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Default Re: VW Vento 1.5L Diesel DSG Comfortline (Automatic) - The Roadrunner

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift!" Master Oogway says so. Here's some history, present and future about the Roadrunner.

Roadrunner is going to be 3-years young this month. Time to document a few things from his timeline.

1. The 2nd year/30000 service
2. Mothership calls - Software Updates
3. Roadrunner acquires a beauty kit
2. The 3rd year/45000 service
5. Roadrunner is scared!

2nd Year Service
Person X - Thought you would jump the red signal at that speed and therefore I didn't apply brakes until it was too late. We both could've jumped the signal if you had not stopped.
Me -
Person X - You should apologize to me NOW.
Me - For what?
Person X - I lost my bumper by hitting your car and your car got no visible damage!
Me -

The second incident happened when a police man jumped in front of the traffic and I had to apply brakes to stop hitting the car in-front. But the one behind me wouldn't stop, made a screeching noise before hitting the back side bumper.

Now that the Roady has taken a couple of hits at the back and the second one was bad causing a visible bent mark,decided to replace the bumper under claim; had no zero-dep.

Appointment for the annual service was taken on the day the second hit happened. EVM Kochi was very good in handling the claim and carrying out the service. The car was returned keeping in line with the expectations.

Verdict - Highly satisfied with the 2nd service at EVM VolksWagen Cochin

Software Updates
There had been two updates for which I was requested to visit the dealership.

The first one was related to the emission scandal. Two parts to this so called upgrade which is actually a downgrade in performance. Part 1 is the software update which seems to reduce the fuel flow to the engine. The other part is to install a pre-filter in-front of the air-filter to cut down the airflow to the engine. "the car will cry to get the pull" - are the exact words from a person who has seen the response of many cars pre/post upgrade. He also mentioned that some people have opted out of this upgrade and so did I.

The second update was for the DSG mechatronics unit. The upgrade is supposed to make the gear shifts smooth. It'll remove the jerking experienced while downshifting between gears 1,2 & 3. The SA was confident that this is a good upgrade for longer life of the DSG unit and I tend to agree with him. Gave a go-ahead to carry out this upgrade as part of the 3rd year service.

The diesel scandal related upgrade is strictly a NO(personal opinion as I love the way the car responds). The Mechatronics one must be done.
The SA (Ansu) is knowledgeable and frank about the upgrades and has got an unbiased view about the same. Appreciate it!

Verdict: Happy EVM VW policy of taking approval before doing any upgrades and for handling the communication effectively.

The Beauty Kit
Sourced the following through friends from the US.
1. Gummi Pfledge stilt -

2. Collinite 845 Wax -

3. Meguiar's microfiber cloths -

4. Wax applicator pads -

5. KDLinks Dashcam -
The dashcam was bought more than a year back, but yet to install.

Most of the above products have been recommended by fellow members here, with a lot of additional details. I just followed them and used their experience for my reference.

Verdict: The Collinite Wax is well worth the price. Gives excellent results with very less effort.

3rd service report will follow shortly.

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Default Re: VW Vento 1.5L Diesel DSG Comfortline (Automatic) - The Roadrunner

3rd year/45000 KM service on 08-Sep-2017

The 3rd year service was done a month in advance and the odometer read 39415.

1. ABS and ESP warning lights started glowing a week back.
2. Vibration under high speed braking and brakes not effective.
3. Engine oil level well below minimum - at the bottom edge of dipstick.
4. Frond arm-rest stuck at a high position. Wouldn't come down.
5. Noise from suspension on front left side when it hits a pothole.

Had asked for Mr. Ansu to be the SA, whom I had interacted over the phone in the past.

The following suggestions were made by Ansu when I dropped the car in and after doing the checks.
1. Engine oil level is not of a concern as long as the dipstick is toucking the oil. Personally, I'd be on the safer and want to keep the level between min and max.
2. Suspension noise was due to an alignment clip which had broken and a quick replace costing only about Rs.100
3. The arm-rest can be fixed for now without any cost.
4. Discs had been given for polishing - this is done outside. I'm happy that VW didn't ask to replace the disc rotors.
5. Wiper blades need to be replaced. I agreed to that even though Rain-X has reduced my usage of wipers during long drives.
6. Rear left side ABS sensor has gone bad. This need to be replaced and will be done under warranty.
7. DSG software update which I had mentioned above.
8. Premium interior cleaning will be done as requested.

The service center had re-opened a day back after the long Onam holidays. They had a backlog of cars and therefore requested me not to push for same day delivery. I agreed to this and requested him to take his time for doing quality work. Here's how it went,

1. It was pleasant interacting with Ansu. He kept his word about calling me to provide updates on both occasions he said he'll.
2. People were prompt in attending - the security in-charge who noted down the car details & gave me the booking slip, the lady at the service center office who checked if I need help as soon as I entered. EVM has definitely improved in valuing my time compared to previous instances.
3. There was an effort from the SA to save cost. Examples are - fixing the arm rest free of cost and polishing the rotors instead of replacing. He also mentioned that the brake pads are good for another 8-10K KMs.
4. Wiper fluid and silicon spray were scrapped from the standard list as I had already taken care of those.

