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swale84 5th March 2006 04:19

Hey guys! The name's Suhail Bajaj, from Mumbai. Signed up months ago, but never got a chance to post since im studying in Pune (dont hava a reliable internet connection here), Final year Mech Engg. Thinking of doing an Ms in automotive engg or design.
My drive's a 2001 Zen Vx, Moonbeam silver. The only mods are a set of 13" alloy's and a tachometer on the dash. Will go for a K&N filter as soon as i figure out if i'm gonna be around (ie not go abroad to study) to drive her. When in Mumbai I also get to enjoy the pleasure of driving my Mums Ikon 1.6, love the way that car does exactly what you want it to (except sometimes the brakes make you wish she were more obedient). As far as I'm concerned all I need is a nice car, great music and a long, smooth road for a perfect day.
Anyway, this seems long enough, hope to be an active part of this forum, which from the looks of things is growing into a fine family of auto enthusiasts!!!

Godfather 5th March 2006 05:28

hey suhail.. welcome to the Team bro.. go through the announcemants section..

nos_nitrous 5th March 2006 08:54

hey welcome to team-bhp..planning on doin auto enng huh...ok..well..even im thinkin somewaht in those lines..can you help me out..

rareone 5th March 2006 10:35

Welcome to Team BHP
Hey Sohail,

Welcome to Team - BHP bro.
Hope 2 be in interaction often.
Also if possible post some snaps of ur ride.
Also the Snaps of ur Tacho with prising.
As i m planing 2 install a Tacho soon on my Santro.

Thanx. Happy Revving...

buzzin_hornets 5th March 2006 12:30

ford ikon 1.6 :P :D :D
cheers n welcome aboard buddy!! :D

swale84 5th March 2006 20:19

Godfather, Nitrous, Rareone, buzzing hornets, Thanks for your replies.
Nitrous, you planning on doing auto engg as an undargrad or postgrad?
Rareone, Tried posting the snaps, but imageshack wasn't loading, will try later tonight when things are usually quicker!

karthik247 5th March 2006 20:53

Hey welcome aboard.
Hang arnd and enjoy!!

nos_nitrous 6th March 2006 19:37

well im plannin for post grad..where do u think its advisable to do it from..any good universities here in india..i have heard that its better doin it abroad..anyways im sure you must have done help me out

varun_patra 6th March 2006 19:44

Welcome to Team-bhp ... Its gr8 t0 have you here ...Enjoy your stay at the forum !

deven_x 7th March 2006 20:13

hey dude...welcome to team-bhp and enjoy your stay...

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