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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Apart from the Initial shock of hearing the price for your car, I have to admit that your car looks drool worthy in the pics and that I may have been too quick to judge. I am slowly getting warmed up to the fact that good and fast cars are expensive to buy.

I wish you loads and loads of fun, miles and bliss with the Beast. Great Choice GTO
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Insurance for this car must be pretty expensive. Won't it cost atleast a lakh every year to insure this thing ? This aspect is what really irritates me about these luxury cars. First you pay up a fat premium initially, then you end up spending a tidy sum every year on service and insurance for such a beast.
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The Smaller yet Significant Things:
That is one hell of a review! But it's not a 5 star review, it is a 7 star review, it deserves it. I guess BMW people can refer this thread if they require anything about this car or they can simply give link of this thread to their customers for reference as a user guide and also post your number in case of emergency

Such a detailed review that i got exhausted reading all of it

Last edited by GTO : 28th August 2015 at 14:58. Reason: rule #11 :)
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Congrats on the 530d and a fantastic review ! Hope you enjoy the car to the fullest.

It took me a few hours to finish reading it all, the attention to detail coupled with the brilliant pics made it a very enjoyable read.

I think if anyone needs information on a 530d F10 this is the thread he/she should bookmark,I don't think you've missed anything at all
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Originally Posted by vishal9999 View Post
Please upgrade those rims as it looks a segment lower. Between BMW 3 series corporate edition almost have similar design.
I didn't like these rims from the pictures....after seeing them in person, I'm a fan. No plans to swap as of now.

I fully agree to your observations.

Air suspension and adjustable dampers are more of gimmicky features which are best suited for European –even road conditions.
On the contrary, I would say that the adjustable damping makes more sense on our varying road conditions than the perfect ones of Europe. It lets you choose between comfort (bad roads) & handling (good roads).

That remote is fantastic. Can I have the same in my 525D. Is it available as a option?
Is your 525d the limited time model with rear entertainment? If so, then order one online. BMW will rip you off if you use their official channel.

Originally Posted by dreamliner17 View Post
Did i happen to see your 530D at marine drive (near jai hind college) around 3pm today afternoon ?? I am sure i saw a black 530D with the M badge!
Not me. I was busy taking this review live at that time .

Originally Posted by parth.jain View Post
I had a question about the 5'er. Does the dimensions differ for the 525d & 530d or BMW has somehow managed to stuff in the 3L straight six in the same bonnet of 525d?
With the Germans, the bodies & dimensions are exactly the same, whether it's an E250 / 520d or E350 / 530d or 8 cylinders. No change.

That said, sometimes, their performance divisions (AMG, M) alter the wheelbase, flare up the fenders etc. in the highest performance models.

Originally Posted by ringoism View Post
appreciate that BMW, almost or actually alone, has stuck with the inherently smoother inline 6's when even (some?) Merc's ended up compromised with kind of inferior V6's requiring balance shafts to smoothen them. It's kind of a purist thing, but it really works, too.
Truly! The sound & smoothness of an inline-6 is unparalleled.

Originally Posted by AtheK View Post
guess at least a pre worshiped Superb should be called in
I see some Superbs trading hands at 10 lakhs. Beware of the DSG though! Keeping in mind how troublesome the Superb is (ECU, ABS unit etc.), I wouldn't recommend one used.

Originally Posted by v12 View Post
Congratulations M5
Thanks Allen!

Originally Posted by jfxavier View Post
There's definitely something about the black that makes the cars look their best. The most difficult colour to maintain. I for sure know as I have a black car too.
I know everyone says black cars are difficult to maintain, but that hasn't been my experience. At one time, 3 of the 4 cars in my garage were black.

Originally Posted by azeemhafiz View Post
Somehow it makes sense to pull gears as you shift up / Accelerate (as your body is pushed backwards) and push gears as you shift down while decelerating as your body moves forward. Probably the reason why Sequential shifters in rally use the same setup.
Just a personal preference, I guess. Didn't know rally cars have the same arrangement. Thanks!

