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What an awesome review ! Congrats GTO
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

One of the best reviews I have read on this forum so far. Thank you gto! As far as the run flats are concerned. I had the pleasure of test driving a 320d sport trim. All was well until we opened the boot. And the reaction of me and my friend was the boot was tiny felt lesser than my vento to top it off they had a tyre strapped and packed right in the centres shown in the photos. Apparently the tyre is included as a standard(correct me if i am wrong here).This is a move as their competition is giving away spare tyres (Audi to be precise), as per the gentleman from infiniti cars Worli.
To conclude bmw here are some suggestions from an Indian and aspiring customer to bmw India :

Please do not give us the run flats. Over bad stretches of roads it feels like bullock cart with leaf springs (I felt it during my test drive). They cost an arm and a leg. A camlin eraser will last longer than the tyres under heavy use.

God bless you for the RWD which has made driving a sheer pleasure. However it robs you of the boot space. Over long road trips I will either leave my clothes behind or the spare tyre (you are making us Choose). We love our boots, to packsuitcases, groceries or a body .

Hence no run flats please.I know this is like asking the sun rise from the west but no harm in giving a feedback. Since you have taken on the noble cause of "made in India " why not "think like India ".
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Congratulations GTO, for both the Beemer and for posting one the best reviews in the WWW...

Congratulations, all snappers for the the fabulous photographs that talked as much as GTO's writing...

I know posting mere congratulations is frowned upon in TBHP, but WHAT else I'd say?
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Congrats GTO, thats one detailed review of a pre owned car. This one covers all aspects and ticks all boxes when it comes to buying a pre owned and doing the research. I think this needs to be marked as a template when it comes to buying one of any make let alone a BMW.

You seem to go about buying all cars that i seem to have my eyes on or dream about. Thats some collection you've got there. Keep Revving.
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Great review GTO and hearty congratulations. Excellent detailed review, just the way I like it. Rated 5 star. And just my kind of upgrade. You are really swaying my mind towards pre-owned ones.

Cheers and drive safe...
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

That's one heck of a review! A heck of a car, INDEED!!

I currently drive a BMW 3 series E90 6 cylinder here in Sydney, and I can't agree more on all that's said about these German beasts. Of course the diesel torque monsters can only be that much more fun.

It took all of my Casual Friday to sit at ease and just read this 5'er Bible. I have hardly come across a write up that describes and explains all about a car anything close to this. Infact, I feel BMW may consider paying royalty to a customer detailing it all up to this level

I'd say, Many congratulations for a car! And, Many congratulations for giving such a splendid review!

Happy Motoring there
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Congrats GTO-san on the beast! Wish you many many ecstatic miles of motoring on her. You two are meant for each other!

The F10 5'er is one of the best automotive designs in the world. She's just tooooo perfect, with the right mix of subtlety and aggression. One look at her and you know she means business. And to get her in the 530d guise with M-sport kit. You're one lucky guy

I also thank you for the immense amount of details you've shared, especially when buying pre-worshipped cars. In my limited ownership experience with cars, I have always dreaded buying a used car. And if they happen to be German, I've been advised not to touch them with a barge pole. But your threads on buying pre-worshipped cars have been an eye opener. I never thought I would say this, but it makes much more sense now, doesn't it? After all, who wouldn't wanna own a 250+ bhp RWD monster at a steal of a price?
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

That's one classic looking understated Deutsche beast, and an equally classic review to showcase it. Congratulations, and wish you many more happy miles for years to come.
Inside and out, the understated simplicity and driver focused cockpit continue to remain its strengths, and in a market where 6 cylinders, leave alone 8, remain a rarity, this change is indeed, one welcome refreshing change.

On the other hand, the E60 was a purists' car. Polarizing design aside, the drive itself was one auralitic experiance. And memories of driving a 550i in 2010, they still remain intact.

Congratulations, once again.
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

My heartiest congratulations GTO.

Excellent review for an equally excellent car. And hats off to the logic for zeroing on this beast. Wish you a lot many happy & safe miles.
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Oh my God, Congratulations!

This review couldn't have come at a better time. Family has been looking for a pre owned BMW 5 series as well at around the same budget. I guess we'll now be using this review as a reference guide of sorts!

Congrats once again and please do keep everyone updated.
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Congratulations, GTO! What a car, and what a thread!

On a light note: This must be a record for the highest number of photos in an ownership thread.
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

First things first - Congratulations GTO! This is the most prized possession one can have with the kind of ownership you mentioned. Hats off to the cadbury staff who maintained the car so well. It sure seems to be pre-worshiped in literal sense. Rare find!

And to top it all, you got a very deserving personalised sticker - GTO's bhp!

Have many more happy (s)miles on this beast!
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Wow what a stunner she is! Congratulations to you and your family, GTO.

Now this is one truly exhaustive review - I was exhausted by the time I finished it! Mind-blowing attention to details, covering every inch and aspect of the car to a T. I seriously doubt that most T-BHP Official Reviews would not be a match for this level of detailing, my friend!

The 530D is a real beast, with a stonker of an engine inside. Don't worry about the FE figures and just enjoy the prowler on Mumbai streets whenever you take her out, and scorch the highways when she hits 'em. Mumbai to Pune and back in record time, wot?!

Better still, take the family out to a quick trip to Goa and back. Most people on the expressways won't know when a blazingly fast Bimmer went past them, with it's 6 cylinders blasting through in full fury!

Wish you and your lovely steed millions of happy, peaceful and contented kilometers ahead. Rev her hard, but drive safe!

Rated thread a completely deserving 5-full stars!

(Seriously, you guys need to start debating on adding a 6th star to the Ratings chart because this thread sure as hell demands it)

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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Congratulations buddy. Having bought a new bimmer recently I've been getting lazy to write a review, but this one is inspiring. Comprehensive and detailed. Maybe I just might.

Few points/questions/suggestions.

1. Would you have preferred a manual handbrake?
2. After updating my car to the latest firmware, I am getting album art on the USB mode... See if you are. I've heard BMWs are not too good with support for android.
3. Do you have the power and torque meters on idrive? (See attached image for example)
4. Do the inner xenons work in your car? (The ones closer to the grill?). I think its a placeholder on mine. (Somehow I'm hoping it isnt.)
5. If you're getting coding done somewhere in Mumbai, please let me know. I want to get a couple of things done as well, but dont know who would be capable of doing it. (I've got an F34).
6. If you're not entirely convinced with the wheels, do check out the ones they are giving with the sport lines now (Style 397). I've got 18 inchers and they look fantastic.

Happy motoring! Let's put a smile on that face.
Attached Thumbnails
BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My pre-worshipped beast-sport.jpg  

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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Wow what a great review of an astounding car. Hearty congratulations. I kept reading reading reading it just kept coming. The level of detail is astonishing. Wish you an enjoyable ownership experience.

That last line perked me up. 2010 models for ~20L. Hopefully someday...

Google already seems to like your review. This popped up as a recommended link in the Google now cards on my phone

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