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Blackbird 23rd February 2005 16:43

hello fellow BHPians
Hello everybody .... :OT

i have been a member of team-bhp from a very long time, but didnt get the time to actively participate in the forums...very sorry for that... I was there at speed-run 2005 ... both the days ... i had come the previous years too ....
Its really nice to see so many of you who are so entusiastic ....
I took the video of da whole event press & VIP was on da tarmac... ;)
For some of you who must be wondering about my nick ...i m inspired about the stealth fighter Blackbird...which is the fastest & highest flying jet in da world ....

i hope i can keep up with you guyzz in the future forums... :)


bhp 28th February 2005 17:07

welcome man njoy ur stay and can u give us a nice intro about ur ride and lucky u having the vip passes ...

Rtech 28th February 2005 17:45

Hey Blackbird,

Nice to have another lurker join up!

Well, the first thing "blackbird" brings to my mind is ofcourse the CBR1100XX. Also the fastest bike in its time.

BTW, before you start posting, make sure you read all the topics and rules in The Announcements section

shravan316 28th February 2005 18:07

Welcome aboard Blackbird... Enjoy your stay!

Jaggu 28th February 2005 18:18


lamborghini 1st March 2005 18:05

hey Blackbird.
Welcome to Team - BHP.
Can you please upload some of the intresting parts of the video for all members to see.

X-Machine 2nd March 2005 03:50

Welcome BlackBird.
Hope u actively participate in all the discussions henceforth.;)


Rehaan 2nd March 2005 13:39

Hey Lockheed-Martin Skunkworks SR-71 ........(aka Blackbird), :P

Lol, when i first saw your nick, like Rtech i assumed you were a CBR1100 owner/fan!

Did you know the titanium alloy that the blackbird is made of that houses the fuel is continuously leaking fuel into the atmosphere when the plane is on the ground. It is only when the plane takes off and the titanium reaches higher temperatures that it actually expands and closes off all the pores that were leaking fuel!

It sure is an AMAZING plane.... and so so so long before its time!!

v1p3r 2nd March 2005 19:24

hey blackbird, welcome onboard!

rehaan, how about a pic of the 2 birds (cbr and sr) together? thats what the bikes ads were originally like.

Rehaan 2nd March 2005 23:42


Originally Posted by v1p3r
rehaan, how about a pic of the 2 birds (cbr and sr) together? thats what the bikes ads were originally like.

Wow, i had no clue there was actually a link between the sr-71 and the naming of the CBR1100XX !

heres a pic of them both together>


maybach 3rd March 2005 22:10

welcome aboard
enjoy ur stay !!!
do post some pics of the speed run..

v1p3r 4th March 2005 20:33

hey rehaan,

thanks for the pic. yeah, thats the first blackbird ad. the rumour grapevine has it that honda had to pull some major strings to get the pics taken, because the sr-71 wasn't really into ad modelling!
thanks again!



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