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yashrajgupta 7th April 2007 17:14

hello team-bhp!

I'm Yash from Delhi. I have heard a lot about this community from my brother. Hope to have loads of fun here.
I drive a mercedes (1973, w115). Its fun driving one of these classic beauties which u rarely see on roads these days.
Will look forward to be a part of this forum.
Great work team-bhp.

garychopper 7th April 2007 21:29

nice car. i love classic mercedes, much better than the new ones.


zenopio 7th April 2007 22:03

hii yash wel come to team-bhp.....

sreenivass 7th April 2007 22:05

Welcome aboard Yash, do post the pix of your beauty.

lamborghini 7th April 2007 22:41

Hey yash,
welcome aboard and enjoy your stay here.
PS - Looking forward to seeing pics of your beauty. Looks really nice in your display pic.

faithless_1984 8th April 2007 00:14

welcome aboard yash.!

have a pleasant stay here.!


da MotorHead 8th April 2007 17:42

Dude, welcome aboard Team-BHP. You'll be surprised everyday when ur here.. This is the most definitive car/suv scene and You'll have loads of fun.. Do post pics of the Merc.,.
Have fun, dMH

yashrajgupta 9th April 2007 00:02

Thanks guys for such a warm welcome.
Will definitely enjoy my stay here.


zucchero 9th April 2007 12:44

welcome aboard and enjoy your stay bro!!!!!

moralfibre 9th April 2007 13:18

Hey Yashraj, welcome to Team-bhp. We would love to see you dedicate a thread to your Merc.

yashrajgupta 11th April 2007 22:22

thanks evryone!!
i will surely post the pics of my car soon.

rider60 11th April 2007 23:47

welcome aboard!
dude can i get some of your classic merc's pics? please post them for us all to see...

yashrajgupta 12th April 2007 00:09

hey rider!
would surely post all the pics once the car is back from servicing probably in a day or two.

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