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Default Know your Moderators!

I am a Bombay-based Jeeper and by qualification, an MBA in Marketing from Bentley University, Boston. A rusty ol' Mahindra CJ 4x4 (on its 3rd engine yet) is the personal favourite from my garage. We Parekhs are big on road-trips, with the family frequently heading out on driving holidays. A BMW 530d - the official highway express - & a spacious Nissan Sunny serve as work + play rides.

I'm a huge fan of off-roading and track racing; India offers immense opportunity for 4-wheeling, while the Buddh F1 Circuit is the stuff of dreams for a track lover. Honestly, I couldn't care less about 1/4 mile competitions, and am more into sharp handling, precise steering input, redlining a sweet engine, late braking and racing lines.

Cars that I absolutely lust for are the Ferrari 288 GTO, Porsche 911 Turbo, Mercedes S-Class series (in particular, the W111, W126 & the brash W140), some yesteryear manual-transmission sedans (BMW M3, M5 & Lancer EVO), Mini Cooper S and pure American muscle (Mustangs & Camaros, including the newer gens). Cars deeply touch my soul...I can have the time of my life putting even a humble Maruti 800 through her paces down a curvy ghat section. How a car makes me feel is more important than its on-paper statistics.

When it comes to everyday rides, reliability is of paramount importance to me. I'm known to be extremely critical of cars that fail to work reliably, day after day. In that, I have a soft corner for the stupendously dependable Japanese & Korean cars. I appreciate European automobiles for their build & driving dynamics, but am rather vocal about the frequent issues they suffer from. I greatly respect Tata & Mahindra for the strides they have made in engineering strength & product capability, yet will be the first to agree they have a long way to go before reaching global benchmarks.

To Indian petrol-heads, Team-BHP is an integral part of daily life. This community is more than just a forum for car enthusiasts; indeed, it is our virtual home. I'm especially proud of the camaraderie among BHPians, and the brutally unbiased information that makes our knowledge base. Feel free to contact the Support Team with any suggestions or concerns. We are right by your side on Team-BHP.

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Hey guys,

Like most car freaks, I started off very young with a large collection of toy cars. Have slowly worked my way up from there, and I'm finally getting to play with Ferraris, Porsches, M5s and AMGs in real life! To me, the automobile is an ideal blend of physics, chemistry, engineering, art and emotion; that pretty much explains my obsession at the elemental level.

High on my list of favourite cars are the Ferrari F355, Impreza WRX STi, BMW E46 M3, Ford GT40 and Porsche 911 GT2. The full list is very long, yet this should give you an inkling of what I'm all about. Excellent dynamics, driver involvement and outright fun trump monstrous power and straight line speed in my books. Technical tracks, twisty mountain roads and challenging corners are what put a smile on my face. No number of laps around a track is ever enough for me!

I graduated as an Industrial Designer from the Rhode Island School of Design, but I'm keeping myself busy with other things. In addition to automobiles, I also have a strong interest in technology, computers and photography. Yes, quite a geek.

I enjoy taking part in technical discussions on the forum, and I love the collaborative information sharing, helping & problem-solving that goes on here. To me, that's what Team-BHP is all about; a place where people come to share and learn, helping everyone in the process. There's not a day that goes by where I don't learn something new from our members, and there's not a day where the community doesn't amaze me in some way or the other. The beauty of our forum is that it goes beyond just cars and the internet. In the time we've been around, Team-BHP is probably responsible for almost as many lifelong friendships as car purchases

I do hope Team-BHP provides great entertainment and knowledge to you. Don't ever hesitate to reach out to us members of the Support Team with any issues or suggestions you might have!

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Hey T-BHPian's...

The newest mod to be added to the list, and I must say I'm in some fine company!

