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cypher 3rd July 2007 15:13

Hi Team-BHPians, I'm cypher ...
Hi Everyone,

I'm from Pune and am working in IT. I came across Team-BHP exactly a year ago when I was researching the Scorpio in Jul 2006. After reading a few threads, I was hooked and have been a (passive) Team-BHP addict ever since.

The quality and depth of discussion here is simply amazing. I recently decided to look out for a second car and found every question (that I woke up with each morning) already discussed and answered here. Petrol v/s diesel, sedan v/s SUV, Scorpio v/s safari - it's all here; this is by far the best automotive forum on the net.

Well to tell you about myself, I have a background in mechanical engineering and a passion for software. That explains my current career choice. I'm also an avid DIYer though most of my projects have been in carpentary and household electrical stuff.

I currently own a Santro Zip Drive and find it to be one of the most practical and comfortable cars for the city. It has been my trusty steed for the last 6 years and has not had a single day of problem. I came close to selling it off last month (in anticipation of buying a bigger vehicle) but couldn't get myself to do it. So have now planned to keep it as long as it will run and pamper it with some new ICE, alloys, etc.

On a final note, I would like to thank GTO & the rest of the Team-BHP staff, for giving us petrol/diesel heads a home of our own on the net.


SohailPistawala 3rd July 2007 15:41

Hey Cypher, welcome to team-bhp, enjoy your stay....:Cheering:

low_bass_makker 3rd July 2007 16:48

welcome to T-Bhp and enjoy your stay

Please go through the announcement section before proceeding.

GTO 4th July 2007 19:03

Hi Cypher and welcome to the Team-BHP. Thanks for the compliments to our board. Please do read the board rules to familiarise yourself with our forum protocol.

Also, this article may help you with extracting more pleasure from the Santro!

cypher 5th July 2007 10:18

Thanks GTO !! That link is very helpful. Currently my santro is completely stock including the tyres, rims & ICE. I plan to get it upgraded over the next 2-3 months and will update Team-BHP with the progress and pics.

Mistakenguy 5th July 2007 10:49

Welcome aboard cypher !!! Have a real long stay in here !!

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