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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

GTO's BHP. I think this graced the rear bumper of Civic and has made its way to the Beast.

I someday wish to grin & feel afraid at the same time clinging on to the grab handles in the passenger seat while it spins its rear.

Post #6 picture 26 has condensed air-vents? That is serious cooling.

Feel so happy for you my man Amazing details in the review. Just fab.

If you ever wish to change those wheels...
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BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My pre-worshipped beast-1024pxbmw_e60_front_20080417.jpg  

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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Amazing review. The only thing the car is missing is those super dark sun films. Wont changing from run flats to regular void warranty? In case one changes, would that impact functioning of any feature?
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Reviews can't get any better than this.

What an awesome machine GTO! Always a fan of understated designs and the 530D fits the bill. This car truly feels purpose built and looks the part. Glad you chose a classy black over a formal white which probably wouldn't have done justice to the M kit.

Drive safe and God speed.
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

The lazy guy finally puts up the review 4 months later, glad you finally did or I was going to complain to the Super-Admin
Jokes apart, outstanding review !! The attention to detail is perhaps the best I have seen here and this is probably the reason you took so long to put this up. Definitely worth the wait, its only when you spend a few months with the car that you figure the minor details out.
Most of us post initial ownership threads quickly after delivery however this one is more detailed than most long term ownership reviews.

Car looks superb, I am glad you picked this. I honestly, always had a feeling you would land up with exactly a fast F10 ever since we did the joint test on the F10 525d. You were smitten and how!

I have to admit, I yet haven't been able to read the thread entirely because its so damn long But I will comeback and post my comments on the car.
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Wow Rush, that's one detailed review. Almost makes the official review seem like a first look!

The 530d really is a beast, and the N57 engine is a gem.

Glad you finally went for this one, the other white one wouldn't have been as much fun without many of the features

With the different mode set ups its ridiculous how quickly the vehicle can change character from a lazy cruiser to a stiff riding sports saloon eager to go quick.

Also I think you should paint the rims, in gunmetal or black. It will look HOT!

Surprisingly, I prefer the way the manual mode with the gearshift is. Up to upshift and down to downshift seems more intuitive to me. After getting used to this I cannot drive any other automatic in manual mode without getting confused.

Lastly, as far as I know, the sensor on the mirror facing the windscreen is the light sensor (for the headlights). And for the left mirror to tilt down the selector has to be set to the right side, and not the left.

Congrats again for the car!
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Congratulations GTO. that is one heck of a ride, and a sweeeeet deal you got! Plus the review is probably the best yet on T-BHP.

Inspired by your penchant for pre-worshiped cars, i too adopted your philosophy, albiet on two wheels and got myself a pre-worshiped Harley Davidson- a sportster 883 in immaculate condition (with a lakh plus in genuine accessories), for less than the ex showroom price of a street 750- a cool 50 percent depreciation benefit! Im a convert now
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast


Rush, what a mammoth review.

Let me ask you a simple question.
How much time did you spend in front of the lappie to compile a "baap" of all reviews.

It is a super detailed one and as the saying goes, it is "Super se Oopar" kinda review.

Best wishes for the "Beast" and wish you miles of happiness ahead.
Also, you could do away with the misnomer "My Pre Worshipped 530d" to simply "Worshiped 530d".

Simply a great buy of a great car!!
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Congrats GTO on a wonderful car and an awesome review! With the official reviews you had shown us what is possible if you got 2 days with a car, now you've shown us what is possible if you get a few months with a car!! You have set the bar really high for ownership reviews.
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

First of all CONGRATULATIONS! (once again)

It is an awesome car, i remember the spins we took with the official test drive car. The way it accelerates to silly speeds is quite addictive. I have used the 520 and 320 d's and honestly even the 520 is not that slouch, but imagine that having its tail on fire! I know which keys to flick now on.

Oh boy and it took me 2 days to read up the whole ownership experience, the amount of details you have managed to share is just awesome!

Once again all the very best and yenjay the beast!
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

During my purchase of 520i just 2 months back, I was disappointed with very few reviews of the 5 series, and my purchase decision was solely made on TEAM-BHP's review. No video review could explain in particular why a bimmer drives unlike any other car. Heck, many of the reviews of 5 series focused on its features and not the drive experience. In fact, one of the review even rated the A6 better than 5'er because it accelerated faster on a straight line!!

