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babe_on_wheels 1st March 2006 00:40

Hey guys!!
Hey people...
this is bhargavi here...a second year engineering student from the electronix and telecommunication trade..its boring i know...the whole engg thingie...but yeah it sure is fun to know how the processors in the bikes actually function!!! anyways i am a 20 year old mumbaite or thaneite to be precise..well the reason me being here is uffcourse like everyone else that is...i love bikes and cars..not just to look,gape,gaze and drive but to actually undastand their complete mechanism...and stuffs like should be fun....i guess its the start of a great fun experience....
roll on guys!!!

v1p3r 1st March 2006 00:59

'Tronics? Ugh!


Originally Posted by babe_on_wheels
but yeah it sure is fun to know how the processors in the bikes actually function!!!

None in India yet!!!

Anyway, welcome aboard. Just watch this welcome thread grow! ;)

revtech 1st March 2006 03:10

welcome to tbhp dude.go through the announcement section thoroughly.enjoy your stay


major 1st March 2006 11:27

Welcome to the group Bhargavi


rareone 1st March 2006 11:34

Welcome to Team-Bhp

Hope u get all the info & knwledge u came for.
Also wud like 2 knw wat ride do u drive, if possible post some snaps.

Happy Revving

Zappo 1st March 2006 11:46

Welcome to the forum Bhargavi. Nice to know about your enthusiasm on motorized wheels. Do not forget to read the sections for newbies. Also, post a pic or two of your ride. Enjoy your stay... :D


Originally Posted by v1p3r
Anyway, welcome aboard. Just watch this welcome thread grow! ;)

So you have taken in to making predictions nowadays, is it? ;) haa haa haaaa. Nonetheless he is very true bhargavi...

a4_attitude 1st March 2006 13:43

Warm Welcome !
enjoy your stay here, do post some pics of ur ride
keep revvingggg

babe_on_wheels 1st March 2006 14:50

hmm...feels good!
Hey thanx guys for being so warm...
Well to speak of what drives me? My baby...My FORD Ikon drives me mad...I also ride my Honda Dio which has been a very good darling at rough 26th rain times or rough roads and at weird places...both of them are about a year old now..but both are as good as new...Hmm....But am not really happy about the suspensions or shock absorbers of my dio....maybe the roads have done that..i would like to know certain ways to enhance them or make them better...any suggestions??
i also ocassionally ride my friendz bikes an F2 and yeah my first bike lesson and first was on an RX100 and mann its been killer...that rides me mad....
I will post their pictures soon...

n_aditya 1st March 2006 16:33

electronics? wow..... what do u ride/drive?

have fun and enjoy ur stay,.... dRiVE SaFe....

Maverick5490 1st March 2006 17:13

Hi bhargavi.. welcome to T-Bhp.. good to know Ladies joining in.. where in Thane r u located? I am also from Thane.. Good rides u got there..


nos_nitrous 1st March 2006 19:18

hey welcome..u seem 2 be into bikes...nice...

egangsta 1st March 2006 19:51

Hii there.Welcome to the forum and like Maverick said (where from in Thane?? ).Asked you the question because i do see a girl ripping around in a black ikon in the area i ...


luv_bikelover 1st March 2006 20:55

hey there am luv well i am also an engginneering student am from vjti college in matunga where u from which college am a 3rd year engg student in comps hey thats gr8 even i own an ikon nxt 1.6 marroon one also own santro and wagonr

caroholic1 2nd March 2006 10:51

Welcome to team-bhp Bhargavi.

hot_rod 2nd March 2006 11:02

hey welcome aboard and enjoy ure stay

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