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thekid 18th October 2005 19:15

Hey Folks!!!
Dear fellow BHPians!!!

This is Prodyot from Kolkata (actually from a small town called Kalyani close to Kolkata). Presently working with IBM Kolkata.

Have been browsing this site for quite some time (thanks to my quest for my first car!!). I am a rookie and must confess that I have picked up quite a bit of knowledge from the posts.... I picked up a Black Ikon 1.6 Exi last week. I almost bought a Baleno VXi, but just couldn't help falling in love with the black beauty when i saw and drove her!!!

Am sure that am gonna learn a lot from all of you folks!!!


Steeroid 18th October 2005 19:55

Welcome to the Forum and congrats on your purchase!

Have as much fun as is legally possible - both at the forum and in your car! For more on the former, read the rules...etc

jkdas 18th October 2005 20:14

welcome to team-bhp mate. ikon 1.6; a nice car and quite powerful taht i would like 2 drive around.

streetlife 18th October 2005 20:17

welcome to the group PRODYOT
so black beauty huh!! congrats for the car post us some pics and tell us more about you

revtech 18th October 2005 23:38

hey dude
welcome to tbhp and enjoy your stay.congrats on your purchase do post some pics.


The Wolf 18th October 2005 23:43

Hey Prodyot, welcome aboard...Just a question, what reasons behind ditching Baleno??

lamborghini 18th October 2005 23:52

Hey bro,
welcom abaord and enjoy your ikon.
She's a real beauty and if you treat her well she'll treat you well.

v1p3r 19th October 2005 02:39

Hey Prodyot...welcome aboard!

Man, you're a first, I think...chose an Ikon over a Baleno!

Lovely mill on your car, and that lovely steering...but do watch out for your brakes!!!

How about some pics?

nitrous 19th October 2005 02:49

welcome to team-bhp, prodyot.

Enjoy your black beauty well.

GTO 19th October 2005 09:36

Hiya Prodyot,

My brother faced the same situation two weeks back when he was stuck between a Black Ford Ikon and a Baleno. He could not resist the mouth-watering price of the Ikon and took delivery last wednesday.

Welcome to the Team


thekid 21st October 2005 15:42

Thanks guys...

Thanks a lot for the welcome... am sure that am gonna enjoy my stay with you all.... Will surely post some pics asap...

In the meanwhile, it was really really very tough for me to choose an ikon over a baleno.. firstly, i was not getting a black baleno then (i was told that the upgraded version for baleno would arrive sometimes after Durgapuja and that too i would have to wait for quite a while for a black one!!). Secondly, I could not convince myself liking baleno from the rear end. Thirdly, the Ford fellas actually gave me the ikon at a jaw-dropping price... whereas Maruti dealers were not so kind with discounts (guess maruti is giving only 15K discount in stead of the 28K that it used to give earlier).. However, its just that I convinced myself for choosing ikon for all these points. I still believe that Baleno is a damn good car. Not so sure if it was very wise to choose the ikon over baleno. Just couldn't help falling in love with the Black Beauty as I said ealier... Was kinda helpless...

May be you guys could tell me if it was really not so wise to go with my heart over my head!!!


krish.sathish 21st October 2005 16:58

HI prodyot, welcome aboard... I am sure you would knowing this but just in case.. Ford is offering a lot of discounts (especially on 1.6) because it will be phased out very soon (probably next month) once the new Fiesta is out. Fiesta comes out with a 1.6L duratec engine (i think its the same one used in Fusion)... Well the latest buzz within ford is the Duratec engine anyway...

Did you consider Accent at all ?? I chose Accent over Ikon for the above said and few other reasons..

thekid 24th October 2005 14:12

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the welcome... Yes, I did consider Accent, but didn't quite like the seating comfort.. both for thr driver and the rear seats... Also I didn't get the feel of power that IKON gave me... Am sure Accent GLE is a good VFM car.. Especially the interiors are better than IKON I feel...

Am not too sure if IKON is gonna be phased out since I thought Fiesta was being positioned at a bit different segment. Ford Fellas also told me the same. Dunno if I am rite or wrong though... Anyway, still now, am trying to get in sync with my black beauty..

Guys, this being my first car, means a lot to me... Any advise to handle her properly would be deeply appreciated..


Catamaran 24th October 2005 14:39

welcome to team bhp mate...
and congrats on your new purchase,, have a nice time here

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