Born in Bombay and now living in Mumbai (gotto love our Govt.!!) I have been an auto freak since I was dropped on my head when i was born. I say that coz I'm the only one in my family who has a craving for anything with wheels, so I'm guessing something must've gone wrong somewhere

Well, the motorsport bug never left me, and I took a sabatical after my first year in college to go F2000 racing in Canada, working for a racing school there for a year to support this. Visa probs dictated that I come back to Bombay (not yet Mumbai). Went on to do my Auto engineering in the US but never really got a chance to practice my newly learned skills as my luck with visa's struck again and I was back in Mumbai before I knew it! I got into organising motor sport events in the Country since then, and I continue to do so.

I always wanted to open my own high performance shop here - hence the name "R Tech", and still hope to do so one day. Also a biker at heart, and plan to tour the world, in stages, later on in life.

Well, lets get back to what we are here for now, the forum!

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Pretty late for the day but nevertheless..
Oldest haggard amongst the moderators. Not putting down my age. Interested members can use calculator and go to my profile to find that out.
In the business of advertising right from my graduation. Essentially an art person.
I was born in Calcutta. Left that city 14 years ago and since then in Bangalore. Painfully watching a beautiful city going to dogs.
Love cars, photography and digital art. Try to blend all three into my profession. Also trying desperately to find time to get back to my sketching and water colours. And oh! I forgot!! Love meeting people.
In Bangalore I’m known as Amby guy. In today’s context it’s almost like the ‘Last man standing’. A year back added another family member, a black Optra 1.8. Seven months down the line started loving this car.
A proud member of the most interesting car forum. Proud to see it growing everyday.
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I'm Navin. My expertise is in typos. I make more than all the other Mods combined. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, would be to find the sense hidden inside the gibberish (further complicated by the typos) I produce.

I was born in what was then known as Bombay in 1963. Since I was born in my aunt's dispensary my parents have had no choice but to accept me as theirs (I was the only baby born there).

In the winter of 1969-70, I am told I saw my 1st Rock Concert. The Who with Pete Townshend were visiting and they even left their HiWatt and Marshall amps behind here.

About the same time, my dad got me my own spool deck (7" reel, 3.75 and 7.5 ips) and a Philips valve radio and the audio bug bit. A few years later I built my own amp and speakers (I was still in high school).

While in high school I learned to tune my dad's Premier Padmini using strobes and lots of other fun stuff.

After high school, the same aunt who delivered me requested my dad to send me to NYC (where she had migrated to). My Dad was only too happy to see his terror go. So off I went to school, college, and IBM in that order. Fast forward to 1995. I came back to India for good after see-sawing for 5-6 years. I married in 1999 and have my own little terrorist (Aditya) now.

I found this forum using google and Dippy convinced me to stay on. You'll usually find me over at the ICE forum. You'll find me referred to as an old man not only because of my chronological age but also because my friends include many octagenarian audio gurus in Mumbai.

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Another grumpy old man to rule the roost

I'm ajmat - Ajit Matthew - not as old as the old man but getting there. Currently working for a major company that makes the chips that go into your PC....and Ferrari hate us - rather their sponsor does.

Spent my formative years in the UK, came to India, went back, came back... was pretty confused I guess but have been in Bangalore for 10 years - watching its growth in decline
and now vice versa. My other passion is Golf - a frustatingly fascinating game - am far from good but the fun is trying to get there. Am married with one daughter aged 7

Have been around during T-BHP initial days - seem to drive other members red or green - depending on my remarks or experiences. Make it a point to get a few circuit experiences with wild cars whenever an excess of time and money coincide.

Fascination in cars has been from Year 0 - bored the family to death about cars. First driving experience was when I was 9 , I was allowed to drive a Mercedes 350Se w114 on a field (on someones lap!!). Car had not been released out of Germany at the time - explains my soft spot for Mercs but a week with an X5 has given me a lot of admiration for BMW

Main steed is a City Vtec - which I have "mildly" modified for drivability. Also have an 800 but will be replacing it with.......Swift/Getx/Fusion...for tax reasons....and no I will not open a thread to ask a question that has and will be answered a million times. am also considering an MR2 /Miata for a hobby/ project vehicle - I want a good handler - but am hesistant to deal with dodgy dealers. I feel the late 80/early 90 cars had character - modern cars are good but too many nanny devices. Best car that I ever had was a Peugeot 309SRi. A real ugly sleeper but it went like stink and handled brilliantly.

