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Shakatak 19th January 2008 18:31

From other side of the World
Hi, been a member of this community since May '07 but was browsing the forum longer than that until such time that I got the courage to register...'thought this would only for Indian motor enthusiast. I found the site interesting and and that curiousity made me browse the pages of the forum and learned about Indian motoring community. Preference of cars and motorbikes from locally made to imports, drivers and riders attitude on the road. It seems that everything have been put together to cater to everyone's query, questions and needs regarding cars and motorbikes.

I've been and enthusiast of motorbikes thats one reason why I stumbled on this big community (team-bhp), I was trying to find a forum other than what we have locally in order to share some info and learned from one another. And I guess each rider/driver have each own woes, experiences that makes us laugh, cry, and angry, but what is most important is the sharing of info and knowledge toward the betterment of our hobbies.

As for me motorbikes really makes my adrenalin pump, the craving for speed (how I wish I could really push myself to the limit). Since in the begining I was really longin' for a motorbike but daddy don't like the idea of having one. As what they say out here "when you're riding a bike one leg is in the Hospital and the other one is in the Cemetery". No matter what they would say, no one can prevent me to male my dream come true, now I owned a 125cc Honda Wave for my everyday errand and for the weekend ride I used my 2007 YZF R6. Right now I do prefer Sportsbikes (any make) and maybe as time goes by I'll shift to a much user friendly bike such as the standard bikes or a cruiser (that would be when age catches me and back pains would be an everyday problem..LOL)

At present I'm working as an engineer (civil in particular), a rider during weekend. I chance upon Team-BHP by accident through the search engine and it really interests me eventhough we have our own local motorcyling community here in our place.

To all Mods thank you and to all threadster...

RIDE SAFE!!!....

Mpower 19th January 2008 21:10

Welcome to the forum. With a mean bike like that, I would recommend you get involved in track days so that you can really exploit its potential. Use the highways only for touring.

Steeroid 19th January 2008 21:16

Welcome to Team BHP. We appreciate your spirit, but DO RIDE SAFE. Like Mpower says, use a touring bike on the highways.

Shakatak 20th January 2008 02:42

Thanks Mods for the head up...

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