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Fireblader85 8th March 2007 16:16

And finally I'm in here. Hello from Fireblader85
Hi fellows

I'm not new to Team BHP at all. I have been a non posting reader so far but a regular at all the Team BHP meets . I know most of the BHPians and I'm sure they know me too. For those who dont know here is a small introduction.

I'm Kartik. Dippy's younger brother. Born in Dubai and brought up in Mumbai. I've completed my graduation in Hospitality Management and currently job hunting. I've been an automobile lover all my life. I guess thats carried over from Dippy but I'm more of a bike lover. I ride a 1998 Honda CBR 919 Fireblade. Some of you might have seen the bike in pictures. The cars I drive are of course Dippy's OHC and my Dad's Sierra.

Other interests include music, swimming, F1 and MotoGP.

It's great to be here and finally start posting. Hope to be part of all the threads which I have just been reading so far.

Cheers and hello to the whole gang :)

Rtech 8th March 2007 16:20

Welcome welcome. And good to have you riding on our March 11th meet!

Fireblader85 8th March 2007 17:13

Thank you RT, I am looking forward to it..

v1p3r 8th March 2007 17:16

Hello, welcome aboard.

Which account are you posting from, btw?

Fireblader85 8th March 2007 17:19

My own account akshay

nitrous 8th March 2007 18:07

Welcome to our own 'Gatku'!!!
PS:I'll never forget 'the walk'!!

v1p3r 8th March 2007 18:12

Oh, yes, the walk! 5 stars for that! ;)

artofzen 8th March 2007 18:14

Kaun Abraham!!!!!!:)
Welkome!Bikes.Babes,Butter Chicken !:)

Fireblader85 8th March 2007 18:31

hehehe thank you everyone..
@nitrous- Sam calls me 'Katku' not 'Gatku'

And Naushad,where the hell have you been?

SohailPistawala 8th March 2007 18:47

Fire-Blader-85 welcome to Team - bhp, your bikes looks awsum. oops i wanted to collect the Speedrun DVD from Dippy :confused: , i guess he has one. Hope to see your ride in action someday. Ride carefully.

viper 8th March 2007 18:51

Hey Gatku or is it Katku,

Welcome aboard. See you on Sunday!


normally_crazy 8th March 2007 19:00

Hello Gatkuuuuu,

Whats up ? How are you doing ?

Try and drop by my place on Sunday after the drive. Hope to see you posting and not just "walking"


iraghava 8th March 2007 19:26

Oye Karthik! Good to see you here bugger!! Remember me? :D

moralfibre 8th March 2007 19:27

Hey Karthik, nice to see you here.

Fireblader85 8th March 2007 19:34

Oye Ishaan, wasssup?????? ;-)

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