As I hadn't got the license and Ramadan offers were raining in Dubai, it was hard to not buy the car during the festive season. Limiting my search to TEAM-BHP's great twin reviews, I booked 520i without even having TD or a ride, at a time when I was not a member here! I even had to book the car in my company's name as I was not having the driving license. Speaks more for TEAM-BHP than for BMW.

Fact is, this is the most comprehensive report on any of the 5 series variant present anywhere. The most comprehensive review of the most AMAZING car I've ever experienced so far. If anyone from BMW is reading this, you've got a good chance to copy something out of here for your upcoming car's brochure!

GTO, your efforts show up in every single review you've been part of. But this one takes it to a different level. I am happy to read your review and feeling sad to have missed on so many features in my car
The more I read this review, more hate develops for your car.

You've covered details which aren't even mentioned in the brochure, viz., ORVM stops tilting if ORVM selector is pointed towards other direction, etc. and all this while, I was thinking to take it to the BMW care to get it resolved!

Congratulations on owning such a dream car. Blue in the day and Black in the night is what they call this colour. You definitely are going to have a rocking time with the car. Stay warned with the co-passengers who'll at all time, request you to go easy.

I am assuming, this car will gain more fan following after this review. Enjoy!

You might want to check these two links. Extends the feel good factor even more.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The electronic parking brake automatically engages after you switch off the car (if you drove with 'auto-hold'). It automatically disengages if you've shut the door, have buckled up, press the brake pedal & engage D (or R). That's one less thing to do before / after driving.
You've explained all what I wanted to know about Auto-hold. Kudos.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
You can code a lot of stuff on the 530d. I plan to disable the irritating auto start / stop function
Say I reach my destination and switch off the car. After I come back & start the engine, the music automatically resumes from my bluetooth-connected smartphone.
I am rather enjoying this here. The auto start-stop has stopped working for last few days. I didn't do anything. Am I missing something here?

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Top grade window glass. The sun doesn't sting my right arm as much as it does in the Civic or Sunny.
All this time, I was wondering on why do I sweat in my brother's Innova despite having twin AC and not in the bimmer.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Cross 40 kph and the ORVMs fold out automatically (if you didn't open them yourself).
Good to know.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Yep, the iDrive has voice commands too. I don't use them. Would rather press a button than interrupt the music.
Such a useless feature this is. Never used it. Money not well spent by BMW.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
A tubeless tyre swap will be the only change.
I would suggest to always go for a RFT. You never know if this could help you for that delayed meeting or the airport visit. With easy availability of RFT's in a city like Mumbai, I would've retained it.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
To prevent unintentional door opening on the move, pulling the door handle once only 'unlocks' the door (doesn't open it). Pulling it a second time opens the door.
Sadly, the driver doesn't get any warning if the door lever was pulled for the first time. Is there any way, I can disable this in my car? Kid at the back is always dangerous with this feature.

If possible, do share a report on coding performed on your car. It'll be of great help (at least to me).

Thanks again!
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Many thanks for the wishes & appreciation, guys!

Originally Posted by dark.knight View Post
My only question to you is did you feel an instant difference when driving the BMW after having owned a Mercedes for a long time?
The 5 is a level or two up in every area. The C220 had a stiff suspension, hence it didn't have that luxury Merc character - she was more of a driver's car. The 6-speed manual on the C was just awesome.

Originally Posted by pedrolourenco View Post
Just one question though "How do you always manage to find such well maintained cars?"
My approach is very, very thorough; I even use a colour-coded excel sheet for short-listing cars, observations, what's hot or not etc. When I'm looking for a car, I call every good dealer and let him know, over and above screening every classifieds website there is & setting up Google alerts.

Originally Posted by sasi@8689 View Post
Even though taking this route requires huge efforts / time / skills and bandwidth, it is hard to ignore the value it offers, if executed perfectly.
Originally Posted by Turbo_asd View Post
As always, you have made a sound argument favouring used cars, and I turn green with envy when I see your fleet. Still, and unfortunately, they just aren't for us at this point in time. The amount of dedication, patience and passion you got to have is just overwhelming. Of course, you have it all, so pre-worshiped cars and you get along well.
Honestly, the effort to find this car, my Civic or the Vtec wasn't anymore than shopping around for a new car. The waiting period was lesser than cars like the Creta too . You just have to push the right buttons & adhere to the Team-BHP Used Car Checklist.