T-BHP is like home at home..or at work - a great stress buster - comes to point where my wife calls me Ajmat. Putting my moderator hat on - it is good bye to my saucy comments (some of them!!) - however - I will be watching out immature postings, flogging dead donkeys( discussions which have outlived the purposed) and all sorts of other things. As a fellow mod said - Tough Cop. As I told the old man last night - I've been promoted!!!
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Just got my Badge couple of days back, no gun though, but I'll manage with my sword. If nothing else I will increase the average age of the moderator team.

Among the moderators, I must be the one who is least knowledgeable about automobiles. I know I wasn't picked for that. May be it is the sword in my avatar, probably indicates cutting (offending posts) abilities, law/rule enforcement skills, etc.

Alright, something about myself. Born near Mangalore, grew up all over south Karnataka in various small towns. My Dad was a bank manager, therefore we kept moving places until we finally settled in Bangalore. I have been in Bangalore since 1982 except the 9 years in New Jersey between 1993-2004.

I am a late bloomer when it comes to cars since my parents never had a car. My first scooter was my dad's 1970 Lambretta which I drove since 16 until I was 22 when I got my Kinetic Honda Dx. The first motorcycle I drove at 17 and often later was my uncle's 1978 Bullet which recently made it to Khardungla Pass driven by my cousin. First own ride was Hero cycle, and I was cycling until 19, even to engineering college, I know it is hard to believe these days...

My first car was a 1985 Toyota Corolla, bought in 1993. That was followed by Maruti Omni, Mecury Sable, Maruti 800, Chevy Malibu, Acura 3.2 TL, Santro Xing AT and finally Baleno Lxi. Here is an interesting factoid, in all my 100,000+ miles driving in USA, I have never been ticketed or even pulled over by cops, not even once. That pretty much explains my driving style.

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Hi Fellas,
Just got my mode hat couple of days back. It all started with an invite from GTO, and couple of messages later I was clear of what was needed. And therefore, here I am.
My real name is Tanveer Singh. I guess many of you know that already. Been on team-bhp since the beginning of Feb 2005. I found the site while searching for "User reviews of India cars". When I joined, I didn't realize that its soon going to turn into an addiction, fanned by my innate desire for cars!

From a long long time I have had three major interests. 1. Cars 2. Photography 3. Gadgets. The third interest was responsible for me choosing a career in the VLSI field, and the second interest was responsible for me buying rolls and cameras. IT was the first interest which Team-BHP feeds.

I found myself getting in deeper and deeper. Discussing, arguing talking.. The forum became a second home. They say all techies check their email the first thing they come to their comp at work. I also do that, but now the first click goes to the "team-bhp" section in my email! I was earlier obsessed with tinkering with software, my websites etc., but now that obsession has a serious competition.

Its a passion thats had me hooked. Any time I am in doubt about which car, how to, where to, I know where will I get the answers. I have made great friends with people whom I have never met, and may not meet for a long time!

This is what TBHP does for you. On the family front I stay with my wife who is very very supportive of my interests and hobbies. I must say I am a lucky guy.

Talking about wheels, as of now we have a trusty old wheezy indica, whos been with me since mid 2002. Though I desire the powerful machines that prowl the streets of delhi(When you drive an indica, everything else is powerful) I always cant help smiling when I drive into the petrol pump or when every now and then there is a thread on TBHP talking about the fuel prices.

So here I am guys, always at your service. You can drop in anytime to my online home given in my signature or if you got too much time on your hands you can read my Journal at
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a big hello to all,

from the latest Moderator to be added onto the Team-BHP Support Team.
most of you don't know me as i'm not a big poster - though i'm always logged onto Team-BHP. i'm a quiet person, overall and don't open up until i really know the next person.

