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faithless_1984 15th October 2006 18:06

well i am from saddi delhi! 22yrs old and i have just finished my graduation. cars are r my passion specially sports cars and all the flashy stuff.! i drive two cars a xing n a accent yup thats rite both hyundais! bt am gonna sell the accent soon n next month im going for a new city zxi.hav moded d xing a bit door visors,side skirts,xenons,hood scoop etc,accent is plain jane.!

2L8uLoose 15th October 2006 18:43

Welcome to the forum.
Please acquaint yourself with the forum rules and you will see that sms language is not really looked upon kindly here.
Enjoy your stay.

raj_aryan4411 15th October 2006 21:11

hi Faithless.....welcome aboard....
Enjoy ur stay..&.have a great time ahead.......:)


Mugen_Power 15th October 2006 21:13

Hey faithless,

Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay.
Welcome to Team-Bhp.
Plz do read the rules before posting.


Sam Kapasi 15th October 2006 21:16

Hi faithless_1984,
Welcome to team-BHP. I read your introduction twice but had difficulty understanding it. Please introduce yourself properly (in english, not in sms language) and use some punctuations.

faithless_1984 16th October 2006 20:54


Originally Posted by Sam Kapasi
Hi faithless_1984,
Welcome to team-BHP. I read your introduction twice but had difficulty understanding it. Please introduce yourself properly (in english, not in sms language) and use some punctuations.

sorry for the mistakes guys.! Well i will introduce myself again. I am from delhi, 22yrs old. and just became a graduate. I drive two cars,a black xing and a silver accent. ya that`s right both hyundais. But i am gonna sell the accent soon, going to get a brand new honda city zxi for my birthday in november. i have moded the xing a little bit wth stuff like side skirts,blue head lights n parking lights,door wisors,spoiler,black and white seat covers,a pioneer Deh-p7450p head unit n four sony explod speakers. the accent is pretty much stock. well thats me hope to get along wth all the gurus in the house. peace.!

Sam Kapasi 16th October 2006 21:09

Much better faithless,

Once again welcome. Also you will find that by using para-sentences, you will make it easier to read what you write.
It will make you paragraph more legible and allow you to stress on a new point.

Like this.

Feel free to contact any senior member for any help you may need and do enjoy your stay here. :)

speedzak 17th October 2006 02:44

Welcome on board dude.
Enjoy you drive thru Team-BHP.

You're not comfortable with typing it seems. Dont worry dude! Hota hai. You can start practising by reading some well written article and try imitating it.

@SAM!!! Bechara dar jaayega! Why scare him man???? :D

faithless_1984 17th October 2006 06:43

Thanks for the Warm Welcome Everyone.!!
will keep your sugeestions in mind.

i must tell u guys ever since i have logged onto this site i became an insomniac.
i stay awake all night and try to go through all the threads that i have missed.

u guys have done a greeeeaaaat job.! team-bhp roocckksssss.!

MaserQ 17th October 2006 22:02

thats the spirit faithless...welcome to the club!

da MotorHead 17th October 2006 23:33

Hi Faithless,
Welcome aboard.. Interesting username. Is there a story :) . When you pick up your NHC , remember that the vtec is a great ride although a tad expensive. Looking forward to see more posts from you,
Happy motoring,

faithless_1984 17th October 2006 23:58

hey thanks motorhead.!

well as u must know Faithless means sumone either with no religious beliefs or sumone disloyal or unworthy of faith.!

But hey i am not like that ,well dont have Strong Religious Beliefs but still u can have Faith in me guys, i will always be Loyal to team-bhp.!!

Another reason is i am a big fan of dj Faithless and his genre of music, psychedelic trance,it just intoxicates my mind.!

my uncle owns a nhc vtec ,i have driven it many times,n ya its a great ride.!

but as my nhc is being gifted to me by my dad i dont have much of a choice will Have to do with the gxi.!

Sam Kapasi 18th October 2006 01:20

Hey I love faithless too!! I was gonna ask you, but I forgot. Right from the early days of Felix to current faithless.
God is a DJ indeed. Nice to see someone with an appreciation of electronic music.
Oh and dont let my avatar and signature make you wonder, I love metal as much as EDM.

So what profession do you plan to take up after you graduate?

faithless_1984 18th October 2006 04:25

Faithless is awesome no doubt but in my opinion no ones better than paul oekanfold.!

Although van dyk used to be my favorite one but then i just started listening to oekanfold more and more.!

The others i like are dj quicksilver,darude and robert miles.!
but i am not just into trance i listen to all genres of music.!

Well sam i just completed my graduatation from Delhi university so i am planning to join a good mba institute soon.! other than that no plans yet.!


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