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Deepak.sriram 21st March 2006 13:39

My Intro, and an honest appeal/attempt for more dicipline on Roads...
Hello everyone,

I am with a software company in Bangalore. Have always had a passion for
sedans & power bikes. I am finally getting my brand new Ford Ikon flair delivered this week. Looking forward to the pleasure & excitement of driving this decent machine. Had a fiat a few years ago, which was parked in the front porch more often, than being driven!

Infact i would do some sucking bizness to get the fuel into the carb to
get it started on the weekends..That explains my excitement I am looking
forward to, when i get my flair.
Wish me happy & pleasurable driving...

Also there is something more we all can do for each other... read on....

IMP: Here's is an action plan for teams/ bhpians in Blr. How about lane
driving practice on a trial in Blr. (All suggestions, feedback welcome)
Enough has been said about the way "WE" drive in India, its time to
change that. Lets work as a team to make this work.
Practice session preferably on weekend..

Whats the purpose:

1) we will need to practice/show & implement lane driving.

2) All of us have seen the sheer pain & frustration of driving in India.
(accidents, deaths, vehicular damage, et all).Simple training can
build trust, confidence & respect in each others driving.

3) In effect, when all think and act alike there can be discipline in

I know there will be many naysayers out there... but i am aware that
most Bhpians are ethusiastic, keen & practical. Come on people show me
your "Can Do Attitude ".

Here's are links for everyone.Think/ Analyse/ Act correctly.

I thank TeamBhp members for the professional help all the way.

Deepak Sriram

hot_rod 21st March 2006 17:25

hey dude cool stuff welcome aboard n enjoy!

suman 21st March 2006 17:32

Hi Deepak, welcome to Team-bhp and congrats on your new ride; I think your Flair will give you many years of pleasurable motoring...Cheers!

Wheeliej 21st March 2006 17:57

Safe & Disciplined driving
Great links & good topic. Now if only we can get these to the truck drivers (on Bangalore's Outer ring road) and to the auto rickshaw & private taxi drivers all over Bangalore. These are the guys who force car drivers to indulge in aggressive driving - by wrong parking (ever been to sarjapur junction around 7.30 p.m?), by using the right hand (overtaking) lane while struggling to go past 20 km/hr, by changing lanes without adequate warnings, by trying to drive over medians to get to the road going in the other direction, by driving on the wrong side of the road (very frequent on whitefield main road). If we can get the tractor driven vehicles off the main roads in Bangalore (aren't they supposed to be confined to the villages?) which cart people and materials while strolling down the overtaking lane, that will help us all be disciplined drivers too. Driving in a disciplined manner is next to impossible (there, i am a naysayer) on Indian roads, because more than 1/2 of the drivers dont know what the word 'discipline' means; more than 3/4 of the drivers have not undergone any training or undergone a driving test prior to sitting down behind the wheel & taking to the roads. The links that you have provided are from the US where they dont have to deal with 99% (pardon the very slight exaggeration here guys :)) illiterate drivers and where the roads are in a fantastic condition, properly lit and well marked; there is simply no comparison between driving in India with anywhere else in the world. I have travelled extensively around the world and find that Indian roads are incomparable - every other city in the world has better roads (except as i am told - Tibet). Yes, we can try! surely, but am doubtful that we will succeed.

paharino1 22nd March 2006 18:10

Dont intend to dilute the importance of lane driving...But :OT , one of my friends in Bangalore , replied, when I asked him to stick to lane driving - I am doing Lane driving only na.....2 tyres of the car on the left side of the lane, 2 tyres of the car on the right side of the lane !!!!!!!!

all i meant was - that is the typical attitude of people here...& When we met in the US - i dared him to do the same thing - reply was no way

kb100 22nd March 2006 18:27

Will we EVER be able to get our populace to follow this....??

ported_head 22nd March 2006 18:39


Originally Posted by kb100
Will we EVER be able to get our populace to follow this....??

Question is will Individuals take the first step, instead of waiting for everybody else to start and then just be a part of the crowd?

Oh, and Welcome aboard!

kb100 22nd March 2006 19:21


Originally Posted by ported_head
Question is will Individuals take the first step, instead of waiting for everybody else to start and then just be a part of the crowd?

Oh, and Welcome aboard!

I took the step 10 yrs back!!... Only thing I am now struggling with is the impulse to nudge out the ones who straddle lanes!!

lamborghini 22nd March 2006 23:49

Hey bro,
welcome aboard.
About safe driving, the mentality is such that no one is willing to take the first step. Its as though its 'cool' not to follow rules. Out here people question the reason to help others.
How many times have you seen a driver rolling down his window and pointing out that the other cars door is open?
Very Rarely.
I remember that when there was a kilometer long traffic jam because a Taxi blew up, i was going to Marine Drive with my friend and there was loads of traffic on the way from Chowpatty to Peddar Road and when i told our driver to open the window and inform the people on the other side about what happened, (the traffic was worsened by the fact that even Breach Candy was shut because of the Pak Amercian Counsulate incident) he and my friend were like why and i was like because it was the right thing to do.
But hearin that from my friends mouth is making me question our mentality. Its like verybody for themselves here.
welcome aboard and enjoy your stay here.

DRC 22nd March 2006 23:59

Welcome here dude...
When did you come back from US?

On a serious note, I have tried this..and it really works (almost) some times. I took only 30 minutes more driving to office while driving by lanes where ever they existed. (let me know how many roads between your home and work have lanes, and space for lanes). Butttt , you can not change those who dive lanes, and criss cross,, you will have the pleasuyre and pride of being disciplened and legal(?).

caroholic1 23rd March 2006 11:08

Hi deepak welcome to team-bhp. Enjoy your stay.

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