1. Interior cleaning quality was well below par. I used to love the quality of this particular work that I did thrice in the past from EVM. This time, it was a complete waste of money. Won't go for it in future.
2. The labour charges seems to be on the higher side, particularly for the brake related things. See attached bills and make your own opinion about the same.
3. Found the old air filter and wiper blades in the boot - not the oil filter. I wonder if this is the norm.
4. Got a feeling that service may get costlier over the years to come - again, the attached bills for your take on this.

I would rate the overall experience as good - but could be better.

Interaction with the VW personnel including Ansu was excellent.
Attached Images

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Default Re: VW Vento 1.5L Diesel DSG Comfortline (Automatic) - The Roadrunner

Originally Posted by rejeen View Post
3. Found the old air filter and wiper blades in the boot - not the oil filter. I wonder if this is the norm.
4. Got a feeling that service may get costlier over the years to come - again, the attached bills for your take on this.
This is the norm since keeping the old oil filter in the boot may result in oil leaking out of it and staining the boot carpet and other objects kept there.

Service costs are definitely on the higher side but not exorbitant. I have seen higher bills for Maruti for similar work.
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Default Re: VW Vento 1.5L Diesel DSG Comfortline (Automatic) - The Roadrunner

I've to correct my earlier statement about the DSG software update. I'm not liking it any longer. The upshifts are not happening at all beyond 5th gear unless the throttle is eased a bit. The engine uncecessarily revs high while an upshift would've given more power and acceleration.

The smooth and lightning quick upshifts that used to happen on full throttle from a standstill is not there now. The D mode is behaving like the S mode now. Will have to check with SA if I can revert this update.

Only plus point is that the City drives in heavy traffic has become easier.
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Default Re: VW Vento 1.5L Diesel DSG Comfortline (Automatic) - The Roadrunner

Update on completing 63000 Kms: Since this is one of the first Vento DSGs to be on the road, it is closing in on the 5 year mark - by October 2019.

It is still a pleasure to drive the Roadrunner like on day 1. DSG is fun
  • Took a few hits on the left back door and another hit on the rear. FNG was able to give the beauty back at a reasonable cost.
  • 4th Service was done last year. Took additional warranty for a year that'll expire this year. Insurance is still with Bajaj Allianz.
  • Night driving is a struggle sometimes because the headlights don't have enough spread.
  • Squeaks from the hand-rest when used. Not sure if it can be fixed.
  • The front bumper had taken a hit underneath a couple of times causing vibration. Was fixed at the FNG
  • Lot of brake dust seen after a long drive. Brake fade is also present while braking from high speeds.
  • Thoughts of suspension and brake upgrades are always at the back of the mind. Not sure if it's worth it since headlamps are also potential upgrade candidates.
  • No DSG jerks/skips after the software upgrade done couple of years back even though it holds on to every gear slightly longer compared to the lightning quick shifts pre-upgrade.
  • The paint has still got its shine with occasional waxing. Swirl marks all around because of the wash/wipe done everyday.
  • Soft suspension makes the car jump around on some flyovers if the speed is slightly higher.
  • Good mileage of around 20km/l when sedately driven at 90-120km/hr. Mileage drops drastically with a heavy foot. Bangalore city mileage is around 11km/l.
  • I haven't done the VW fix for diesel emissions. Not planning to do that either.
  • Coolant level goes below min in 2-3 months. Service center couldn't find any issues/leak. I don't think it would evaporate! - any suggestions?

Octavia vRS was a potential upgrade candidate in my mind. Since it is no longer available what else would be a good, VFM upgrade!?

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Default Re: VW Vento 1.5L Diesel DSG Comfortline (Automatic) - The Roadrunner

5th service done: Details here (Service Assist - Managed car servicing from (Bangalore))
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Default Re: VW Vento 1.5L Diesel DSG Comfortline (Automatic) - The Roadrunner

The car & the DSG has completed close to 74,000 KMs.

It has been 9 months since the last update. I was forced to go for a service a couple of months ahead of schedule. Here's what happened:

I had to travel to Bangalore for a couple of days to vacate my apartment and move things temporarily into a storage (planning to leave Bangalore for good in a few months).

The car was loaded to the brim with household things.

Big mistake: Noticed that the rear right side tyre had lost a few PSI before starting my drive. Refilled using the handy Michellin inflator that is always in the car. Thought it won't be major and in case the air becomes less I could refill . Will never again make this mistake of assuming things are fine. The result is given below.

Name:  20200825_152104.jpg
Views: 375
Size:  294.0 KB

VW Vento 1.5L Diesel DSG Comfortline (Automatic) - The Roadrunner-20200905_111653.jpg

Driving at 100-110 with a heavy load and a puncture is recipe for disaster - learned that the hard way. There were 2 tiny nails stuck on the tyre and I guess the load and the steep incline caused the damage pretty fast.

