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Default Comfort, Intelligence, Attitude & Zeal - Maruti Ciaz ZXi+ Ownership


I am not sure if it was the Stanes specialty tea that I was sipping in the cold misty weathers of Wellington (Ooty) or the sudden zeal to do something different to start the new year but something struck and I decided to drive back to Bangalore to make the booking of the Ciaz ZXi+. Surakshaa, my preferred dealer since the time I read about them in, was thankfully open to cater to this impulsive urge of mine to book it on the first day of this new year.

Courteous as always, I was attended by Ranga who was happy to begin the year with the Z+ sale. He was nice enough to say, "Sir, we have no clue when we will get the delivery and hence, I will give you a call if I have a Z(O) available in the same color and if you feel like changing your mind on the trim level, we will book the Z(O) for you." He adds, "Whichever version or model you choose sir, don't change your mind on the color, you will love it. I have seen it once and I really liked it". I chose the "Pearl Metallic Dignity Brown" as the color of my next car. Booking done and now a LONG wait awaits before I can see the car in person for the PDI.

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Prelude to the booking

I have been a member of team-bhp since Nov2006 and my introduction to the site came in when I started doing my research for which car to buy as my first car. This site had most of the info I was looking for and off went google and in came I took the delivery of my Swift Vxi on 13Dec2006. I have loved every bit of it and although I was lured to sell my Swift for various cars that came in over the last 8 years, I held back to it cause it was well maintained, gave no reason for me to complain and the article "Your 5-Year Old Car : Keep, Upgrade or Swap" kept telling me, don't sell it. The closest I almost went to sell this was paying the 50k booking amount before I saw the first EcoSport on road. Saw it onroad and somehow did not find enough reasons to Swap. Good car but not enough for me to switch.

I know Suzuki is still not imbibed as the epitome of a manufacturer who oozes quality in every corner but when it comes to real time experience, other than few rattles here and there, I never had a single breakdown or issue other than normal wear and tear issues. My clutch plate was required to be changed only after every 40k kms. Engine oil has been changed in the usual required frequency. And Presto, today I have a buyer for this car for 2.8 Lakhs INR. That's a depreciation of 1.8 Lakhs over 8 years. When the spy images of a sedan from Suzuki started floating in, I started reading more about it. I was quite impressed by the Kizashi as well but it was way beyond my budget. Even if I would stretch to that amount, not sure if it would be a Suzuki. I started liking the Ciaz for what they had to offer. A balanced car which was value for money. I was done with my "18 till I die" days with my Swift and I now wanted an elegant car which was subtle and tamed me down to enjoy finesse while acting sane. In one of my regular services in Surakshaa, I saw the Ciaz displayed. It definitely is not a car which blows you off to say, Wow, I need to rob a bank to buy it right away but to a sane mind it checks the required boxes which calls it an upgrade from a hatchback. I have a strong feeling that this will age in it's looks very soon but that's me, and looks are subjective. When I am inside the car, I like the interiors to be fresh and the beige interiors are really refreshing. I know I am inviting few more hours of my weekend into cleaning this car, but it's high time I move my *** to do some work.

Ciaz did not prompt me to buy it, but it did prompt me to start thinking about buying a new car yet again. I started testing cars of various segments and types. From the elite i20 to the XUV500, I tried all. Dealer wise, I found Suzuki and Fiat guys to be most prompt and well behaved. I will not speak much about the negatives about the cars people own in this forum for which I did not consider them but I will surely love to talk about one car that blew me off. Fiat Linea T-Jet. This was the only car that made me feel week in my knees and gave me a cargasm in the first test drive. The build quality is immaculate and the drive, man that is one heck of a car. What stopped me from buying it was the service network, availability of spares and mileage. If this was a Suzuki, I would have been somehow okay with the mileage factor and just kept smiling every time I took out this car. This is definitely not a car which tames you, but rather tickles every cell of yours which wants to sing out with Bryan Adams. If it was a decision just out of my heart, Linea was the pick; but a more balanced sane mind decided on a balanced car, the Ciaz.