Originally Posted by arpandiv View Post
I have been scouting around for a used vehicle in the similar segment (2013+ bmw/merc) my only condition has been to get a petrol. Funnily no relatively new petrol cars in the market which meet my specs, will land up calling your used car dealer and see if he has something in store for me. :-)
Very rare, as the market is driven by diesels. BMW doesn't even sell the 5-Series with a petrol anymore. I think you should consider a 6-cylinder diesel. Trust me, it'll plaster a smile on your face like no petrol would be able to.

Originally Posted by GKR9900 View Post
And if they happen to be German, I've been advised not to touch them with a barge pole. But your threads on buying pre-worshipped cars have been an eye opener. I never thought I would say this, but it makes much more sense now, doesn't it?
If buying a pre-worshipped German, there are two things to keep in mind:

1. The model's reliability.

2. The warranty available.

I'm pushing another Moderator to go for a used Jetta. Meets both of these requirements.

Originally Posted by holysmoke View Post
Would you have preferred a manual handbrake?
Don't use the handbrake at all really, so no. With the auto-hold, it automatically engages / disengages.

After updating my car to the latest firmware, I am getting album art on the USB mode... See if you are. I've heard BMWs are not too good with support for android.
Yeah, I figured. Apparently, on the iPhone, you can even scroll through the song list (not possible on my HTC One).

Do you have the power and torque meters on idrive?
Nope. Yours is a 2015 build?

Do the inner xenons work in your car? (The ones closer to the grill?). I think its a placeholder on mine. (Somehow I'm hoping it isnt.)

If you're getting coding done somewhere in Mumbai, please let me know. I want to get a couple of things done as well, but dont know who would be capable of doing it. (I've got an F34).
I'll be paying Akshay1234 a visit for coding.

Happy motoring! Let's put a smile on that face.
Thank you & I do hope to see your ownership report sometime!

Originally Posted by Rajeevraj View Post
Google already seems to like your review. This popped up as a recommended link in the Google now cards on my phone
Haha, sweet!

Originally Posted by Sheel View Post
GTO's BHP. I think this graced the rear bumper of Civic and has made its way to the Beast.

Post #6 picture 26 has condensed air-vents? That is serious cooling.
I always see that kind of condensation during shoots. Prefer to keep the air-con running, and the doors are continuously being opened / closed.

Originally Posted by PrideRed View Post
Wont changing from run flats to regular void warranty?
I don't think so, as long as the size remains the same.

Originally Posted by Sahil View Post
its only when you spend a few months with the car that you figure the minor details out.
. The real value of Team-BHP is from a combination of its official + ownership reviews.

Originally Posted by akshay1234 View Post
Surprisingly, I prefer the way the manual mode with the gearshift is. Up to upshift and down to downshift seems more intuitive to me.
It's the other way around right now. You push it up for a downshift & vice versa.

Lastly, as far as I know, the sensor on the mirror facing the windscreen is the light sensor (for the headlights).
A lot of folk on the F10 forum confirmed that it's for the auto-dimming mirrors. Makes sense as the rear sunblind would render the main sensor (on the mirror) useless.

And for the left mirror to tilt down the selector has to be set to the right side, and not the left.
Typo - thanks! Corrected.

Originally Posted by himanshugoswami View Post
CInspired by your penchant for pre-worshiped cars, i too adopted your philosophy, albiet on two wheels and got myself a pre-worshiped Harley Davidson- a sportster 883 in immaculate condition (with a lakh plus in genuine accessories), for less than the ex showroom price of a street 750- a cool 50 percent depreciation benefit! Im a convert now
It makes me very, very happy to read that. Congratulations Himanshu.

Originally Posted by viren83 View Post
Limiting my search to TEAM-BHP's great twin reviews, I booked 520i without even having TD or a ride, at a time when I was not a member here! I even had to book the car in my company's name as I was not having the driving license. Speaks more for TEAM-BHP than for BMW.
Thank you. We realise the trust you place in our reports & will continue to say it like it is.

You might want to check these two links. Extends the feel good factor even more.
Super hot - hows the quality? Do they feel as nice as they look?

I am rather enjoying this here. The auto start-stop has stopped working for last few days. I didn't do anything. Am I missing something here?
Yours is the latest build. Based on feedback & irritated customers, BMW now allows you to keep the feature turned off.