Advait is my name, or Ads, as some of my friends prefer to call me - easier on the tongue, they say. born and raised in Mumbai (then Bombay), India. lived outside the country for a year or two - when i was very young - but most of my lifetime has been spent in Bombay itself. moved to USA a couple of years ago and was over-whelmed with the automobile world which, then, didn't exist in India.

i've been along for the ride ever since the Formula India group was a part of MSN Groups - i wasn't along since the begining and joined the group later but i hold the priviledge of being one of the earlier members on Team-BHP.

unlike most car enthusiasts i wasn't born with a passion for cars. i liked cars to the extent that one likes, say the sunset - it's beautiful, but you've seen one, you've seen them all.

i did have a favourite car toy though - it was a red plastic toy called Old Glory - basically an american muscle car toy. i used to lug it around every where i went.

it wasn't until much later in life that my liking of automobiles began to develop into love and later on turned into an undying passion for almost anything with an engine and 4 wheels - and has remained so ever since.

our family has had the pleasure of having owned a wide variety of cars over the years and it's been interesting in retrospect to think back and try to evaluate each model individually.

though i'm not much of a car washer - thats better left to the professionals / the machines - my favourite pass-time on Sunday afternoon's would be to take apart as much as possible of my dad's 1995 Maruti-Suzuki Zen's engine and try to put it back together....... not that it always worked......

Team-BHP has helped increase my knowledge regarding different aspects of the automobile world, ten-fold. a lot of members are living databases of information and are a boon to lesser mortals, such as myself.

that's it from me for the time being. definitely look forward to interacting with all of you...


ps. as a foot-note, in the past couple of months, since i've been a Moderator, i've noticed that few members take it personally whenever their post is edited / deleted. i'd just like to point out that the Support Team tries to keep the board clean, to the best of their effort - so please try to bear with us. i've had a few of my posts deleted too whenever i've made unruly comments that don't really contribute anything to the topic under discussion. Team-BHP is different from other websites which might have different (relaxed) rules. we prefer to have a professional approach rather than a casual free-for-all.

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Hello people. I guess I take over the mantle of the newest mod in town. One fine day I was googling for some info on cars and their merits before I went out to buy my first car. Landed up here. I was amazed at the vast repository of information available here. Decided to sign up as the inquisitive me wanted to ask a lot of questions as well. Since then some time has passed. In between changed from a Newbie to a BHPian, then to a D-BHPian and completed the 1000 posts. I was like a kid. What? No Senior BHPian tag? Someone indulgently told me that you already have a DBHPian tag dude. But then the kid in me wanted both!

Before I could get through the 1000 posts feeling I now find myself booted up the ladder to a moderator's role. Well, so be it. Afterall Team BHP is now a second home. So much so that my wife sometimes get irritated as she thinks that this is all that I do through the whole day. Well I am getting her a second laptop soon so that I do not need to hear that "hogger" bit any more.

Talking about my life, I was born in Kolkata in 1974 as Debraj Goswami. So that makes me old for sure, even if not as old as the grand dads of the forum. I grew up in North. Kanpur to be precise. In between have had small stints in some other cities. As dad was posted to Maharashtra in the 90s I moved in to Bhusawal (maharashtra). Did my graduation in Physics with Electronics and then MBA. All this while this bug about computers was in me. I was anyhow working with these since my college days. I even used to earn my expenses by working part-time in teaching computers, developing small softwares and then later even assembling computers, setting up networks etc (though used to spend more time than a full time job, and loved it). In between I also did a few small IT diploma programs and gathered some paper certificates.

After my post-grad just when everyone thought I will take a nice job and settle down that latent computer bug decided to manifest itself with full fury. Chucked off some good offers and decided to go for further studies in computers. So ended up in the PGDAC program offered by C-DAC. And there began a journey in the field of IT.

Today I am holed up in Hyderabad and work on design and development of applications, mentoring newbies (college recruits) besides guzzling cups of coffee, attending mindless number of meetings, blabbering with the clients, filling up Excel reports, taking a few interviews when boredom gets to me. And when it still does not work I just fold my sleeves and sit down to do some good hands-on coding. Ah! The pleasure of it.