I test drove the Ciaz twice. It's like sorting images after a photo shoot. Once you delete all images you don't like as much and then you go through the good ones again to find the best of the shoot. The first drive was a quick drive in the locality I stay. Open empty roads, quite a few of them newly laid, it was a easy drive. Exterior looks are elegant but does not demand attention. While the front looks classy, the rear looks modern and can almost call for a game of "Spot the difference" when compared with the new Honda City, which is good cause I used to love the Honda City tail light assembly. The interiors were extremely spacious. The beige which I always stayed away from for the maintenance issues now looked refreshing. I was driving the Z(O) variant and it had all the bells and whistles I could require. My Swift VXi buy was in a haste as I was hurrying to get my first car and later I regretted not waiting little longer for the ZXi. This time I made up my mind to wait longer to get the top end version. I drove the car for few kilometers and it did'nt take long to conclude that the engine is definitely not as peppy as the Swift. I drive the 1.3 Ltr, G-Series engine. A 1.6 ltr as the Alivio would have been fun even if the mileage dropped by 3-4 km/ltr from the claimed mileage of the 1.4 ltr engine. Although I saw that gap, I had anyway made up my mind for a sedated car as my next car. What it offers compensates for this loss in terms of safety, space, gizmos, service network and ease of ownership.

One of the interesting things to mention in this whole search was about the evaluator who evaluated my Swift in the FIAT Cafe in Inner Ring road. He came to me and said, "Sir, it's rare that I see cars in such good condition after 8 years as well and when you are ready to sell it, do call me, I want to buy it for my own use hence no margin and I will give you a very good price for it. He hinted at around 3." Feels good to hear appreciation of your car well maintained. And trust me, I did not do any major hardwork to keep it in this condition. The usual service and a bit of pampering like 3M services.


I got a call from my dealer saying that there is a ZXi(O) which is getting dispatched. 'If you are interested, I will block it against your name.' When the dealer had told about this option to me while I was booking it, I was sure, if and when he comes with this option, I will junk the ZXi+ and go for the ZXi(O). This is exactly what happened. I gave a go ahead to the dealer and the car is expected to arrive by end of this month. That's way before I was actually expecting the car, but I guess, the sooner the better !! What I will miss is the navigation system which he said can be retrofitted later once all reported issues are sorted. I am at least off the uncertainty. Well was I ? A member in the forum reports one of the dealer in Bangalore will be starting to deliver ZXi+ in a few days. And there begins another dilemma. Well not really a dilemma, if it's true, its the ZXi+ else it is the (O). After few days of calls and investigation with other dealers, all I got as a reply was that they have no clue about the ZXi+. There is a possibility of Maruti clearing up (O) stocks before making the ZXi+ available. I have decided to go ahead with the possibility. The only thing that I am waiting for is for the car to land in the dealer's stockyard to check the VIN to know if it is a 2014 model or a 2015.


This is turning out to be one roller coaster ride. The sales rep who is taking care of my buy calls me up to say that he has a good news for me. My immediate question was if the car has arrived or not ? He said, something better. The car in transit allocated for me turns out to be the ZXi+. They just got the intimation from the head office. He got that from some code that they received although he would like to check the car himself which is supposed to arrive in a couple of days before confirming that. I don't know the price yet but I guess it should not be exorbitantly high. What is good is that my sales rep is informing me and involving me at every step to ensure that I am not in for any surprise. He has also promised me to give a call as soon the car is in their stock yard so that I can personally check the condition of the car and the VIN. Question is, if I really find it 2014, will I actually say no to it. I guess not, but I will definitely bargain for a better price.

By now I have gone through most youtube videos learning more about the car and read through most reviews available on the net around the Ciaz. Certain links which were a good read around this buy.