Originally Posted by avira_tk View Post
The steering wheel is missing the chrome lining below the horn pad, is that part of the M package? Its one place where chrome looks good in the car.
Vis a vis the 520d, this car has lost a lot of chrome (thank God!). Agree with you that the 520d's silver highlights look good on the steering though.

Does the car have rims with different widths as the tread varies between front and back?
Haven't checked that yet.

Also does BMW provide appropriate tyre pressure values for this particular combination, or you go with an approximation?

Originally Posted by View Post
How would you compare this to X3 30d M-Sport with much higher clearance, all wheel drive and a practical 4650mm length ?
I prefer sedans over SUVs, hence the X3 wasn't even on the shortlist.

Originally Posted by VW2010 View Post
My friend has this here and even with speed limits we try to hit the speed limits in minimal seconds and the pleasure of hearing the engine is brillant. In fact we suggested getting a modified muffler and if possibel drive with the windows open.

This car deserves to be driven with maximum engine noise entering the cockpit.
Totally! It's fun driving her at night with the windows down, enjoying the engine sound. What a sweet-sounding diesel.

Brilliant dual turbo and exhilarating ride all the time. Its a mini M5 in disguise.
The 530d has a single turbo. It's the 535d which has two turbos (the 550d has THREE turbos!!).

Originally Posted by hybridpetrol View Post
You mentioned changing the settings through coding. Is this done at service center, or something you can do on your own sitting in your car?
BHPian Akshay1234 has gotten into the business. He has all the necessary stuff ready. I'll be paying him a visit.

Originally Posted by AkMar View Post
I have an ownership review in Assembly line, and man I have got a complex reading this one! A part of me is urging me to stop writing that review, such is the level of detail here.
Please do complete your thread. The level of detail can vary from thread to thread. As long as your review has covered all the important areas, it'll help thousands to make a better choice. Thanks!

Originally Posted by mohaks19 View Post
But yes, even the 3.0 TDI in the A6 is a true beast! My uncle owns one (2013 model) in Mumbai, and I absolutely love driving it on the expressway though its nowhere near the driving pleasure of a 530d.
I love the A6's styling - Audi has gotten it so right. Only two things I don't like about the A6 are the dead EPS and that the AWD makes the handling feel dull (in comparison, the Bimmer is on the edge).

Originally Posted by stanjohn123 View Post
Who needs an M5 when the 530d is this good ?
Originally Posted by miharbe View Post
I believe you quoted somewhere that this is the perfect car in many ways and makes the M5 look like an unnecessary excess.
This is what I'd posted in the M5 review:

I must add that it's sibling - the 530d - is quite a sedan in its own right. A more practical car, that 6-cylinder diesel also has more power than you'll ever know what to do with (in India) and sips the cheaper fuel too! It's priced 1/2 as much and will be as quick in any point A -> point B drive in India, including expressways.
Originally Posted by sumeethaldankar View Post
Congrats on the car. So i guess this is your first automatic that you have owned ?
Unfortunately, yes. I hope the Germans start offering their manual gearboxes in India (although it's very unlikely).

Originally Posted by GrammarNazi View Post
10,000 km/yr - that'll be like barely a few hours a week!
Got to drive the other cars in the garage & official review cars too .

Originally Posted by a4anurag View Post
I can imagine how many days it would have taken you to get this review out.
Rather than the level of detail, it's the other 10 official reviews that pushed this report down the priority chain. With every manufacturer invite, my mind went 'gosh, that's another 10 days added to the 530d report'.

Originally Posted by Chillout View Post
I know exactly how you feel when you get a good preowned vehicle, for I got my Fiesta with just 1000 on the ODO at 60% of on road price.
That's my kind of deal - congratulations! Pre-worshipped rocks, whatever the segment.

Originally Posted by isiv View Post
Though my personal favorite when in comes to lines, overall proportions, the kidney grilles etc. has always been the 7 series E38, the 530d also looks real classy.
Ah, the E38. Love its gangster personality.

