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HSV 14th March 2007 20:19

G'day All...
Looks like I am addicted to this forum already. I have been keenly following it since the past two months, almostly every day (sometimes even on Sundays)! Its like a book which is difficult to put down I guess.

Born, and mainly brought up in Delhi. Initially lived in E.Africa (Tanzania) for a few years, did my initial schooling there. Did further education and an MBA from Delhi, worked for a few years, then onwards to P.Grad in IT from Sydney. Worked there for a few years, now back in Delhi.

Needless to say I am an enthusiast in cars. Started of as an enthusiast in bikes. My first bike a Kawasaki Bajaj RTZ 125, then graduated to a Royal Enfield 350 Export model, then ungraduated to a Bajaj Chetak (dunno what got into me :Frustrati ), then graduated to a Yamaha RXG 135.

My first car was a M800DX, still continues to go despite the abuse dished out to it. Used to drive a BMW 318i while in Sydney, and currently drive a Tata Indigo LX.

That pretty much sums it up about me. I dunno much about cars, but sure luv drivin em. Hope to stay on for a long time and learn a lot and contribute whenever I can.


speedzak 14th March 2007 21:01

Welcome onboard dude!!
Another 'been to Africa and back' here.
Would like to read more of your car experience in Africa.

Have a nice time here.

iraghava 14th March 2007 21:25


Originally Posted by HSV (Post 391536)
then onwards to P.Grad in IT from Sydney. Worked there for a few years,

Hmmmm I guess that explains your id! Welcome to the forum & have fun here! Do try & attend our Delhi meets, they are a lot of fun!

And please also go through the rules & regulations of the board.

nitroxx 14th March 2007 22:27

awesome another one from the East african zone,were you in dar-es-salaam? I'm from Uganda actually but travelled alot to tanzania for business and Ngorongoro as well (love wild life);) welcome aboard dude !

faithless_1984 14th March 2007 22:35

welcome aboard hsv.!

have a pleasant stay here.!


Steeroid 14th March 2007 22:56

Hi there - welcome to the forum. I'm another of those 'Out of Africa' - I didnt grow up there but I've spent enough time there to have fallen in love with the East and SOuth of Africa. Great place, and by the way great nick you have there.

GTO 15th March 2007 10:19

NIce intro, welcome to Team-BHP! Please do read the announcements section to familiarise yourself with our board protocol.


. Did further education and an MBA from Delhi, worked for a few years, then onwards to P.Grad in IT from Sydney.
Normally, people get the post-grad in IT first and then get some work-ex for an MBA. You went the other way around!

HSV 16th March 2007 12:33

Thanks guys...
Thanks speedzak. Would certainly gather my thoughts and write a few lines on my car experiences in Africa. Though a long time ago, I still quite remember all those 4WD safaris with me Dad to Ngorongoro crater, Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Mikumi, Bagomoyo and lots more. Look forward to hear about your African experiences too.

Thanks iraghava. I'll try my best. i'm sure it'd be fun.

Thanks nitroxx. Yes I was in Dar-es-salaam for quite some time, then Mombo, and after that Arusha. Tell us more about your experiences in Africa.

Thanks faithless_1984. Look forward to it.

Thanks Steeroid. Never been to South Africa, but have heard quite a lot about it to know that its a truly amazing place. Do tell us more about your experiences in E & S, Africa.

Thanks GTO. Actually did a lateral shift. True, not many do that here.


Dippy 16th March 2007 12:43

HSV thats a nice nick. You seem to be Holden fan. I bet you love the Monaros et all. Welcome to the forum and be sure to check the rules of posting

HSV 17th March 2007 12:26

Thanks Dippy. Looking at one used to set me pulse racing. Yes, absolutely luv em too.


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