Suzuki Ciaz | Official Site | Reminds me of what I am buying
VIN decoder to identify date and year of manufacturing
Save on insurance on your new car
Pre-Delivery Inspection and check list
Extended Warranty, Yes or No
Run-In for a new car
Car care guide
Ciaz MGABrochure
Walk Through Videos of the Smart Play System

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Default re: Comfort, Intelligence, Attitude & Zeal - Maruti Ciaz ZXi+ Ownership


I went to office and it was bit relaxed since it was a Friday. 1000 hrs I get a call from my sales rep, Ranga from Surakshaa, that the car allocated for me has reached their electronic city stockyard. And suddenly Friday was no longer casual. I started working like a Monday clearing up email and tasks. Came back home for lunch and waited for my son to come back from school. Quick lunch and we were off to the electronic city branch. The Electronic City branch of Surakshaa is quite a big setup. Quick call to my sales rep who was already there, and off we were to see the car.

This was like walking towards a date where you have seen her in pics and all, interacted in various ways and means but this is the first time you will be seeing her in person. Dignity Brown. How exactly will it be in real ? And there it was. I had asked them specifically not to do a shoddy job of cleaning it just with a cloth since I was coming to see it and leave it just as it is for inspection.

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Was it really a ZXi+? Time to check the badge.

Name:  IMG_20150123_142756.jpg
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Badge looks good, let's look if it has the only additional thing which the + all about. The 7" Audio/Navigation system. Yep, checked.

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This looks good. And now for the VIN. Opened the hood nervously and Presto !! "AF", Jan 2015. 10 km on the Odo, this was right out of the factory.

Name:  IMG_20150123_142154.jpg
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It was now time to check the car in and out to ensure that there are no dents or scratches. My son was too critical in pointing every speck of dirt on the car.

Name:  IMG_20150123_143004.jpg
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Maruti Suzuki has not announced the price of the Z+ version yet hence I have to now wait for the prices to be announced offcially, which they said will be in a day or two and then the loan process begins which is another 5-7 days of processing. Once done, it will be D day.


ZXi+ in Bangalore is priced at 11.49 Lakhs on-road. The loan process begins today. I opted for SBI. Rate of interest given to me was 10.4%. There is, as always, lots of documentation although not unreasonable. I have been told that the whole process takes about 2-3 days. The loan process was otherwise like any other private banks. I remember friends avoiding SBI due to the horrid documentation and verification process. Things are way different now. I got just one call from SBI and that's it. In two days the loan was approved.


With everything in place, the car gets registered today. Special numbers are expensive and since most of the process is now automated, getting a number of your choice is difficult through agents and all. I insisted on a number adding up to 9 for all the superstitious reasons and although I am not into any other "Wrong numbers", this somehow stuck on me. All my cars and bikes have been following this pattern. After really eating the sales guys head going through various numbers available, I got something which I was good to go with. And why not, this is almost like naming your baby. Nothing fancy but it adds up to 9.

I went with Royal Sundaram as the insurance since I have been using them from day one in my Swift and have found no hassles in it. I had been asked by friends to call them directly and take a quotation since at times what the dealer offers is more. I was not really benefited by this as I called them up and they did not have the Ciaz ZXi+ in their list of cars covered. They are yet to add it. Even after 4 days of follow up providing them ex-showroom prices etc, they were not able to provide the quotation. I wonder how the dealer got it. I went for the so called "Bumper to Bumper" protection as I did not want to take chances with the airbags and all. I made sure it was covered as well.

I got a call from the accessories department of Surakshaa and I could not think of much other than the 'Door Sill Guard with Illumination' and 'Sporty Pedal Pad'. Both were not in stock right now and were supposed to arrive today. If it made it, I should have it during delivery tomorrow, else I will get it installed later. Thankfully there was no push asking me to put anything and everything they could offer.

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Default D Day

1Feb2015 - D Day

Although way quicker than when I was expecting to drive out the Ciaz, I was still counting hours to 1100 hrs, the time I told my salesman I would be coming to take the delivery of the car. Few quick calls to check the status and was all set to pick up the Ciaz.

I left for the showroom with a friend as my 8 year old swift was now with a new owner who was given the car at a lesser price than the highest offer I was given just for the fact that he promised me to keep the car well. He is a known friend.

Last parting shot before handing over the car to the new owner.

