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Raichal 19th October 2006 15:05

A short preface about myself….

I Work for a Global Executive Search firm in Bangalore.
Got to know about Team BHP from Mr. Rudra Sen.
Well, I don’t own a car and have little knowledge about automobiles. Of course, will learn a lot from a forum like T-BHP.
Car I like the most is Gypsy (Metallic Sky Blue)
Interests: Being a navigator and Ikebana (non-automotive group)
Further information can be asked and shall be given unto you.

Thanks and Regards

Rudra Sen 19th October 2006 15:35

Hey great to see you here. Welcome to TBHP.

Raichal, go to the main page and go through announcement section. It'll give you a better picture about the forum.

Raichal 19th October 2006 15:46

Thank you for the warm welcome and your guidance. Look forward to learn more from this environment.

Steeroid 19th October 2006 15:47


Originally Posted by Raichal
I Work for a Global Executive Search firm in Bangalore.

Good! About time too - you can find us alternate jobs when we get chucked out of our current positions for excessive time spent on TBHP.

You're more than welcome here!

Raichal 19th October 2006 16:02

Thanks Mr. Steer,

Hope I'll not be chucked addicted to this.......

Mugen_Power 19th October 2006 23:30


Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay.
Welcome to TBHP.


chetan 20th October 2006 00:53

Hi raichal welcome and good to have you in the family

raj_aryan4411 20th October 2006 00:58

Hi Raichal...welcome aboard dude.....have a great time ahead:)

speedzak 20th October 2006 03:51

Welcome onboard.

This is a nice place for learning more about Motoring. Though small, Team-bhp community is a very active and closely knit group of automotive fans.

Have a nice enjoyable time here.

BTW, there's a team-bhp meet soon happening in your city. Join in.

Jaggu 20th October 2006 10:18

welkome... hmm soon you will have lot of people Q ing up thanks to bandwidth use at office.. and gypsy freak eh... interesting :)

Blaze 20th October 2006 19:53

hey welcome to the team........ i am a newcomer too but really having a blast of a time great forum great guys around enjoy.........

Raichal 24th October 2006 14:10

Thank you for the warm welcome.....

vidvai 6th November 2006 21:22

oh sorry...forgot to add..why a navigator and not driver...jus out of curiosity...

A S H V I N 6th November 2006 22:49

welcome to Team-bhp .. absorb all that you can from here .. wil do you only good :D

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