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Thumbs up Hi all, My introduction

Hi All,

Hope you and your beloved cars/bikes are doing good!

This is Anup here, a Software Developer by profession, living in Brisbane, Australia for the past two years, prior to that lived in the lovely city of Pune all my life, a South Indian but born and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra, so I'm more of a Maharashtrian, both my granpa's ( Mom's Dad and Dad's Dad) were in the army, stationed in Pune, so that's how Pune is our hometown. I'm 37 years old.

The cars that I love to the core are the Ford Bronco (hence my team-bhp handle), Mustang, Older Porsches, Jeeps (in all forms from Ford GPW, Willys to the latest Wrangler), SUVs like Pajero, Nissan Patrol (Ford Maeverick), Older Landcruisers. I'm more of a SUV, Jeep kinda guy, then next is Muscle cars of the gone era.

Found a gold mine of knowledge in team-bhp:
I came across team-bhp long back when I was wanting to know some information on any flat fender jeeps still being manufactured by Mahindra, did a simple Google search and there was this thread on someone's Mahindra Major the last flat fender jeep. So from then I'm hooked to team-bhp, whether its the Ownership threads or travelogues or the awesome unbiased official car reviews or the exotic spotting threads or the yeti-blogs, team-bhp home page URL and other latest hot threads always become my fav-bookmarks in all my browsers at work and home, so that I don't miss reading them, whenever I find time, I'm amazed at the treasure trove of information that team-bhp is with its selfless members and moderators working so hard to keep this forum a spam free forum with genuine information.

My hobbies:
This love for automobiles has given serious life to a hobby that's collecting scale models of cars, I have exactly 310 scale (1:64) models of cars, main interest being Ford Mustangs, I've got almost all the variants-generations of Ford Mustangs,
collections variates from pickup trucks, with special love/pursuit for retro-vintage vehicles. Hope to have a dedicated thread here for the same, with some trivia as to why that car was significant, movie cars are also my interest eg. Bullitt Mustang.
Got both the Bullitt 1968 Ford Mustang and the Dodge Charger in my scale model collection. Apart from cars in general, I'm a great movie/TV series buff, can talk on that also endlessly. Fitness is another important aspect of my life.

About my vehicles:
Drving/Riding has been a very gradual progression for me based on age and economical position of our family, My first set of wheels were my Dad's Hercules bicycle, which like everyone I rode with a leg inside the triangle until I was tall enough to be seated and to ride it properly,
then got my first set of wheels in a Hero bicycle.

Then came a time when my first petrol ride was when set hands on my Mom's Luna (1988, coffee brown) at the age of 11 maybe, then a TVS scooty, then the first geared vehicle was my Dad's Bajaj Chetak (1992, sky blue), my Dad has a grey-white Lambretta which unfortunately I couldn't ride ever as one day my Dad sold it to get the Chetak, I returned from school and saw the Lamby was not there, Dad has sold it to a milkman somewhere, I was heart-broken beyond imagination, even my Dad didn't anticipate I would be that heart-broken that he actually went back to search for the guy who bought it, but he couldn't get it back hence from that day my Dad never objected me riding any of the vehicles at home, only instruction that they gave me was don't get hurt and don't get someone else hurt, damage to the vehicle is no worry, vehicle can be repaired or replaced, but a person cannot, so that was my first lesson in road-safety which to till date I remember and have kept in mind.

Until I got my license at the age of 16 for a non-geared vehicle I always was only allowed to ride it in a football ground in our suburb, where I used to drift both the Luna and the Chetak, and enjoy the dust that it raised in the air. Then my mom sold her Luna and bought a TVS Scooty (1998, jet-black), so scooty was my new toy, and I was 18 years old by that time, hence I could also take it to college, the huge boot space ie the storage below the seat helped me keep my notebooks.

Then in 2001 came the ultimate ride of my life a dream that came true after such a long wait, the dream of every man/boy that was a motorbike or motorcycle as we quite often call it, it was the LML Adreno FX (2001, jet-black), which was the first vehicle with my name on the RC registration book as the owner, it was an amazing bike which I still own and is parked idle in Pune, as I'm here in Asutralia now, that bike really gave wings to my life, it set me free its so true when someone said which I read a longtime back that a bike really gives you that free independent feeling that cannot be experienced in a closed vehicle like the car, the bike took me places where I couldn't go earlier due to bad roads and limited fuel tank range, 14 ltrs of petrol tank was a big deal for me, I chose the LML Adreno over the other popular bikes as it has great suspension - hours of riding it the bottom just didn't pain, an innovative feature where the gear lever locks the side-stand and the it wouldn't slot into the gear unless you undeploy the side stand, it had great mileage, no need for any electronic buzzer or light indicator to indicate that the side-stand is deployed, I wonder why other bike manufacturers didn't take note of it. Another awesome feature was it was way too stable in a straight line, you can literally leave the handle bars and it won't veer away as there's no headlight weight on the handle bars as it had a half fairing headlight design. I rode this bike everywhere.