Name:  IMG_20150131_181750.jpg
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We left for the showroom all excited. We stopped on the way for a box of sweets for the salesman. He was completing an almost perfect delivery. We parked outside and walked in to get the first glimpse of a clean new born child of mine all ready to be pampered for the many more years to go. My son could not stop smiling seeing "his" new toy.

Name:  IMG_20150201_114328.jpg
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There was very little pending paper work which was done and then we were in for the formal delivery process after checking on the required papers. While we gave him sweets, Ranga gave us a box of Swiss Chocolates. Ranga was in his casuals as today was a day off although he came in just for my delivery. I asked them to remove all plastic covers off the seats and all cause I find it very weird to have them on and drive around. Does not feel good, definitely does not look good.

Name:  IMG_20150201_115726.jpg
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After the formal delivery, Ranga started explaining us about the various features of the car although I insisted to keep it to the most important things as I was eager to start driving. I opted for just two accessories which is the 'Illuminated Sil Guard' and the 'Sporty Pedal'. Sporty Pedal comes in a set of two for the clutch and the brake only. Not the accelerator. The Sil guard looks quite classy and lives by the theme of the car. Quick walk through with the check list getting ticked, we were all set to drive out. 18 kms (10 when it reached the godown plus an 8 km drive from the Electronic city branch to the Bommanahalli one) on the odo during delivery, I almost experienced a perfect delivery. I drove straight to a closeby Shell petrol station for a quick drink. This was followed by a visit to the Tyre Shop in HSR Layout to deflate all tyres and fill up Nitrogen in all tyres. This was more to ensure that all tyres have the correct tyre pressure more than the nitrogen factor. New car, was trying to do things the bookish way. I thought of upsizing the tyres to a 205 Michelin but then I kept it for hold and change later if I really feel the need of it. For now, I was satisfied with the shoes.

Next was the blessing for the almighty to ensure that the car is protected in all ways and means. I was congratulated by two gentlemen in the temple who showed interest in this new model, Ciaz. They did not hear about it and were quite surprised that a car like this exists from the Maruti stable. They did a quick walk through of the car after the blessing was over.

Comfort, Intelligence, Attitude & Zeal - Maruti Ciaz ZXi+ Ownership-camerazoom20150202055403347.jpg

Blessing done and now begins the drive. Honestly, I think I am not ready for the ownership review yet as I am driving within the 1500-2000 RPM range. This is not giving me a true feel of the car although few quick things to jot for now.

- Engine : It's smooth and did not feel lacking anything yet. I am driving it carefully within the 2000 RPM range and within the city. Lots more to be driven before talking more about it. It does have a grunting noise and I am wondering if that's how it is in 2k RPM, how will it be in the 5K + RPM.

- Gear Shifts : It's short throw and precise although a bit clunky as of now. I am hoping it becomes smoother over time of usage.

- Exterior : Suzuki has definitely come a long way from the days of 800. No major panel gaps, good paint quality, good finish. It would have been good to see at least some cladding in the boot and the bonnet though. Looks unfinished.

- Interiors : Plush is the first word that came to me. The smell of fresh leather seats is inviting for more driving hours. The mix of Faux Wood and Leather goes quite well as a theme. Driving a Suzuki for such a long time, it was a smooth transition with familiar controls. Friends who were not happy that I was spending almost 12 lakhs on a Suzuki are now appreciating the end product. The lighting is dramatic. After a long drive, enjoying every moment, switch off the car and it slowly lights up to a bright cabin making you feel like a movie getting over.

- Storage : There is not huge amount of storage space available but thoughtful enough to cover what you would ever need. Love the storage compartment in the front with the glowing LED with the parking lights activated. 1 ltr of water goes in each door. I prefer not keeping the sunglasses in the assigned place as it makes some rattling (My glasses moving inside the compartment) noise. I am in my honeymoon period with a car from Suzuki not having squeaking or rattling noise and hence I would like to avoid any rattles till I cant avoid them.

- Head Unit : This one is quite nice and worth the additional 27k approx., on road. My phone paired in quite seamlessly and transferred the phone book and call history. I have not used much of it though. It still has some glitches as once it got stuck on the rear camera view even though I was not on reverse gear. I had to restart the car and it worked well. Else no other issues yet. It streams BT music quite seamlessly. Plays videos (Failed to read few formats) only when the handbrake is on. There is a connect to smart phone option which I have not explored yet. The rear view guide is a static straight grid and does not respond as per your steering wheel position.