In all this endeavour Team-BHP is a constant companion. A serious stress buster. I am definitely the least qualified here when it comes to seriously technical stuff in the automotive world. And yet somehow I have acquired this rapport amongst those who know me as their permanent test driver, consultant, negotiator and trouble shooter. And in all my endeavours my trusted Indica keeps me company.

Chalo... I have done a lot of blabbering in the name of Intro. Now lets take out that Mods scissors and check on what you guys are up to


Debraj aka Zappo
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Default Profile of on Mr Jaggu

Hello, name is Jayakrishnan; friends call me Jaggu / Jay / JK. Born 3 decades + back in Kerala (Yup Mallu onboard) and completed my studies there. Oh yeah i can read minds and play management games, which essentially means i have somewhere touched upon Psychology and an MBA (yaaaawn), during my academics. Currently for professional reasons manage HR dept for an IT Co here in Bengaluru.

Relocated some 10 years back to BLR where i "bought" my first car, rather a 4x4, Gypsy. So i am a big fan of under dogs, the passion started right from school i guess. Started with an Enfield Moffa (35cc), which was imported from the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. Managed to seize the engine in the second week and finally had to jump on a KSRTC bus with my cousin to TN, to find parts and fix the cycle. History repeated with a TVS Champ and RX 100, by which time i had got myself labeled as the local grease monkey. If they don’t see parts and tools on my drive way, everyone used to be concerned.

How can cars stay away from such a me, started off in 8 STD sneaking away the car and DIY way of learning driving. Soon entrusted with steering duties (occasional), during long hauls with family. Dad was prompt in correcting the DIY stuff and putting some proper techniques and science in head.

By the time it was IInd PUC, Amby, Fiat, Willys, Maruti 800, Omni and a 137 D has been tortured with sideways ishtyle of driving without injuring man or machine. With a head that loves exploration along with passion for all things mechanical and electrical, attraction to garages had to happen and am a big sucker for the same till date. Efforts include modding bike engines, cosmetically butchering Fiat 118 NE, to fitting a coffin of a speaker box inside a Zen boot.

Apart from automobiles and engines, passions include, driving (long hauls interstate), travelling in general, gadgets/gizmos and DIY repair jobs of electronics. Recent years thanks to IT boom, software and computing has also gathered some miles in me. Rallying, F1 and Moto GP are the only true sports i know of, and goes well with beer while viewing. Did i tell you that had participated in a one off, rally cross event and made a fool out of myself, but landed up with a sideways slide shot in local daily. Track days are something which my time management always goofs up, still it aint late yet.

Ring finger is occupied so flirtation in public is a strict NO NO for me. We have a cute pet lab named Max to give us company. Which reminds me, am kinda maxed out with pushing the intro to limits, and time to limit myself back to moderation activities? Naah posting will continue too.

Looking forward to helping all of ya as a Mod.


Bike ownership exp: Moffa > TVS Champ > RX 100 > SHOGUN (Current) > Rx 135 > RD 350 HT > Bajaj CT100

Car ownership exp: Fiat 1100 > Standard Penant > Omni > Fiat 118 NE > Maruti 1000 > Zen > GYPSY > Esteem > Ford iKON 1.6 > Swift D (current)

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Default New 'Mud-erator' on the Block

Friends, My full name is Kunwar Shahnawaz Khan (Friends call me: Khan, Shah, Shan, Shahnawaz.). Was born & brought up in Meerut (U.P). Did my schooling from S.M.A Meerut Cantt and some rather strange turn of education & events made an engineer out of me.

Post engineering, in mid 90's I spent ~2 years in the Lubricants Industry setting up distribution network in West/Central UP, North MP for a European Lubricants major.

Somehow switched over to software during 96/97 and landed in Bangalore, spent a couple of years in the UK and am currently working with an Indian Software services company looking after the Knowledge Management (KM) part.