Originally Posted by Diesel_convert View Post
When braking hard into a corner hanging from the seatbelt, it's easier to push the gear lever forward and the opposite is true when accelerating hard pinned into the seat.
Interesting, thanks for sharing! I guess it's all down to personal preferences.

I personally loved the BMW gearbox. The 8 speed also seems to have no hesitation at all shifting down compared to DSG, and is much smoother while doing so.
Completely agreed. This ZF 8-speed blows the unreliable DSG out of the water.

How much should one set aside for maintaining one if one lands up buying a piece which doesn't have warranty/BSI?
Once she is out of the warranty period, I would expect an average of Rs. 1.5 lakhs annually at an independent garage (my C220 was 50 - 75k p.a.).

What does the M-Sport get over the regular 530d besides the body kit, and some other cosmetic bits?

255 horses (instead of 245 for the pre-2013 cars) and 560 Nm of torque (vs 540 Nm earlier). Increased ground clearance of 158 mm (earlier 141 mm). Staggered tyre set-up. Sport seats with adjustable under-thigh support. And some other minor things.
Originally Posted by pgsagar View Post
can I ask you why you did not consider a pre-owned Nissan 370Z or something similar.
The last sedan that I loved as much as the F10 was the W124. I wanted to own a good example while they're still available.

Maybe the next buy can be a 2-door coupe.

Originally Posted by thatsdileep View Post
I had the pleasure of driving my friend's 1998 (if I remember correctly) BMW 540i (the famous E39 series)
The E39 - along with the Honda S2000 - really got me hooked onto online forums! I remember spending a lot of time reading posts on the M5 board & S2KI forum. Two incredibly special cars of that time.
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

What a review!!! Just what was needed for a Friday afternoon
BMW is one of my favourite brands and the F10 is indeed one of the best-looker in their current model range.

Such a sweet package you got there - Happy driving!
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
I love the A6's styling - Audi has gotten it so right. Only two things I don't like about the A6 are the dead EPS and that the AWD makes the handling feel dull (in comparison, the Bimmer is on the edge).
Well, even I hate the A6's EPS unit. But frankly, A6's Quattro offers loads of grip in the wet ghats which is pretty useful for amateur drivers though the BMW is just leagues ahead in terms of ultimate driving pleasure. The A6 just doesn't let its tail slip out on hard acceleration. And Mercedes and Audi AWDs have that particular tendency of being over cautious which kinda spoils the fun.
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Many thanks for the wishes & appreciation, guys!

The E39 - along with the Honda S2000 - really got me hooked onto online forums! I remember spending a lot of time reading posts on the M5 board & S2KI forum. Two incredibly special cars of that time.
Yes indeed. I consider the E39 a benchmark Bimmer platform. These modern day Bimmers are fully loaded with techie gadgets. But isn't it complicating the things to the extent where only BMW service stations can handle their cars. Me and my friend use to work on our cars (oil changes, alternator changes, drive belt replacements, water pump replacement, brake fluid full flush, pads replacement etc.) easily to fix them up with parts sourced from autopart stores (Mine was a 2003 Acura 3.2TL and my friend had 540i). It was far more simple and straight forward. With these cutting edge technology cars these days, I would be afraid to lay my hands under the hood as any small screw can cost me tons (not that I'm working on cars any more after returning to India, but just saying). Or may be I'm just not used to these techie motors/cabins!
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast


This is what would happen if the manufacturer would gives us a lot of time with the car instead of the media drive. It is going to make it difficult writing about a morning with its competitor

Originally Posted by Vid6639 View Post

I was sitting in the back seat when Ajmat was driving the 530D and man looking at the smile plastered on his face and the brutal acceleration of the car, I can only imagine what you must be feeling owning one now.

PS: Fantastic pics by the old man and S2!. Mind blowing those exterior pics.
I had a quick revisit of the car during the recent BMW experience drive spinning it with the DSC off. believe me the power is so insane, the car merely spins around in one spot.

Am kicking myself for not making GTO take me for a spin during my recent 3 hour stopover

I love the A6's styling - Audi has gotten it so right. Only two things I don't like about the A6 are the dead EPS and that the AWD makes the handling feel dull (in comparison, the Bimmer is on the edge)

The Audi styling is timeless but driving it is like a video game, the now limited powertrain option means it is a compromise

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