- Speakers : Adequate, although I am coming from a car which had a quite good setup including amplifier, component speakers and sub. The rear speaker tries hard to deliver some amount of bass, but it sounds funny with high bass numbers. Otherwise, it fills up my urge to listen to something reasonably well.

- Bootspace : It's huge. Checking out 510 ltrs in person makes you realize, that's good enough for a BLR-GOA-BLR trip. It's lit which makes it very convenient. Something funny is that if the car is locked, and you unlock it with the boot release, it will open but never close till you unlock the car. So in case you are going through a check post and you open the trunk from your drivers seat, it will open but it will not close till you unlock the doors. Not sure if it is usual.

- Keyless Experience : This is my highlight of the car next to generous space. You need not hold your key even once. Walk to the car, open it using the request sensors, start the car with a push button and you are good to go. All funky stuff but honestly is a good experience.

- Lights : I have not driven much yet, although what ever little I have driven in the city, the throw of the light is good enough. Long drives will be a good test. The light has a reach bit longer to the left compared to the right which I guess is done purposefully.

- Tyres/Alloys : The 16" alloys look really classy. It fills up quite well. The tyres are quite silent and thanks to the soft shockers setup, it takes in bad roads quite well.

- Rear Sun Shade : It fits in quite well although it does obstruct clear rear view.

- Mileage : I have driven just 150 kms till now within the city. The MID has a view of real time mileage depending on the way I am driving and an all time average mileage. The real time varies from 4km-30km/ltr depending on the way I am driving. The average one was at 4.4km/ltr when I received the and has now gone up to 10.1 with my kind of driving within the city. I am expecting this to go up to a round 14 over the time.

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Default 3M Treatment

While I was all done with setting up the car for the years to come, there was a small set of things I wanted to attend to and 3M was the solution to it. I am a regular visitor to the 3M HSR Layout branch. My Swift was pampered here and it was now time for the Ciaz. These are things that could have waited, but I thought of finishing the initial expenses and not keep spending on it other than regular services and all.

Paint Sealant Treatment : Brown looks really good although I know it's not going to be easy to maintain it. I have been somehow successful in keeping the Swift shiny, although this will require more attention.

Name:  IMG20150203WA0060.jpg
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Underbody Coating : I went for the one with 5 year treatment which they say even reduces the in cabin noise. You get free checkup by 3M every 6 months. They will patch up if there is anything scrapped out.

Name:  IMG20150203WA0015.jpg
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3M Mats : However classy the car is, the look of all the dust inside the car coming off the shoes on a black mat, ventilating within the AC cabin, spoils the whole elegant feel of the car. 3M mats give dust a one way entry to dust and then it can come out only if you take the mats out, make it upside down and tap it. Since it's a custom cut, it covers well and fits in end to end.

Name:  IMG20150203WA0008.jpg
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Name:  IMG20150203WA0007.jpg
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As always, they did a very good job and I came out as yet another satisfied customer. All done, it's time now to drive and explore!

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Default re: Comfort, Intelligence, Attitude & Zeal - Maruti Ciaz ZXi+ Ownership

Thread moved from the Assembly Line. Thanks for sharing the report.
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Default re: Comfort, Intelligence, Attitude & Zeal - Maruti Ciaz ZXi+ Ownership

Heartiest congratulations on the new car, Abhishek.
Wishing you many many happy miles with it. Darker shades look awesome on Ciaz, and this is one sedan which is currently my personal favourite, after the demise of Civic.

Didn't you consider Honda City?? That Petrol motor is too hard to resist.

Please post more pictures, specially of the SmartPlay system.


Edit-Somehow the smartplay system pic was not loading up on my laptop. Thanks.