My father retired from the Ministry of Defense and that meant visiting/seeing lots of places all over India during our visits to him where ever he was stationed.

The first form of automobile I had was my Luna (School days), then came a Bajaj Super. The first vehicle that I bought with my own money was a KB 100 RTZ, then a Kawasaki Eliminator, then Santro followed by the Gypsy and finally the Palio S10.

My wife is also an automobile enthusiast (though she doesn't know a word about technical aspects) and joins me on almost all my t-bhp drives/off-road events. In that sense I am lucky, however most of the times she is not happy when I am logged into t-bhp from home.

On Team-BHP I will be mostly found in the 4x4 section and occasionally in few other sections. Off-roading is my passion and I am very happy to see the great interest in 4x4/off-road on the forum.

Thats it for now. Look forward to interaction with you all -- both online & off-line.

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This post is about me.
A s/w guy, I love my bike and appreciate my car.
pleasure is looking at my hands covered in grease and grime and working on my bike.
am not an expert mech, but I know my nuts and bolts.


My first ride was cycle, a bsa slr somewhere in 1990.
the only ride, which got performance upgrades in form of gears.
I had a 7 freewheel setup in the rear and a twin in the front.
craziest thing ever done was riding her down the Anna Flyover Chennai.
used to ride fast, was not expected to survive adolescence.

Kinetic Pride: 1994
was a nice lil bike, which was bought at about 18k or something.
I would work on the engine. Once managed to open the whole thing, saw what a piston was, how a bore is and all that.
dont know what went wrong but the speed was now down to 30 but mileage was at 90.
finally sold off at about 2k.

Morris Minor:
Uncle's car, he did not have parking, gave me his car when he bought an Omni.
Smashed the car into a wall, the next day.
wall suffered damage, Car headlight glass broke.
She was capable of some speed, if driven well.
Used to race snobby chicks in their 800's....those were the days.

second hand, bought at 1lakh in 1999, sold for 70k in 2001
Bought cause my sister joined college and we needed a car to drop her off.
I volunteered, spent the next 2 years driving inside SIET Chennai almost everyday.
Nothing much about this car, cos my dad made me promise that at no point of time, will three things appear together
the car, me and my toolset.

my PG college was a good 30 kms from home.
a fantastic bike in terms of long city commute with economy.
have 6 stitches on my finger to remind me off her.
hand slipped when trying to remove the oil nut.
ever seen blood, grease and dettoll mixed together. I have
sold for 20k to a friend.

Got myself a job.

RE Thunderbird:
2003, I have a job, making some decent money.
Need a bike, told my dad am buying a bike.
DAD made it clear, its either a bullet or wait and buy a car.
did not like the TB's look, but when I sat on her, felt her move, swaying and dancing on the road, fell in love.
bike runs stock, I don’t add anything, but like to remove stuff.
no odo/speedo console on my bike.
done a couple of nice day trips.
longest ever was about 1000 kms in between 5 PM day 1 and 10 pm day 2.
don’t think I will ever let her go.

Wagon R:
am married and stay with my in laws in Hyd. My folks are in Chennai.
its a lil difficult getting 4 people on my bike so needed a car.
for my usage it was a petrol. and if its petrol, its a maruti for me.
picked up the wagon from truevalue.
love the car cos she is comfy, and good and all that.
hate it cos I feel its so stereotyped as a s/w eng. car.

in cars I love technology. In a bike I want it simple.
I feel a bike can easily outlive any car.
My driving/ riding style has changed over the years.
am a lot more sedate and calm today.
no longer race anyone, I like to keep the revs easy.
but once in a while the old flame burns fiery and I let myself go.

I am not a people person. without my bike, I feel I will land up in an asylum of some sort.

OK, now you guys can welcome me, and tell me how nice its to have someone like me here.

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Hey Friends

The name is Aditya. Born, brought up and studied throughout in Delhi and just crossed 29. Currently working as a Telecom Account Manager in Gurgaon. Friends call me Adi, Eddy, Aaddee.

