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sujaylahiri 8th April 2006 03:16

Hi everyone. This forum rocks!!
:) I'm Sujay. Studying Mechanical with Automotive engineering in Canada. A car guy. Know quite a bit about them.
The Corvette Z06, Porsche 911 Turbo, Mazda RX8, Aston Martin DB9 are some of my favourites.

Godfather 8th April 2006 08:42

Hi Sujay.. welcome to TBHp.. can you tell us more about your self like what you drive/ride, interests etc..etc

caroholic1 8th April 2006 10:51

Hey Sujay welcome to team-bhp. Enjoy your stay.

Bob 8th April 2006 20:36

hi sujay

welcome on team.
enjoy your stay.
write about your ride buddy.
wish you best luck in your study.

thanx . . .BOB

sujaylahiri 25th April 2006 10:19

I don't own a ride myself. But I use my buddy's Ford Probe and Ford Escort.
The Ford Probe is a pretty good car with the 2.2 L 110 HP engine. And it's a coupe.:)

My interests are cars (of course), computer games, auto racing, music (Bon Jovi rocks!!!), bicycling and chilling out with friends.
I'm a big fan of James Bond too.

bhp 25th April 2006 11:42

welcome to the family.....njoy ur stay

karthik247 25th April 2006 11:52

Welcome to TBHP, and u bet it Rocks!!


Jay 25th April 2006 13:01

hey sujay welcome aboard... have a nice stay.

Mugen_Power 25th April 2006 15:45

Hey Sujay,

Welcome aboard and enjoy ur stay.
Welcome to TBHP.


LandSpeed 25th April 2006 19:43

Yeahhh i rock too - thank you :) Welcome

busted2 26th April 2006 15:37

hey welcome to bhp dude

Sid Schumacher 26th April 2006 19:14

Welcome to the forum man!...Have a great stay!

lamborghini 26th April 2006 21:40

Hey bro,
welcome aboard and enjoy your stay here.

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