Kid at the back is always dangerous with this feature.
Best for you to use the 'child lock' feature when your boy is on the back seat.

If possible, do share a report on coding performed on your car. It'll be of great help (at least to me).
Will do once performed! Wish you many happy miles with your 5-Series.

Originally Posted by mohaks19 View Post
A6's Quattro offers loads of grip in the wet ghats
Yes, absolutely, the grip levels are phenomenal. But AWD systems just don't have that nice feel of a RWD. This has been the same in any AWD car that I've driven.

Originally Posted by thatsdileep View Post
With these cutting edge technology cars these days, I would be afraid to lay my hands under the hood as any small screw can cost me tons
Not just that, but the average lifespan of such cars will also be shorter than their mechanical predecessors. Say I want a 30 year old W126 - I could strip it down and rebuild it entirely at an expert garage. No way you can do that with today's complex cars. I once saw the dashboard of my C220 being opened up (for an air-con job) and ran away in the opposite direction. It had like 2,000 wires in there.

Could also be one of the reasons we see more W126s on the road than W140s.

Originally Posted by ajmat View Post
Am kicking myself for not making GTO take me for a spin during my recent 3 hour stopover
Always a next time, buddy!

Originally Posted by Distant Second View Post
I am slowly getting warmed up to the fact that good and fast cars are expensive to buy.
Why do you say that? Cars like the Jetta & Octavia are also fast + fun. Additionally, you have E60 525 / 530s trading hands for <15 lakhs. How about a pristine E90 320d for 13 lakhs?

I'm not from the school of thought that believes $$$ is directly proportional to driving pleasure. Give me a Polo GT TDI (1.6 please) or a Linea T-Jet and I'll have just as much fun on my favourite highway.

Originally Posted by lurker View Post
Insurance for this car must be pretty expensive. Won't it cost atleast a lakh every year to insure this thing ?
Yes, in the whereabouts.

Originally Posted by Distant Second View Post
When we talk about pre-worshipped, don't we talk about cheaper cars?
Not really. Used is used, whether you buy a pre-worshipped Alto K10 or Ferrari. If someone buys a 2 crore Porsche for 75 lakhs, that's as good a deal as any.

GTO when you bought the civic pre-worshipped you were in the league of regular bhpians who can afford vehicles in India.
Don't forget that my favourite ride from the garage has a book value of Rs. 50,000!

Also, to you, 42 lakhs sounds decent money for the vehicle you just bought, when one can buy the same vehicle maybe two years older for 20 lakhs
3 years older with close to 1 lakh kms. There's a big difference in buying a 19,000 km car with 6 years of warranty and a 1 lakh kms German built in the first year of production with zero warranty coverage.

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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
I just couldn't fathom looking at the E60's weird face in my garage (I hate Bangle's designs).
Me too. He ruined Beemers for me. Once I was standing just behind him in the Tokyo MoShow, he in a white linen suit, me with a tall, steaming cup of Cappucino in my hands. Oh the restraint it took me not to pour the coffee on his head! The cost of the coffee and the cold weather were the only reasons why I didn't spend time in a Japanese jail!
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

The quality of the review shows your passion for this wonderful beast. Happy and Safe Motoring GTO.

<< When he uses the 530d with his key, the settings (iDrive, seat, ICE etc.) will be personalised for him. Just like a window's login! There's even a 'guest' profile on the iDrive! Like Windows, you can transfer your profile settings to another BMW (via USB).>>

I think this feature is available in A8 also... Even the A/c temperature is saved in the profile.
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Congratulations on getting the 'Beast' GTO and a very comprehensive review!! Very lucky to have found such a well kept and low used 530d and that too the fully loaded ///M version!

The cruising abilities of this car are incredible, give it a good road, some good music and tank full of fuel and she will beg you to drive her more.

I had an excellent opportunity to drive the 530d M from Gurgaon to Corbett and back, including the awesome twisties of Nainital and she did not break a sweat.

The only sore point I have is that the HUD is rendered useless with Polarized Sunglasses!

