Fiesta. Did our reviews help you in choosing teh Ford?


ghostrider4385 16th February 2006 17:45

hey Ashwin,

Welcome to TBHP and have a great stay! Like I tell the new members... this place is addictive as hell, so get ready to be behind word at office! :D



karthik247 16th February 2006 19:33

Hey welcome aboard, enjoy ur stay
And congrats on getting ur new Fiesta. Enjoy her and drive safe

hothatch 16th February 2006 19:48

thanx GTO,
i guess your reviews did help cos we coudnt take the test drive when we booked the car ....( all the dealers kept saying that the cars were only for display and had to wait for a week for the test drive), but finally decided upon it after the reviews on OD and team-bhp.
BTW the car does feel solid ...did about 150 on the chennai-blore highway and din't feel a thing , but was too chicken to push it further cos there were villagers on cycles and tractors driving into you on the wrong side. The power steering feels great ..solid and not overservoed like the hyundais.The car does have a few glitches like the bonnet release on the left side and the indicator stalks on the left(guess i am kinda used to the maruthis).
will post pics and a better review later .... till

karthik247 16th February 2006 20:52

Hey Hothatch, take it easy on the car durin the initial stage. I wouldn't recommend pushing the car too much until the run-in period is over, this will help to save a lot for the future....

lamborghini 16th February 2006 22:05

Hey bro,
welcome aboard and enjoy your stay here.
We too just got a Fiesta and it rocks but it has a few niggles which we will get sorted out when it goes for it's first service this wed.

supremeBaleno 17th February 2006 18:14

Welcome to the team, man. And do not forget the review on your new ride. The Fiesta being new to the market, people would not have much of
an idea about its attributes. And that is where your review could help.

paharino1 17th February 2006 19:01

Hey Buddy..

Welcome onboard to the Forum....Tell us about the fun u had with ur "fiesta"

sridhar24 17th February 2006 19:05

Hi hothatch, welcome to team-bhp.
Congrats on your new Fiesta. Great choice.

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