Luckily the ESC kicked in and I was able to steer the car to safety with light braking and by holding the steering steady. The 2 trucks nearby were at a distance in front and the other in parallel with a lane in between. There was only a moment when the car lost control before regaining stability (that moment was adventurous/scary)

After the incident, the ESC + ABS warning lamps were ON for most of the remaining journey of about 500KMs. The warnings disappeared for sometime after stop/restart the car only to come back after a few KMs. There was some sluggishness in the rpm(sudden lowering of speed - appeared like ESC was doing something) and the warning lamps came back again. Each time I stopped and checked the PSI and found no issues with the tires.

The above sequence repeated 4-5 times and then I decided not to re-enable the ABS+ESC. The next 200KMs drive was event less cruising at 70-90 KM/hr

Next day after reaching home, scanned using VCDS and found the following issues.
  1. Interior lamps fuse was bust (light were not coming on for some days)
  2. Front right and left ABS sensors were faulty

  • Antenna had cracks - probably due to exposure to sun for few weeks or due to age
  • The coolant low level lamp was ON - I had to refill in once in 2-3 months.
  • Then during the Bangalore travel, I finally broke the bonnet opener handle which was feeling stiff/hard for sometime.

Wanted to fix everything. So booked an appointment with EVM VW at Alappuzha(I used to do the service only at EVM Cochin till the 4th service and 5th was done by Wheels Wisdom in Bangalore). All those service experiences were good.

Regarding the experience at Alappuzha EVM, it is a mix of all these feelings:
  • Getting fleeced
  • Not professional
  • No ethics
  • Getting better
  • Back to sanity

Day 1 9:30 am: I was given an estimate of 15K for the 90K service(6th year). Other parts/labour will be informed after dong scans/checks. Was supposed to get a call back by 3:00pm

Day 1 3:40pm : Called back to check the status as I got no updates. Was told I'll get a call back soon.

Day 1 4:15 pm: Got a call and was informed that coolant pump has leak and need to be replaced. One ABS (Front Right) is faulty, bonnet opener handle is broken, fuse has been replaced. The pump, handle and ABS was not in stock. So the service will be done today, but the car will be delivered later as the service center is closed for next few days (Onam festival in Kerala)

Day 1 4:30 pm: Got an estimate with a lot of items listed with the total adding up to more than 50K with every part that seems t be not perfect being recommended for replacement. Some of these (eg: Fog lamp with a crack on the glass, hand-rest - an occasional malfunctioning spring that can be fixed in 5 sec) had been like that for at least a couple of years or more and was suggested not to replace by other service centers(EVM & WW). Timing belt also made the list because there are marks created by the leaking coolant drops as well as the wiper blade (may be routine with this).
Gave a call and had to tell strictly not to replace anything that's working. I guess after this call was made is when I felt things started getting better.
(Also got rid of the AC Disinfection which I was told comes in as a standard item with service package, but can be removed if I insist)

Day 6 11:00am: Sent a WhatsApp message asking about the status. Was told I'll get a call after fitting the water pump (coolant pump).

Day 6 4:15pm: Asked again if it will be ready soon and was told that pump has been replaced but they need to check coolant leak "next day morning" after the pump replacement. I agreed even though I didn't understand what will change by keeping car idle overnight.

Day 7 9:30am: Asked me if interior cleaning is to be done - I gave the go ahead as I normally do that with every service and requested for delivery before 1:00pm or after 4:00pm

Day 7 4:00pm. Car was ready, but the bonnet opener handle is not available - so have to come back another day. Paid the bill (30K) and came back home.

Day 8 3:30pm: Wanted to buy a tyre to replace the lost tyre (the backup on Alnac - 175/60/14 while the other 3 are MC5 - 205/55/15). While crossing the gate, the ABS+ESC lit up. Gave a call to SA and was told to bring in the car. The front left ABS sensor had gone bad. Replaced it. They had charged for AC disinfection - the ampunt was reduced and a new bill generated for ABS sensor. Also found that the fuel lid can be opened while the car is locked.
Was told that the actuator is faulty, but the part is not readily available.
Inside-out the car was cleaned pretty well after the service. Even the engine bay was sparkling.
Will upload the bills & a few pics soon.

Thoughts about the whole experience while waiting for the two parts to arrive:

1. The service centers should try to strike a balance between trying to maximize profits & caring about the customer's interests. Take WW for example where they flood customers with all the data and pictures of the all the work being done and suggest fixing or replacing sub parts.

2. Communication is too less to be comfortable. How can there be a trust factor when the customer "knows" that the service centers are focused on maximizing profits.

3. Give customer the option to see the work being done or take photos/videos of the parts being replaced and other work being done. I got a video of the sanitizer being applied after the work was done.

4. The car is fun to drive and DSG is awesome. But I might need to find a trustworthy FNG in Kerala close to my home.

5. Is it time to buy a new car now that the Vento is not under warranty!! But there is no Jetta/Octavia - what car!!?

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