Then came a time when Dad bought a Maruti Alto (2006, pearl silver), I had already got my four-wheeler license 4 years back and was ready to get my hands on the humble Alto, this was a car that really was so practical no wonder it sells such huge numbers, as evident in the monthly sales figures on team-bhp. It ticks all the boxes for a basic car, for a family of four, drive in any gear you get a mileage of 16-17+ and park it anywhere so easy, maintenance bills those days was like a bikes maintenance bill.

Then came another car which had my name on the RC book as I bought it with my money that's the Maruti Swift VDi (2010, azure grey) when my wife was pregnant with out daughter, it came at a very desperate time to our rescue when we needed the car the most in life.
this is the car in that era which gave common people like me a taste of performance along-with being economical, it was the best of two worlds which was offered to people like me who couldn't afford a performance based car at that stage of life, Swift really was a blend of sportiness + family car + a young mans car, it just entered into everyone's heart, appealed to all ages, and was very economical to afford and maintain as well, for me after driving the humble Alto for 4 years, this cars USP was that the RPM hardly fluctuated when I pressed the 'Air-conditioner' button, there was no drop in speed or power at all unlike the Alto where it felt like I've downshifted to a lower gear out of the blue, plus those incredibly awesome short-throw gear(s) knob made me go crazy at how nimble and swift it was! Yeah everything about the car was swift, whoever named it named it so aptly well,
the first time feel of the turbo, the push you feel when you're sucked into the seat for that fraction of a second, overtaking on single lane highways was a breeze and so much more safer. To be honest while buying for me the Maruti Ritz clicked all the boxes in 2010, the tall-boy, the wide dash, same engine as Swift, better suspension, better rear bench space, less costlier than Swift,
I ignored the rear design which ultimately lead to its demise, but if you see the Maruti brochure where a dark blue Ritz is clicked at an angle from the front RHS, you immediately find it appealing and sporty and I was decided to buy it considering it that whatever Swift lacks Maruti has made it up for in Ritz so that was a genuine effort of Maruti to offer an alternative product with improvements, but one look at the Swift and Ritz side-by-side at the showroom, that First Gen. looks of Swift in Azure Grey color made me change my mind to choose the Swift in the last minute (which made my brother-in-law happy as he is a hardcore businessman and not an automobile enthusiast, he evaluates cars on the basis of resale value, hence Swift was a better resale car, which is the truth). Hence the Swift which served me so well for 6 years, sadly had to sell it as I migrated to Australia, this still hurts me but had to sell it, as there was no one who could take care of it in my absence and I would have hated it to see it rot that would be more painful, hence with a heavy heart had to let it go, a sensible buyer bought it ensured that he had a good covered parking space and then only I sold it to him, till date I'm in touch with the current owner, I remind him important service schedules, insurance renewal through WhatsApp.

Now here in Australia, just two months back I've bought the Mitsubhishi Pajero GLX NS (2008, white) (known as Montero/Shogun in India and other markets), high respect for the Japanese SUV's from the Mitsubhishi and Toyota stables.

About each of my vehicle I can go on and on endless, got so many memories about them and stories, maybe a separate thread would be apt for it to go into much detail.

So glad that I'm part of team-bhp and not just a spectator anymore, hope to have great time here and hope to meet most of you in person etc.

Thanks for reading my loooong intro.

Cheers!! And God Bless..
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Default Re: Hi all, My introduction

Welcome Anop. Thanks for the detailed intro; I'm just wondering what a review or travelogue from you will be like . Just kidding...BHPians love their threads long & detailed.

Originally Posted by anup.bronco View Post
Ford Bronco
Character man . And even the new one coming in 2020 looks bad ass.
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Default Re: Hi all, My introduction

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Welcome Anop. Thanks for the detailed intro; I'm just wondering what a review or travelogue from you will be like . Just kidding...BHPians love their threads long & detailed.

Character man . And even the new one coming in 2020 looks bad ass.
You're welcome. Lol GTO, Yeah I'm very expressive, when I speak (write) I take everyone on a ride thru memory lane etc etc. Good to know, reinforces that this is the right place for me. Cheers

Yeah mann The bronco made me fall in love with the Tata Sierra, and especially the first-gen Bronco is a beauty in the simplest form, check out opening scenes of the movies 'I am number four (2011)' or Keanu Reeves ride in 'Speed' the bronco just steals your heart, just recently procured a 1:64 of both the first and second gen. bronco, they are a beauty, will do a detailed photo-shoot and share.

Yeah the new one coming up is exciting too, only hope and prey that the final version would be boxy-big-butch-old-school like we all like it, hope Ford doesn't round it up the way latest Ranger Rovers are being designed. Fingers crossed until then!!

Thanks for the warm welcome! Cheers!!
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