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Nik2772 9th July 2015 15:53

Applied Once, Approved Twice!
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Hello everyone!

First of all, thanks to the Moderator for approving my membership. I made it in the first go itself (i.e. applied once) but got the approval mail twice! Shows how desperately the Moderators wanted me! stupid:

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I am Nilesh Narwat, or Nick as my friends like to call, a 19 year old college student from Gurgaon. My parents stay in a village in Palwal (ahead of Faridabad) and I stay in Gurgaon with my elder brother, who is an engineer in an MNC. My college is in Noida (for B.Com.) and I am also trying hard to get through the CA exams.

My interests, apart from cars, are in travelling, music and gadgets. I do get involved in mild off-roading when I visit my parents (once every 2 weeks) in Palwal. Coming to the cars I have owned and presently own, I have made a list instead of the paragraph format.

2000 to 2006 - Maruti 800 5 Speed - 48k kms
2002 to 2009 - Mitsubishi Lancer Diesel - 84k kms
Aug 2008 - Mitsubishi Pajero SFX 2.8 - 128k kms and counting
Dec 2010 - Maruti Alto Lxi CNG - 28k kms and counting
Mar 2012 - Maruti Swift Zxi - 16k kms and counting

2009 to 2013 - Bajaj Pulsar 180 - 36k kms
Mar 2013 - Bajaj Pulsar 200NS - 48k kms and counting
May 2015 - Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 - 3k kms and counting

Both the bikes are used by my brother, Pulsar 200NS on weekdays and Thunderbird for weekends. I am a pure car-enthusiast and bikes badly fail to excite me. We had bought an Alto Lxi CNG (BS4) in December 2010 and got a Swift Zxi to replace it (planned). Since the car had seen only 8k kms of tarmac by then, we decided to hold the plans for selling it and parked it in Gurgaon. Soon after the purchase of the Swift, the sadness of abandoning the Alto so early overwhelmed the joy of owning a better hatchback. I felt guilty as I was the only one who pushed the parents to go for the Swift, because of the short-lasted excitement just after selling some village land! :D I turned 18 last year and when Dad started a talk about my personal vehicle, I decided to bring the Alto back to shape. It had been lying in Gurgaon for 2+ years but was running fine after minor maintenance work. A part of the cash (promised by Dad for new vehicle) was used to modify it for tackling the highways better and the rest was saved for the future performance hatchback of mine!

I also like modifying my cars and have carried out many DIYs. This was one reason of NOT going for a new car last year. My Alto is having MMI GPS, complete ICE setup (with subwoofer on back seat!), bigger horns, better bulbs, 185/50R14 (on steel rims) and some minor detailing as of now, most of the things done as a DIY. Looking to explore the performance side also but doubt the compatibility of performance modifications on CNG.

We are also planning to sell off the Pajero, because of the usual spare-part availability problem and declining value day-by-day. An individual offered 5.75 Lac for the car, but we declined. I would like to know a fair price for the car from members and would also request for suggestions for a replacement car. We would be looking for a spacious (chauffer-driven) car under 20 Lac this time.

Username 'Nik2772' comes from my name (as friends like to say) and the number (registration) of all the vehicles. Yes, all the vehicles (cars and bikes) after the Pajero (very lucky for us) have the same number.

I came to know about Team BHP in 2012, when one of my friend got his sticker set delivered. He claimed to be a member then but eventually I came to know that he's still trying to go through the registration process. I have been a reader since many years and finally decided to go ahead and become a member. Hope to share some and gain a lot of automotive knowledge from this wonderful forum. See you in other threads!


sgiitk 9th July 2015 16:25

Re: Applied Once, Approved Twice!
Welcome to the forum. Two approvals are possible since it means a couple of mods approved your application at about the same time.

Divya Sharan 9th July 2015 16:39

Re: Applied Once, Approved Twice!
Welcome to the forum Nilesh! Kindly share with us the DIYs you've done in detail as they help noobs like me get to understand cars better. :)

Nik2772 9th July 2015 16:59

Re: Applied Once, Approved Twice!

Originally Posted by Divya Sharan (Post 3749624)
Welcome to the forum Nilesh! Kindly share with us the DIYs you've done in detail as they help noobs like me get to understand cars better. :)

I have performed the following DIYs in my Alto -
  1. Stock horn replaced with a pressure horn set
  2. Stock cabin lamp changed to LED
  3. Installed foglamps and P8 HIDs in them
  4. Headlamp upgrade to 100/90w halogens
  5. LED lighting in footwell
  6. Stitched steering cover
  7. Damping of front 2 doors
  8. Replacing old Sony HU with Pioneer 1DIN HU
  9. Installed F1 brake lamp
  10. Removed parking lamps and connected it to LED DRLs
  11. Spray painting 14" steel rims
  12. Replacing ORVMs to Alto K10 ones
  13. Smoked taillamps (using matte black tint film)
  14. Debadging (or rather de-stickering)
  15. Custom made subwoofer box (made as per rear seat dimensions)

The idea is to give a sleeper look. Although the colour is white, I have tried to keep the modifications subtle and perfect. I would have created DIY threads but I don't have the WIP pictures with me. :)

S2!!! 10th July 2015 10:56

Re: Applied Once, Approved Twice!
Hi Nik2772,

You're the lucky one who gets more approval mails per application, compared to any one else lol:

You've got a fine list of mods done to your Alto. Very personalized! Do share some profile pictures at least, if not the WIP shots. Would love to see them.

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