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puneetp 26th September 2008 23:35

Feels very good to be here :) Hello folks
Was quiet proud to see the work is carried out by many BHPian on improving performance of street cars. Its delight to see excellent engineering and knowldge database forming in India.

My Other side :
I am primarily a Radio Control Enthusiast. (Flying RC Helicopters and Riding Monster Trucks.). I plan starting close range aerial imagery company for films and ad movies ( flying camera into the air and controlling it from ground:Heli-Cam )

Some links to my current RC hobby
RunRyder - puneetp's gallery

feel free to PM me


Rehaan 30th September 2008 20:31

Hi Puneet,

Those were some cool pictures.

Could you tell us more about your heli-/cam setup? Is it a custom setup or?

Have you seen the draganfly offerings > Industrial Aerial Video Systems & UAVs

cya around,

puneetp 4th October 2008 22:36

Hi Rehaan,

Great to your reply , I am very pleased to see that you have interest in this. The dragon fly is definately a very good solution however it over priced. We can always get into merit / de merits of solution :)

If RC interest you , you should also look into the Radio Control Buggies 4.7CC ( methanol powered also gasoline powered 26cc)..

see this link on you tube.
YouTube - Team Losi LST2 and 8ight-T

if interested let me know, these are failry complicated , and you can do whole lot with these engines , even add superchargers.
we add nitro methane to fuel give extra punch both for helicopters and RC trucks.

-Going back to you , So what mods have you done on your vehicle , can you send me link to the thread will like to see them

take care

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