Contrary to 99% of the population here, I was guilty of abusing the cars that I drove. Started driving on a Maruti Omni and I can recollect the car stopping and spewing out smoke because the engine overheated and there was no engine oil. Thanks to team-bhp, I now change engine oils every 5000 kms

Came across the forum one fine day while googling and have been hooked ever since. Sure, I had intital reservations about the profile of the forum but quickly realised that people here can wear different hats and advice accordingly.

I am not one of your regular car technical experts and I rely a lot on the forum for advice. In fact, discussions on non-auto topics here are equally fruitful and have helped me a lot. I am a part of a quite a few forums online (mostly using the same handle) but none of them have come close enough to becoming so much a part of life than team-bhp. This also remains as the only forum that has given me friends offline.

Other than this, I am a street foodie and enjoy tasting all kinds of cuisines, especially non-veg. Watching hindi movies and listening to oldies is what I do during my free time. Cricket is another passion that I share with millions of people out there.

Time to make my contribution to the forum that has taught me a lot. Hope to do my best and expect a lot of support and understanding.

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Default Re: Know your Moderators

Knock Knock!
Whose there?

So, here I am, and feels good, really good.

Who am I?
My handle ‘manson’ is derived from my name Manmeet Singh Soni, and was initially pronounced as ‘ma(n)son’ with the ‘(n)’ being silent, but once the regulars found out, I soon settled for ‘manson’ for humour on and off the forum!
Before you misconceive me to be a slice of the extra special like all the other mods, let me admit, I am just one of the regular older timer members, and a first for a banned member to be promoted to moderator level.
Not sure if too many newer members know me as such, and you mostly don’t remember seeing me post unless you frequent the Motorcycles section, especially anything Superbike related, those things just make me go weak in the knees.

What do I do?
I graduated in Commerce back in 2004, and followed it up with a post graduate program in Actuarial Science. Through that, I took a couple of exams with the Society of Actuaries, USA and at some point thought I was going to be some mad statistics geek. Sometime between that, I think it was one late evening in October 2004 when the Team Bhp bug bit me, and later added to the tally of major swings in my life.
Jump to late 2005, and I started to shoulder the family business which is into heavy engineering & infrastructure machinery. I was asked to stay back for a couple of months and give it shot. They said they needed me to stick around, which was in 2005, and it is 2011 now, and guess what, I haven’t moved.
It was a tough journey for a regular commerce graduate who could not relate to physics diagrams in grade VI to put up with anything technical, but I guess I can say I just about managed. Having a Team Bhpian neighbour at my workplace surely helped.

What Automobile?
Nothing fancy here, most of our four wheeled acquisitions are decided by the head, and I’m glad that we have managed just fine through the years. I am a fan of no nonsense, fuel efficient, cars that are high on practicality than snob value and for obvious reasons my daily drive is a Mahindra Scorpio Refresh in SLE trim. A Toyota Innova, Ford Ikon & a very recently acquired Skoda Laura 2.0 AT are the other cars between my family that share the space in the garage.
For the two wheeled stuff, I hand out full authority to my heart and the result is a fully tricked out Honda CBR 954 RR running some of the absolute top upgrades available off the shelf.
Times have changed now, and I barely find spare time to spend around the Fireblade now, very different from the Yamaha Thunderace YZF 1000R scenario, but one Sunday morning blast redlinding in second and third sets the record straight!

For the forum!
Team Bhp has been a very special part of life over the last seven years, automobile and otherwise. A lot has changed since late 2004 when I joined, we have grown from less than a mere 1000 members to just short of 66,000 strong community. The knowledge base has grown exponentially and the discussion topics are equally wide spread with absolute zero decline in quality of content.
I am looking forward to putting my moderator hat to effective use and controlling all of that spam you shouldn’t be posting in the first place, and with a machine that hits the ton in less than 3 secs be sure this mod is going to catch up with you in no time!

Also, you can reach me on for any help or queries I could help you on whilst hanging out at the forum.


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