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Default re: Comfort, Intelligence, Attitude & Zeal - Maruti Ciaz ZXi+ Ownership

Congratulations on the buy

Looks like you're in for some more trouble free motoring for years to come. Hope that doesn't mean you don't update the thread often

Interesting to see what the future holds for this car

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Default Comfort Intelligence Attitude Zeal | CIAZ ZXI+ Ownership

Congratulations on the car!
I also have the nomad mat albeit only for the drivers side. Rest of the car DIY.
Any reason why you didn't consider the Vento TSI?
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Default re: Comfort, Intelligence, Attitude & Zeal - Maruti Ciaz ZXi+ Ownership

Originally Posted by Leoshashi View Post
Heartiest congratulations on the new car, Abhishek.

Didn't you consider Honda City?? That Petrol motor is too hard to resist.
Thanks Shashi. I was big time turned off by the arrogance exhibited by the Honda sales people. It was like they were doing a favor to me by even thinking of giving me a test drive. Car no doubt is good but I am pampered by Suzuki when it comes to over all experience and I wanted to continue with that. I still started checking out cars outside the Maruti stable and was in for a rude shock.

Originally Posted by IshaanIan View Post
Congratulations on the buy

Hope that doesn't mean you don't update the thread often
Thanks Ishaan. I plan to keep this thread updated which will give me a place of reference too

Originally Posted by H_Dogg72 View Post
Congratulations on the car!
I also have the nomad mat albeit only for the drivers side. Rest of the car DIY.
Any reason why you didn't consider the Vento TSI?
Thanks !! These mats are quite trouble free. It will have wear and tear issues over the time, otherwise it is quite nice with no speck of visible dust.

I have been an ardent follower of since a long time and more over a close friend of experienced similar issues with his Polo in terms of service experience hence I kept away from cars from VAG. It's quite unfortunate that people like me are staying away from such beauties because of the way sales and service is handled.
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Default re: Comfort, Intelligence, Attitude & Zeal - Maruti Ciaz ZXi+ Ownership

Congrats on the "dignified" dignity brown Ciaz...!
Think this is the first detailed ownership report of the beauty on this forum and you have captured quite a few elements of it.
I am myself following this car since the day of launch and am planning to upgrade to it in the near future.

I understand these are very early days and hence you may not have performance reviews but anything would be really beneficial for people like me to get first-hand view of on-road performance.

Also do post some more pics for us to enjoy - maybe sunlight photos gleaming off the brown color?
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Default re: Comfort, Intelligence, Attitude & Zeal - Maruti Ciaz ZXi+ Ownership

Congratulations on being an owner of the most VFM car, currently in this segment. I guess you have the first ownership report, though many owners here.

Enjoy your ride, update this thread as needed and Drive Safe.
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Default re: Comfort, Intelligence, Attitude & Zeal - Maruti Ciaz ZXi+ Ownership

Excellent write up Abhishek. Many many Congratulations for your new Ciaz. Somebody who has booked a car and waiting for delivery will be able to relate to your post really nicely. Do keep the thread updated. Wish you many happy miles ahead.
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Default re: Comfort, Intelligence, Attitude & Zeal - Maruti Ciaz ZXi+ Ownership

Congratulations on your new born (). I think it is the first CIAZ thread that has come out through the right channel. All the best. Keep revving and drive safe. Would love to see more pictures of the HU in action if your time permits.

It sure was a very wise move to keep the previous car for 7+ years. The thread is beautifully named too.
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Default Re: Comfort, Intelligence, Attitude & Zeal - Maruti Ciaz ZXi+ Ownership

Congratulations on the CIAZ.
Wish you many happy miles.

Keep more photos and updates coming. Will be keenly watching this thread.
I had done a short TD over last weekend.
And frankly, for my requirements compared to City, found this one to be a better fit. Except for Cruise Control on City "V", I don't lose on anything else on CIAZ Zxi+ and I spend about 1.5L less.
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Default Re: Comfort, Intelligence, Attitude & Zeal - Maruti Ciaz ZXi+ Ownership

Beautiful car and a great color selection abhishek
Its certainly a value for money car. Do post some photos of the Navigation system when turned on and the projector headlamps look amazing. Did you also consider the honda city?
Enjoy your new ride
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