Hope you don't mind a few pictures!
Attached Thumbnails
BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My pre-worshipped beast-img_2712.jpg  

BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My pre-worshipped beast-img_2766.jpg  

BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My pre-worshipped beast-img_2785.jpg  

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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Wow, a bmw 530 d - many congrats GTO! Awesome ride and even more awesome review. Lot of things to learn from you!
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Not really. Used is used, whether you buy a pre-worshipped Alto K10 or Ferrari. If someone buys a 2 crore Porsche for 75 lakhs, that's as good a deal as any.
And what would you say about the green vehicle whose review is in my assembly line? We bought 12 new and 10 Pre-Worshipped (1 year old). They were more than a good deal. Slightly more expensive than a Porsche but the Pre-Worshipped funda works in the same way here too.
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

GTO, that was a fabulously detailed review. In fact, this is what every review should be, instead of just listing out the specs as many other magazines or websites do.

A few points:

1. Re. climate-control controlling the vents selection and direction of air-flow instead of just the speed of the fan and temperature, I was under the impression that ALL climate-controls did this. In fact, my 2008 Mazda 3 (by no means a luxury car), my 1998 Chrysler (Dodge) Intrepid, all did this. Your review has opened my eyes to something new!

2. Re. the direction of the tiptronic shifter - I am more comfortable with it working the other way - forward for downshift and back for upshift. It's much more comfortable and intuitive for me that way.

3. Re. the fuel lid not locking upon the car auto-locking - my new Jetta exhibits the same behaviour! It locks with the key, but not with the auto-lock. VW said this is not expected behaviour and that it will behandled under warranty.

4. The wiper issue (German idiosyncracy) - my Jetta has something similar. I need to do some voodoo stuff with the stalk with the engine off to get the wipers to come halfway up so that they can be pulled away from the glass for cleaning!

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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Congrats on acquiring "The Beast" GTO, reminds me of my bimmer in so many ways. All these minor details make life so much better for everyday use. While going through the whole review, I can't resist but feel like ordering another one for myself too.

Enjoy the car to the fullest, I'm sure you can easily clock 1,00,000 kms more without any glitch. Also, get the tubeless tires asap, the ride is something else.

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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

That's one heck of a car and one heck of a review. Congratulations on your new acquisition. Its been a while since i was glued to a review and commented on it. Trust the Germans to make some breathtaking machines.
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

Congrats for the car. Your detailed review about the car is amazing.

Last edited by GTO : 29th August 2015 at 09:26. Reason: Typo
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Default Re: BMW 530d M-Sport (F10) : My Pre-Worshipped Beast

GTO, you've pulled off the mother of all car reviews man!

If car reviews had a name, this one would be called Vid6639 - its just so detailed!

Just putting up my 2 cents. There will be some discrepancies since mine is a US model:

If you already have Michelins in your sight for upgrades I'll wholeheartedly recommend the Pilot Super Sports. I had changed the Bridgestone run-flats on my E90 to these about a year before I traded her in & I loved them!

Very soft riding and the car handled beautifully.

For 2014, BMW has a blank metal plate on the fenders and the blinkers have gone back onto the ORVMs.

If you've already set it to OFF, the engine start-stop feature should not Reset to ON when you turn the engine OFF.

For my F10, it's always in the OFF position unless I set the engine mode to ECO-PRO, in which case the mode has to be manually set OFF again.

The STEPTRONIC function of push to shift down & pull to shift up is a standard racing set up. BMW had the older set up (push to shift up & pull to shift down) up to MY2002 (until they brought in the Bangle models). My FIL's E38 had this older set up.

Yes, the gearbox refusing to get out of P if the car is moving is very annoying, especially if I have the door open a notch to reverse into a narrow parking garage spot.

The music system is adequate. The Harmon Kardon system is MUCH better.

Unfortunately, its no longer a stand-alone option for the 5-Series but can be ordered as part of a "Premium / Luxury" package that comes with a bunch of other stuff that I don't want in my car.

BMWUSA still lets you order the Harmon Kardon as a stand-alone in the 3-Series.

Who knows who makes these decisions!

ps. at the Bass & Treble settings. I can imagine the cringe on navin & Rudra's faces.

That's a great spot for the Team-BHP sticker, over the headlight. Innovative!

Enjoy the car!

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