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sanju.sreekumar 9th January 2009 14:59

A Long Pending Intro
Hello All,

I think i should have wrote this 17 months back when i became a part of this community. But what the heck - better late than never.

So here goes my introduction.

Me - Sanju - was born in Cochin. Brought up in the lanes of Edapally. Moved to Calcutta as my dad got transferred there. Been there for around 5 years before coming back to cochin some 15 years back. My studies then took me to Coimbatore and my job brought me to my current location - Bangalore.

My interest in cars have always been there since childhood. My dad had a 1985 Bullet and later on he upgraded to an Amby. I learnt driving in his Amby. And as then legend says, you learn to drive in an Amby you can drive any car in this world. :) Since Amby, there have been many cars in my dad's garage. At one time we had 2 Amby's and one Zen. Currently my dad has an Accent. I am so crazy to drive these cars that whenever i come home for vacation, i ask my driver to go on vacation so that i have enough miles to cover for my dad.

So it was quite natural for me to a buy a car after i got a job. I ended up buying a Ford Ikon 1.6 that too second. I did not want to buy a new car too sudden so thought will use the Ford for sometime before i buy new one. But since i bought this car, i have been hooked on to it. I had a lot of problems with my car initially when i bought (as my fellow members might have observed in some of the threads that i have posted). But for the last 6 months (touch wood!!) my car has not been giving me much trouble.

Have made quite a few good friends already here through this community and i look forward to making more. I constantly look up this site for any queries/clarifications my friends might have on cars and i must admit TBHP has made me a lot wiser about automotives than what it was a year back.

Looking forward to being a member of this community for quite a long time.

PS: Hope the oil strike ends soon. My car is stranded in my garage with an empty fuel tank.:Frustrati

ImmortalZ 9th January 2009 16:40

Hi Sanju :)

Another mallu here it seems.

*lights the greenhorn symbol into the sky* In the darkest thread, in the whitest post...

Welcome :)

As for the fuel crisis, it seems like some oil PSU employee stumbled across this site and thought : "Oooo those guys on that site are having way too much fun. Let's ruin their weekend and show 'em who's boss!"

greenhorn 9th January 2009 23:52

You rang sir :D ?

Oooh and welcome sanju :)

Ym-enjn 10th January 2009 17:41

Welcome on-board Sanju.. Its special for me as I never got a chance to welcome a member older than me.

sanju.sreekumar 11th January 2009 00:10

Thanks a lot Ym-enjn....btw whats with that name?

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